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  • 1 way vs 2 way slabs?

    I have a question about 1 way vs 2 way slab systems. So do 1 way slabs only use rebars spanning in one direction and in 2 way slabs the rebars are spanning in 2 directions? also what are some real life examples these are use in? I look it up on google but everything is diagrams. Can someone please help me clarify between the 2? I understand that 1 way is only supported on two sides and the 2 way has columns on all 4 sides, but I still don't understand the difference? like in what scenario is 1 way better than 2 way? why cant we use only 2 way slabs in construction and get rid of 1 way slabs?

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  • URGENT! Rhino software?

    Hi, so I am doing a model on rhino and when I type in "MAKE2D" it takes foreverrrr to load and will not pass 10% and will stay loading for half an hour. I tried restarting my laptop and even using a different rhino file. Im not sure whats going on. I have a good laptop that is meant for this type of thing so I am not sure what the problem is. Please help.

    Software2 months ago
  • mid back soreness? lungs? or kidneys?

    Okay so about 1 week ago I started feeling like a soreness internally in my back. When I take a deep breath my right lung kind of hurts; or maybe its my kidney? Its not like a piercing pain, but it feels more like a "soreness" feel. When I stretch out my back it feels sooo good. Im not sure what is going on? I do not feel shortness of breath. I run and walk every other day and I swim in my pool frequently and never feel out of breath or tired or dizzy. I also dont feel the pain when Im doing these things, but when I am around the house I do feel it, especially when Im laying down or slouching. I dont want to self diagnose myself haha, but this really concerns me since It has been a while and i still feel this pain. I also drink lots of water so thats not an issue. Not sure what this could be?


    Since quarantine started I have been less active, and laying down more, so could that be a factor to what Im feeling? 

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  • Jewelry business? Selling? Etsy? Shipping cost?

    Okay so i started making beaded necklaces, anklets and bracelets. They are not gold or silver or anything, they are cute and casual and I want to sell them for about $6-$7 each. I also wanted to make a Facebook or Instagram page dedicated to my jewelry business. Should I also make a etsy page? or should I just sell though my social media platform ? and how does shipping fees work? does etsy calculate that for me ? or how much $$ is recommended to charge for shipping?

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  • Research Paper format?

    So I am taking a physics class and our assignment is to do a research paper on a topic of our choice. The paper is only like 3% of our grade so I did not worry about it. I would ask my physics professor but it is due soon, so i dont want her to know I waited till last minute. She did not give any format or any instruction on how to do the paper. Should I do it in MLA format? or APA with the abstract and all that? Im not sure what is best for research papers. Thanks.

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  • Sort of understand but kinda confused, Help please?

    (a) An ideal gas occupies a volume of 2.8 cm3 at 20°C and atmospheric pressure. Determine the number of molecules of gas in the container.

    (b) If the pressure of the 2.8-cm3 volume is reduced to 2.4 ✕ 10^−11 Pa (an extremely good vacuum) while the temperature remains constant, how many moles of gas remain in the container?


    Okay so I know that the formula to find the number of molecules present is PV=N*KB*T,

    and s,

    KB= 1.38*10^-23 right?


    PV= 2.8

    So the equation is now N=PV / KB*T ?

    So, N= 2.8 / (1.38*10^-23)(293)

    N= 6.92*10^20 = 6.92e10?

    When I input my answer it says "Your response differs significantly from the correct answer. Rework your solution from the beginning and check each step carefully." what am i doing wrong?


    b) Can i get help for B?

    2 AnswersChemistry4 months ago
  • Cow death on a farm?

    If a cow dies before it is slaughtered on the meat or dairy farms, do the farmers or whoever is in charge still sell its meat for us to consume? Or since it died naturally they discard of it?

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  • Physics HW, can you check if my answer is correct?

    A ventilation fan has blades 0.25m in radius rotating at 20radians per second. What is the tangential speed (or velocity) of each blade tip?

    A. 0.02m/s

    B. 0.52 m/s

    C. 5.0 m/s

    D. 20 m/s

    I used equation Vt=r*w

    .25 * 20 = 5

    so i picked c, is that correct?

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  • Physics HW Help ?

    A crane drops a 0.3 kg steel ball onto a steel plate. The ball’s speed just before impact

    and after impact is -4.5 m/s and 4.2 m/s respectively. If the ball is in contact with the

    plate for 0.03 s, what is the magnitude of the average force that the ball exerts on the

    plate during impact?

    a. 87 N

    b. 133 N

    c. 3.0 N

    d. 3.5 N

    I dont understand how to find magnitude.

    Usually isn't it square root of x +y ? but here i dont know how that applies

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  • Physics Question about net force?

    A 0.6 kg tennis ball, initially moving at a speed of 12 m/s is struck by a racket causing it rebound in the opposite direction at a speed of 18 m/s. A high speed movie film determines that the racket and ball are in contact for 0.05 seconds. What is the average net force exerted on the force by the racket?





    Can you help me solve this? and please write equations so i can understand? thanks !

    1 AnswerPhysics4 months ago