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♪ i'm 21 years old ♪ from Yorkshire,England ♪ engaged to a wonderful guy from the USA ♪ my nickname IS bubble - yes i'm happy ♪ i think Skype is a wonderful invention and saves me a fortune on calls to the States ♪ i'm raising my 13 year old sister after the death of our parents so things get a little tough sometimes ♪ i'm half scottish ♪ i'm very impatient ♪ i very rarely watch tv because it bores me ♪ i love movies- esp comedy/action/horror ♪ i'm not a typical girl- hate shopping,not into hair,make up and all that crap. ♪ i love motorbikes and cars ♪ i want to be a writer ♪ i have a very weird sense of humour ♪ if i dont like you i make it obvious- i don't pretend to like someone to be 'polite' ♪ i say it as it is and if i offend then.... ♪ i love metallica - they ARE the best band on the planet ♪ i have a very strange American/Scottish/English accent - so much so that people actually ask me where i'm from

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