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  • Are sacroiliac joint injections painful?

    After three years of severe pain in my lower back and a diagnosis of sciatica, I ve now been diagnosed with possible sacroiliac joint dysfunction. I will be having injections to the area in three weeks time. There seems to be a lot of prep for this. Fasting in the morning, no driving and the next day off work.

    The doc answered all of my questions but he was vague on the "does it hurt?" Stating that it s different for everyone. Can you tell me your experiences if you have had this procedure?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management4 years ago
  • Late payment fees, where do i stand?

    A catalogue company is persistantly trying to add late payment fees to my account. Now admittedly, payments are late due invoices not arriving in time, or at all. They claim all invoices have been issued and have said I need to contact the post office. I have no problem receiving any other bills, and always pay on time with everything. They did remove two penaties for me in the past but say they won't any longer. Where do I stand? If they are telling me the truth, its not their fault, but its not mine either.

    4 AnswersCredit8 years ago
  • msn on mobile ebuddy app, cant send messages?

    Hi there, i installed msn on my phone through ebuddy and yesterday and up until a few hours ago it was working perfectly. Now, although i can receive messages, people dont seem to be getting mine. It shows up as if its sent but people have texted me asking why im ignoring them! Have reinstalled, restarted phone, logged out and in again and nothing is working? Help please.

    2 AnswersMSN8 years ago
  • Can you play a world cup mode on fifa 12?


    Can anyone tell me if there is a world cup mode on Fifa 12. For instance, can i play England in a knockout tournament? I know you can do that with normal teams.


    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • sports button auto corsa?

    I have a corsa c 1.4 o4 and was wondering if i should use the sports button on the selector when driving up hills.My car does not seem to have a lot of poke going up hills . Is this what it is used for many thanks .

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • 04 vauxhall corsa c design?

    Hi does any one know what sort off price a 04 vauxhall corsa c design is worth . only 65000 on the clock full service history and in good condition it is an automatic. lots off paper work many thanks

    2 AnswersOpel9 years ago
  • vaxhall corsa sluggish start?

    Hi . for a few months now my vaxhall corsa design has had a sluggish start it is fine first thing in the morning the automatic choke kicks in but every time after that i have to hit the gas to stop it from dying on me .It had a full service in december last year and has a full service history . will a petrol flush help something like nitrox or redex in case it is fuel related .any ideas many thanks .ow it is not the battery or any leads .

    1 AnswerOpel10 years ago
  • vaxhall corsa under tray splash guard?

    hi i have a vaxhall corsa 04 design and just wanted to know where i could buy the plastic splash guard that covers the underside off the engine . My one has a big hole in it and the engine is open to all the dirt off the road . many thanks

    1 AnswerOpel10 years ago
  • Toning and cardio exercise?


    I am starting a new way of healthy living but am finding cardio and toning exercises hard to squeeze in with young children and work. Instead of spending a whole hour doing cardio and toning together, would it still be effective to do perhaps cardio (half hour) on a Monday Tuesday and Friday and Toning on a Wednesday and Thursday? Or am i just wishful thinking here?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness10 years ago
  • 60000 cambelt change ?

    My automatic vaxhall corsa is due for its 60000 cambelt change i have been quoted 200 to change it and the tentioner to is this a good prise. Also the rubber cover has split on the c,v joint does anyone know how much i am looking at to get this changed. many thanks

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • timming belt on my automatic vaxhall 04 corsa ?

    My vaxhall corsa has just gone over 6000 miles is it a must to get the belt changed straight away it has just had a service and been checked . Can it wait and how much do you think it will cost to change.Many thanks

    1 AnswerOpel10 years ago
  • timming belt on a vaxhall corsa ?

    Does any one know how much it is roughly to change the belt on my 04 vaxhall corsa automatic .thanks

    3 AnswersOpel10 years ago
  • redex vaxhall corsa ?

    I own a vaxhall corsa design it is a lovely car but some times it can be a bit sluggish on the turn off the key it sounds like fuel is it worth running a bit off redex though the engine to see if it clears the fuel pipes . it has just had a full service so it is not the spark plugs . many thanks

    3 AnswersOpel10 years ago
  • vaxhall corsa mud guard ?

    I have just bought a vaxhall corsa design and need a new plastic mud guard for the wheel arch as the one on there is cracked . It looks like it unbolts off for a replacement but where would i get one from i have tryed a breakers yard but the car is to new and nothing on ebay does any one know of a place . Thanks

    1 AnswerOpel10 years ago
  • Is there a name for a phobia of long beaks?

    Hi there, i have a phobia of long beaks and noses. For instance, Flamingos terrify me, as does Big Bird and those horrible pink fluffy things in the film Labryinth. If i see something with a long pointy nose or beak, i feel sick. Basically, im trying to see if there is a name for this phobia, ive tried looking it up but only fine bird phobias. I have no problem with most birds, only ones with long pointy beaks?

    2 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • driving test need help?

    I am about to take my driving test next friday when the indipendent driving part kicks in . I am really nervous has any one got any serious ideas on how to keep my nervs at bay . And tips to help on the day thanks

    3 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 decade ago
  • clicking noise in gear box?

    when i put my vaxhall corsa in park and push the foot on the brake it makes a clicking sound . Only just started doing it tonight any ideas thanks . Every thing still works fine

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • wheel tracking on a corsa ?

    How much does it cost to get the front wheel tracking done on a car. thanks

    2 AnswersGMC1 decade ago
  • facial redness and ears upper chest?

    For more than 2 year now i have sufferd with my face ears and upper chest going red . Many things set it off like working in the sun having a beer and temperture change and showers . i have been to the docs and had my bp done and that is fine . And at the moment at the hospital having tests . Has any one got any ideas what this may be many thanks .

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • vaxhall corsa oil leak?

    My corsa o4 has a small oil pan leak or it may be a rear main seal . Is this a big and exspensive job if it went back to vaxhall . thanks

    1 AnswerOpel1 decade ago