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  • Ex girlfriend sent Facebook friend request 3 years later?

    My ex and I dated for a few years. We broke up 3 years ago (pretty bad breakup) and she dated a guy for like a year, and they recently broke up. She just sent me a friend request? Why would she do this? Thanks in advance!

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  • Used Tesla model s or model 3?

    So while I do love old school ICE cars, it makes more sense and is more practical for me to get a Tesla.

    I have narrowed down a couple of options, and would like some input if anyone has any experience. Thank you!

    - Option 1: 2013 or 2014 Tesla Model S P85+ with about 70k miles for around $35,000 and with free unlimited Supercharging for life.

    - Option 2: 2019 Tesla Model 3 with about 4k miles for $34,000.

    Has anyone owned or driven both of these? I like the idea of having an s with more power and suspension, but 70-80k is a lot of miles. A 2019 with 4k miles and no supercharging wouldn't seem so bad either. Thank you!


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  • Tesla or Hellcat?

    I am in the market for a new car and am trying to decide between a few options. If anyone has any input, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

    - Used Tesla Model S: Practical, unlimited free supercharging, and still get acceleration performance

    - New Tesla Model 3: Practical, newer car than the model s, and decent performance.

    - Used Manual Challenger Hellcat: Old school, row my own gears, shitty gas mileage.

    I know they are quite different, I don t drive a whole lot, but would like something fun to drive. Thank you for any and all input everyone!

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  • Does anybody know anywhere that still sells toilet paper?

    I just want to purchase TP like I normally do when I go to the grocery store, but it seems like every in person store and online are out. It's crazy! Thank you in advance.

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  • Is this a good deal for a used Tesla?

    Hi Folks,

    I would like some advice from some car-savvy folks please. Thank you in advance!

    I currently have a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI with 295,000 miles on it (paid for). I saw from a private party seller that there is a 2013 Tesla Model S P85 with 65,000 miles an unlimited supercharging for $36,000. Would it be smart to purchase the Tesla and not have to worry about mileage, gas, etc. or keep driving my car until it does not work anymore? I would feel bad getting rid of my car with 295,00 miles, but I don t want to be in a position where I am stuck. Thank you again for any advice.

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  • Guys that have had a female roomate, how did it go?

    So my good friend from HS asked if she could rent out a room in my house so she doesn t have to commute 1hr for work.

    Her bf of 1-month lives in town too. I travel a lot for work and will always be gone, but I have heard horror stories about guy/girl roomates that end up hooking up. We admitted in the past that we were attracted to each other. I am all for helping her out, but not sure if it s a recipe for disaster. Thoughts? Thank you!

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  • Is it smart to trade in both cars for 1 and consolidate?

    I have 2 cars currently and travel a lot for work. Is it smart to sell both cars and get 1 car (Less maintenance, less space, less insurance, etc.) or is it better to keep both cars since they are both paid off?

    To give perspective, one is a 2006 Diesel car with 295,000 miles on it, and the other is a 2004 truck with 60,000 miles on it. I like cars but am not that great with them. If i travel for a week or two at a time, is it bad for them to just "sit there"? Thank you!

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  • 5th Interview with the same company?

    So, I am not a super spy or anything crazy, and have applied to a tech company.

    This is my 5th interview, but the first in person (Flying me out) and I'm not sure what to expect?

    They told me that I would be there for a presentation and some interviews for a total of 3-hours. Is this more of a meet and greet, or compete against other final competitors?

    I know this is quite vague and probably not one single answer, but just unfamiliar with the interview process, and curious what the rationale and thought process is behind it. Thanks in advance!


    Interview 1 = Phone

    Interview 2 = Phone

    Interview 3 = Skype

    Interview 4 = Phone

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  • So I just got asked back for a 5th interview, what are your thoughts?

    Hey everyone, looking for some clarity if possible, so I know what to expect.. I am not too familiar with the interview process, and am curious - This is going to be my 5th interview. I am getting flown out to their HQ (Another State) for an in-person presentation and interview(s), is this more-so a get to know the team and meet face to face to confirm, and the next steps, or more likely final rounds with a few other competitors? I know this is a bit vague, but would appreciate any advice or guidance. I have never been through this many rounds of interviews before....Thank you.!

    To add some context:

    - Interview 1: Screening with Recruiter

    - Interview 2: Phone interview with Hiring Manager

    - Interview 3: Video interview with Hiring Manager's Manager

    - Interview 4: Senior/Tenured employee who would be a potential future co-worker

    - Interview 5: Supposedly, it's an onsite presentation and more interviews with others' at the office I think.

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  • 4th interview and this happened - Nothing I could do now, but what are your thoughts? Thanks!?

    4th interview and this happened - Nothing I could do now, but what are your thoughts? Thanks!

    So, this is my fourth interview at company X. The 3 prior interviews went great, but this last interview I hit a hiccup...We hit it off great and had a great 30-minute convo (Others were about 45-60Mins) and he asked me a detailed question. I didn't quite understand what he was asking and couldn't get an answer out after he rephrased it a couple of times. I answered numerous questions before, and he mentioned that he agreed and liked my answers. He said that he really enjoyed our conversation and thinks I have great experience for the job. Then he said the dreaded "The recruiter or someone from the company will reach out to you" with no mention of next interviews, etc. Did I ruin my chances, or is there a pretty good shot at coming back for another interview? Thanks for any help, my nerves have got the best of me. Nothing the I can do now, would really appreciate the help or any input :). Thanks!

