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  • How bout them Teamskins?

    Wow. I thought the Cowboys were at least gonna give em a game. lol

    Don't get bent, ok? CBs had a bad month for sure. still Teamskins? lol

    SKINS! sup?

  • Why does my John Deere mower motor stumble?

    Just a standard 17.5 E100. Bought it with 5 hrs. on it. Since day 1 after about 15 mins. it starts to misfire and stumble. Changed plug twice. Only ever use fresh 87 gas. Changed fuel filter. Tried Tru Fuel. Seemed to help but still. It's weird.

    Sometimes it never does it but more often than not it does.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 day ago
  • Do you think Washington will beat the Cowboys this weekend?

    Given the lose of Dak and the bad game against the Cardinals will Washington maybe as bad as they are have a chance?

    14 AnswersFootball (American)3 days ago
  • If Biden somehow gets elected how long will it be before suddenly all the Dems start ?

    talking about how concerned they are about his health so they can quickly get their true agenda advancing to Harris and then how long will it take before they start picking at her so they can get the really true Commy they want in office? Who is the true Commy they want?

    If the Commy's win I see all that happening in less than one term.

    9 AnswersElections2 weeks ago
  • What did this dream mean? So weird?

    I'm fishing in a beautiful pond in October at the peak of October leaf  change. It's late in the afternoon the day before a late season hurricane. The fishing is great and the trees are exploding with colors.

    I catch a catfish that looks like Edward G. Robinson in it's face. He say's "Look see, yea, stupid young punks don't know who I was, see? So don't even try to tell them about this, seee?" The doorbell rings. I open the door and wet hurricane induced old school gangster derbynadoes spin in my yard. One wet smack/sticks to the front door and say's "Eeh, how you doin, my friend? Ow you lika that derby I give you on the door, eeh? Nex ah time you see ah derbynado eeh maybe you gedda more, huh?" Then the on fire colored late autumn leaved trees sway back and forth in time to It's Good To Be a Gangster.

    Come on, ya'll. I have these weird dreams all the time and I only post a few. Seldom get more than a hateful answer. I like the funny ones tho. 

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation2 weeks ago
  • Might Kyle Allen finally ever change the seemingly unending curse of the?

    eck, Washington Football Team? Love the Skins but they just suck. Will their weak O line let yet another QB get banged up? Will Allen be another 2-3 year failing experiment? Will the Skins beat the Rams this Sunday? I think they will.

    2 AnswersFootball (American)2 weeks ago
  • Have you ever caught a catfish on an artificial lure?

     Caught one on a deep dive crank bait. As I removed the hook to thro it back it low barked 3 times, "really? really? wow." I looked at it and said "wow" myself. And it just rolled it's eyes at me. I released it and it stayed by the boat until I just tossed it a chunk of cut bait. It was off the hook. 

    Then what did I do?

    Whats your story?

    2 AnswersFishing3 weeks ago
  • Do you like Salmon cakes?

    How do you make them?

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes3 weeks ago
  • Customers threw pot seeds in the planters. Should I tell the boss?

    I worked maintenance at a small resort motel business with 3 motels in a Navy town. Sailors came in after a 6 month and partied and thru pot seeds in the planters. I kept the planters clean except for the weed that grew surprisingly fast. Got a little over 2 feet high and doing well. Almost got fired over it before I had to rip'em up. It was so cool to me. It was the very late seventies. 

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics3 weeks ago
  • WEELP. Had yet another weird dream. What do you think this one means?

    Had a really long, stressful day. Drifted off to sleep in the recliner. As the dream started, tick tock tick tock I heard as the recliner rocked to it. Robert E Lee drifted up to me. He said "I really got to pee. Want a drink of my Virginia corn whiskey?"  I had no control, what I said rhymed too. I said "Hey Bobby Lee, what's up, whats up witchu?" Said "I'm bout half lit and I really gotta pee. Hey here take a drink..of my Virginia corn whiskey."  I said "It's down the hall, take a left for sure."  Down the hall he went, took a left with Traveller. Left me with a drink in a dirty old mason jar. I drank it all down, then his horse it was a car. It was a Chevelle, nineteen seventy. Then he laughed and said "Hey take a ride with me." I said "Well hell, I sure want to drive" he said " Probly should, hell I'm half dead inside." I was a good drunk driver, he poured another and said "Drink it down, son, so you can be half dead." I said "Okay" and burnt out from some curb. "So where we gonna go?" He said "Fredericksburg."  So we got there fast, then we took it slow. I said "seems like the past." he said "Don't you know?" He poured us the rest, from his corn liquor jug. Then wished me the best,  gave his hat a tug. Then he faded out, as I watched him and Traveller. And I had no doubt. Things weren't like they were. Then when I woke up, it occurred to me. I had a Chevelle, nineteen seventy. 

    So, what do you think that was about?

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  • What did this dream mean?

    In the dream I wake up and my pillow is gone but when I really do wake up my head is resting on a bag of jumbo marshmallows.

