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  • Can you help identify a musical group for me?

    Here's a little detective assignment for you guys:

    I listened to a podcast two years ago that played a few songs from a small group (it sounds like just two people singing with maybe one extra person playing an instrument.) I've been trying to figure out who they are so I can hear more of their stuff, but I can't find out who they are! Googling lyrics from their music didn't yield anything, so they're probably not famous at all. The radio station that played it is in san fransisco, so they are probably from there as well.

    Here's the lyrics from one of their songs =o

    "I, I like you. Don't change every little thing about you, about you, should stay the same. There's some rule, some law, says all good things, are a little untrue. In this case it's a presentation, some kind of incantation designed, to make me swoon. And I do, lord I do.

    You can turn water into wine, say baby you'll be all mine. Your hair is really spun gold. Of your greatness fairytales have told. Your mind is contemplative, your body exemplary, but then the curtains fell and the lights went off and I went home alone. Home alone."

    then the first part goes again. =o If anyone could find out who they are or recognizes it, I'd be eternally grateful!

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