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  • I want to have a girlfriend...?

    Here is the thing why dating is hard for me: I have schizophrenia. I want to open up to people who will understand me and I want the other person to open up about themselves too. I do not want to waste time on small talk on a date. I want to ask the essential questions that are important to me on a virtual date because of the pandemic. The good thing is I am highly functioning, I rarely get medical treatment, and I always take my meds.

    Also, if you are going to disrespect me, just know hurt people hurt others. And because of a negative attitude, you will cause someone's mental health to go downhill to the point of depression or committing suicide. I am just saying be careful with what you say on the internet and show unconditional respect to everybody. You never know how pain is going to alter someone's mental health. Also, let's not provoke people into doing something harsh. Be a good example for future generations. I've seen people disrespect each other all the time here, even if it's a cringing question, just answer it maturely.

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