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  • Do sports need to be boycotted?

    The answer is yes, do not even wait another minute. What they get paid is ridiculous and is charged to the fan. Not only that. these rich greed filled hearts are cheating in every sport there is. screwing the bettors daily. One is a moron to bet anymore. Supporting this garbage is satanistic.

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics7 months ago
  • Why are mortals so unintelligent?

    Why are the govts and corporations being allowed to sell us CANCER? It will be the #1 business on earth within 10 years. Next recession about 25 million mortals will be forced into the streets. While the ultra rich keep sucking out every dime they can get all the while selling us cancer-WHY?

    I see men crying all the time about how desperate life is getting for most. Satan owns you.

    5 AnswersPolitics8 months ago
  • Why is anyone betting?

    Corruption rules the betting world. Corruption rules the world.

    Corruption rules the usa.

    Anyone supporting the corruption is a slave of satans.

    3 AnswersGovernment9 months ago
  • Why is this corruption allowed in sport?

    From horse racing to any sport going. The FIX is in, especially since gambling was legalized. Only a brain dead moron would bet $$$ on this corruption. Its because the usa is corrupt from the top to the bottom. How sad the corrupt tell us its the greatest country on earth, yet they are misleading all away from God. and the blind follow.

    Are you going to allow this to continue?

    1 AnswerPolitics10 months ago
  • Which God did Israel serve in the OT?

    From Moses on up, until this very day. In EVERY place of Israelite religious worship, teach, serve and worship-- a single being God-YHVH( Jehovah)-- Taught to Jesus his first 30 years attending those places of worship--never once refuted. Taught to every bible writer as well. God did not change, the religion that came out of Rome altered God at the councils. Any serving a false trinity are being mislead into breaking Gods #1 commandment, daily. LOOK.

    Will you serve the true living God? John 4:22-24

    18 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 years ago
  • Why does holy spirit get 0?

    The Father has a personal name-YHVH(Jehovah) , the son has a name-Jesus-- The Holy spirit- 0

    The father gets honor and glory, and even worship to both Father and son in trinity translation. The holy spirit- 0

    Some very important teachings involving the Father and son, the Holy spirit-0

    Why do you think that is?

    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 years ago