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation2 months ago
  • What is your recipe for leafmoat?

    OK bamherger....

    3 AnswersHair2 months ago
  • Well, I had yet another weird dream. Please, anybody. What does this dream mean?

    Tried to post this in dream interpretation. Hope it made it.

    I drift off to sleep into a Rolling Stones concert at Hampton Roads Colosseum. It looks scary like a pocket of Hell with urine yellow and blood red spotlight beams constant on the super overpacked upper and bottom bowl of seating. Mick Jagger comes out hands on hip flappin his bony elbows and sings "Chicken Flash Jack it's a eggshell crack, yeaah." I position my elbows like him and fly out of that to the tune of Blinded By the Light but again the next line is "wrapped up like a douche you know they rolled her in the night." As I hear 3 Dog Night's "Momma Told Me Not to Come" I lose my breeze and slide into a strawberry patch to the tune of Strawberry Fields Forever. With strawberry juice all over and my belly cramping my ex is there telling me "Welcome to your first period."

    So you tell me. Please. Every night it's weird unending dreams. I just want to sleep. I fell asleep 1/2 hour ago. This woke me and when I finally fall asleep again it will be filled with more of this.

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation2 months ago
  • What's this latest weird dream about?

    I hear my cell phone ring. I smash it with my fist. I hear something say 'for whom the bell tolls' and I shoot it. It slips to Belle Isle and I grab me a top shelf bottle of moonshine. There's the azhole that I typically hate in the moonshine area that I typically hate. I throw a jug at him and spit. Slide into Richard Petty's 1970 # 43 Plymouth Superbird and I hear him say 'Thats alriite buddy' then I'm eating hominy grits and Jackie Gleason is looking at me going 'hominahominahomina' and I laugh but I wonder should I punch him?

    I woke up then.

  • How can I get my pet mouse to leave white rice?

    I've tried feeding him white rice only. Doesn't work. So I just give him whatever he needs. Still, I can feel that damnable underlying hate he has for me. He's just now learning that I understand his little azol rodent grunts. I hear him. He's another complainer.

    1 AnswerNewborn & Baby2 months ago
  • What did this dream mean? Just woke up?

    I fall thru the floor splinter free because the floor is concrete. Wind up in Mayberry in a cell with Otis. Somehow the cell door key is on a nail just outside the cell door. I unlock it and walk out into 1960's Ashville/Weaverville speedway.  I'm on the damn track during the race. # 28 with his dam head hanging out the window because his hood just flew open across the windshield is running 110 mph towards me. The car farts and stops and apologizes as do the other cars. I get in the 28 race car. I drive it to Myrtle Beach. Some Mexican dude jumps off a sign into my car and says "JU GO MANG! AHAAAHAA MANG!"  I scream back, ''I KNOOOOOWOOOOO!''

    Ok. What?

  • What does yet this another weird dream mean? Every night it's so weird?

    I'm riding on a green deer as it swiftly sways it's head back and forth clipping my grass. It slings me back a bud of Sensimilla and says "HEEEY! REMEMBER THIS SHT!?" Then I squeeze a lime slice on it, take a shot of Tequila and mash that bud up and fold it into some E-Z Wider papers. One toke is half of it and it turns into a moving David Mann poster of me riding a Harley to the tune of David Bowies' song Fame and I can't drive 55 so I drive 85 and slide around weird things to the beat of the song. Cotton Owens stops me and says "Whatnhell man?" I say to him "Is it any wonder?" He says to me "Big frogs say knee deep little frogs say too deep. The hayle you say?" I just slowly drive around him looking at him like HE'S a weirdo and wake up I thought. I go cut my grass with a way too big Bush Hog. I struggle insanely to wake up before I mow my house down. What is my brain doing?

    2 AnswersPsychology2 months ago
  • I went to a restaurant on a cold,rainy, dreary night in the mountains. Where was this?

    The dimly lit small wood frame place put a slightly light green glow on my waitresses spotted skin and she seemed to have permanently down turned lips. She said "Welcome to toad mountain." I was a little stunned but ordered a burger. She said "would you like flies with that?" Okay, she was Asian, but still...her neck expanded way out for a few seconds after she asked.

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors2 months ago
  • Do your questions on y/a usually wind up in a different category than the one you picked?

    For instance. I go to Social Science, pick dream interpretation, winds up in Psychology or Mythology or who knows. Am I doing something ignorant?

    3 AnswersPsychology2 months ago
  • What does it mean when you dream this? Help me?

    You rub O'keefe's skin creme in your hair while somebody tell's you your hair is too rough and then you shave with mayonnaise and a potato chip? Then you're the soda cup cartoon in line with the other snacks singing 'Lets all go to the lobby' while being worried you don't have a crushed ice brain? You spit ice cubes out on Canadians and they say 'what the heck, ay' and a winter squash asks you 'where's the dam garden?'

    Polls & Surveys2 months ago