    To add some context:

    - Interview 1 with Recruiter

    - Interview 2 with Hiring Manager

    - Interview 3 with Their manager

    - Interview 4 Tenured employee (Who's in the role I would want to be in)

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  • Studies Finance and want to become a pilot. Advice?

    I graduated from University with a Degree in Finance in the US. I have been working for about 1.5 years but really want to become a pilot.

    I have always dreamed about being a pilot but wasn't sure about the military and also job security (Planes fly themselves, etc.). It is so much more than that and I always think about it everyday.

    Has anyone experienced the same or similar process? What did you do (Go to military, go to school, etc.). I have a house and mortgage, but want to do what it takes to make the move.

    Thank you in advance! :).

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  • Is this a good deal for this gaming laptop?

    I haven't always been a "believer" in Alienware as you are predominantly paying for the name, however my son really likes them but has never asked for one. I want to get it for him for graduation, and a pretty decently spec'd computer came out to $1,300. I know it won't be as powerful as a desktop machine but he is always on the go and games like crazy. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!

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  • Hello everyone! Thank you in advance for all of your help/advice?

    Long story short there is this girl that I haven't seen in ages, and we used to flirt. She randomly texted me out of the blue and asked to go hiking at 10pm??? We were always on great terms, but who tf hikes at 10pm...?

    Anyways, there is a good view at the top maybe she is hoping that it is romantic? Should I try to make a move since I like her as well or play it cool tonight and progress later on? Thanks again for the advice!

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  • So this girl gave me her number at work, was this strictly professional?

    So I am in college, and I work for our technology center. I helped this beautiful girl troubleshoot and edit her video for about an hour. After the problem was fixed we talked for about an hour, and a half and just got to know each other. Long story short she offered to help me film my brother s wedding, and then gave me her number. We really clicked, but is so,etching to pursue, or strictly professional? I was thinking about asking her to coffee.

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  • Do I ask for her number or wait?

    So I started interning with this girl at work. We only see each other once a month. The second time we saw each other, I asked her if she wanted to eat and we had a blast. We had to leave immediately so I couldn't get her number. Should I include my email and a Halloween party invite and see if she texts me, or just wait and get her number in a couple of weeks? Thank you everyone for the reply!

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  • So I completely contradicted myself in college, any advice?

    So I am having a blast in college, and am focusing on school, family, and friends, and I told myself from the beginning that the LAST thing I wanted was a girlfriend. I see and meet plenty of cute girls around campus and think nothing of it, however there is this girl in my class and I cannot get her out of my head. We have so much in common, just seem to click, and everything just seems surreal. We have class once a week, but we seem so excited to see each other. We exchanged numbers, and she wants to start studying together, and be tutored together by one of our preceptors. I saw a picture of her and her boyfriend who lives in another state, so I figure she is not interested as she is seeing/dating someone else. She just moved to our school in this state this semester. I don't want to get in the way of her boyfriend in anyway, but is this a message? I just feel like this all happened for a reason, and is something that I don't want to let get away. Is this worth pursuing? If I did pursue, how would I without being creepy or too obvious? Thank you to everyone for the advice!

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  • Attachment image

    Which law schools would I be able to potentially attend in your opinion?

    Letters of recommendations are as follows:

    1) Mayor Jonathan Rothschild of Tucson, AZ

    2) Martha McSally Republican Candidate for Congress

    3) Stephen Griggs former CEO of Dr. Martins

    Practice KAPLAN LSAT Score: 170

    >Based on my practice score, resume, letters of recommendation, and GPA, what are realistic law schools that I could apply for? Schools of interest are; Yale, Georgetown, The University of Arizona, and Chicago. I have visited all of these campus' and my favorite is Georgetown. Thank you all for your input it is much appreciated.


  • Best way to prepare for LSAT?

    Hello all,

    I am supposed to take my LSAT next Fall, and am delving into the various LSAT prep options (Self-study, KAPLAN, Princeton Review, etc.). Does anyone have any insight on how to best prepare for the LSAT?



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  • How can I better my chances for Ivy League?

    My Dream is to attend an Ivy League school for graduate school, and be able to give back to my family and the community. While I am giving back to my family and community as a sophomore in college, I have a 3.5 gpa. I am not a genius however I do have a great work ethic, however I believe that is the only thing holding me back from Ivy League school. I have many years of work experience, fantastic internship experience, community service work, club and leadership experience, however I do not believe I make the "cut" for grades. The individuals like everywhere else are fantastic people, but also people with 3.9 and 4.0 grade averages. How can I better prepare myself for applying to those tip top schools? Thank you anyone in advance for some advice and guidance you may give me.


  • How do I get started in stocks?

    Hello everyone, I have always been interested in starting stocks. I like to see trends, and keep aware in the news, and simply have a "hobby". I have started on a website called "", and so far it has been a great learning tool. I am planning to start with $500 through USAA, and am not sure if it is wise to start as such an "Amateur" level. Does anyone have any tips or guidance? Thank you all for your input and have a great day!


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