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  • Do you think I am racist for not appreciating Beyonce's music or other black celebrities who have inflated egos and personalities?

    I am a huge fan of rock and metal some of my favourite bands have or had black singers, guitarists and  drummers etc. I also like lots of black actors and actresses too. However what I can not stand is when the likes of Beyonce complain about not winning a Grammy and call it being racist. Then you have all these people who claim to support the Black Lives Matter movement but sit there in their mansions. If they cared about real issues of everyday black people they would donate some of their money to these causes instead of bitching and moaning about being miss treated in the entertainment industry. If we start handing out token awards to people just on race and not merit isn't that more racist?  

    I mean take the band Linkin park (RIP Chester) they had / have a black rapper / singer. They didn't care about recognition or winning awards. Heck they didn't even care what the fans thought when they strayed away from the nu metal sound.    

    It's just I find that the more famous you get the more recognition you think you deserve. Maybe the music industry doesn't want to award a Grammy to someone who sings about shaking their *** getting groupies and smoking weed. That and winning an award just to sing a song that 20 people had to write for you, is that fair? 

    So my question is because I don't care for trashy black celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanye west, Niki MInaj, Cardi B etc does that make me a racist?


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  • Do dating sites use facial recognition or the looks of a person to determine if you can match up with them for free without paying? ?

    On Blendr for example I see it all the time that I can not message attractive looking women because the app tells me I am not a match. Thing is it tells you that you have like 6 things in common. Yet the women it does allow me to message are all average looking women or women who are around 10 years older or more. That and they usualy have less in common with me than the good looking ones. 

    Know I am not purely after looks just want to stress that I prefer interests and personality. However it seems that the app likes to match you with unattractive women who have little in common with you. Some might slip through the net if their profile photo is a bit blurred or their other photos are better shot. I am curious if these site have that technology or do they have moderators who go through peoples profile photos and grade them on their looks and if they will be stuck behind a paywall. Which also hinders the chances for women as most men initiate the first response. Surely there is some legal ground here that they shouldn't be able to lock women because of some algorithm or facial recognition software to determine if we match or not. Even if you like the women they then have to like you back, kicker is you have to then pay to see who liked you or play a long winded game game of Tinder. Then you eventually run out of likes for the day before the person you made out from the blurred photo the used to hide who likes you shows up. 

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  • Attachment image

    Does anyone know how to disable haptic feed back on YouTube app for Android when scanning a video timeline?

    I have noticed an annoying new feature where when you seek a video in its timeline it will vibrate and give haptic feedback on your phone when you move over scene markers on a youtube video. It will only do it on new videos where people have put video markers on the timeline, like in the photo. 

    Does anyone know if this feature can be disabled or is it another forced change like the comments being at the top?

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  • Does anyone know any traditional Folk Rock/Metal bands that mostly do acoustic songs? ?

    I am a huge Power/ folk Metal fan as long as it is mostly clean vocals. I love it when bands do acoustic songs that sound very traditional and folky. 

    Does anyone know any bands that have that traditional celtic/nordic folk vibe?

    Maybe you can suggest an album by a Power / Folk Metal band that is solely acoustic. 

    I will also accept any suggestions to clean vocal power and folk metal. 

    My fave bands are

    Blind Guardian 




    Elven King

    Sonarta Arctica





    I have listed some songs of the type of sound I am on about. Janet Devlin - My Confessional

    Youtube thumbnail

    - The Islander

    Youtube thumbnail

    - Night 13

    Youtube thumbnail

    Guardian - The Bards Song

    Youtube thumbnail

    - Mindtraveler

    Youtube thumbnail

    Gurdy - The Longening

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Do you think a lot of webcam girls exploit us men knowing most will pay for sub par content?

    Now I want to stress not all adult models and content creators are like this. 

    How ever there is this one model I would like to get your opinions on. She starts out with a top on camera zoomed in so we just get a shot from her chest upwards. She will have a goal that says "Topless" x amount of tokens. 70% of the time she will log off about 200 hundred tokens left to go before end of a ridiculously high tip goal. If she ends up making it what she does is she will zoom the camera in closer remove her top. In effect you just see the top half of  her breasts no nipples nothing. Then if she does go to grab stuff etc she covers them with her hands. like she won't allow her fans who paid her tokens to see. Sometimes deciding out of nowhere to put her bra back on.Also if you know anything about cam girls there is a trend of inserting a vibrating sex toy that reacts to tips. kicker is you can not even see if she has it inserted in her it could be on her bed and she just pretends to have orgasms.My point is do you think Webcam girls like this are toxic and pollute the ones who actually care about fans and deliver us good content. instead of tricking guys into OnlyFans accounts where they post a close up of a bra and expect $10 a month.I know women do not owe us guys anything and feminists cry all the time that women are exploited in the sex industry. Yet thousands of women want sugar daddy's, expect to be paid  to sit in front of a camera doing nothing. What are your opinions guys? 

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  • Do you think Adolf Eichmann would still have been Executed had he shown remorse at his trial? ?

    My view is that he was doomed from the start and Israel was using this trial as a way to get the last laugh politically. 

    They knew they were going to sentence him to death no matter what. Even if this defiant evil man showed some remorse for his crimes and the crimes of Nazi Germany. I think a trial in Poland  or his home country Germany would have been better. Then again Germany at this time was releasing war criminals they had sentanced earlier and probably didn't want anything more to do with the war. In decades later they gave prison sentances to war criminals who might have got the death sentance in trials immediately following the war. 

    I am apposed of the death penalty however I understand why so many Nazis where sentanced to it. However most who got life imprison instead where released during the 60's anyway.  They could have easily been sentanced to death had they been on trial in other countries than Germany. So it's a thin line between giving someone death or allowing them to be in a jail cell thinking about what they did. Even though they probably did not expect them to be serving only a quarter of their sentances. 

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  • I get aching painful legs at night in on or both legs that feels like growing pains what do you think it could be?

    Since I was young I often get periods where I can not sleep because my legs ache really badly. Almost feels like growing pains you got when you were a child. 

    Usually it's when I have done strenuous things that day. Like yesterday I went for my daily exercise for a 2 hour walk. 

    I have read it could be restless leg syndrome. 

    It's just annoying because I go to bed thinking it's because I am tired, yet I struggle to sleep because of this. It feels more like an annoying throbbing than am actual pain. Also tried rubbing it and taking pain meds but they don't really help. 

    Does anyone know what these symptoms could be? 

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  • Why do certain Music channels on YouTube not show recently added videos?

    Why do most music channels on YouTube not allow you to view all videos, along with sorting by recently uploaded?

    Is this YouTubes way of forcing you to watch only the videos with the most views. I mean If a band I like releases a new music video it will show up in my subscriptions for recently uploaded videos. Yet you go on the band or artists channel page, it just shows random music videos from 10 years ago etc. Why are music channels different to regular ones. I don't go and watch Markiplier to see his page forcing me to watch a video for a game that was released 10 years ago. Am I not allowed to find new music videos then? Is this YouTubes way dictating the most popular songs. 

    Well of course a song that was released 15 years ago is going to have more views. Surley this is not helping bands grow if you fail to promote any new material.  Am I missing something or is there a genuine reason why YouTube doesn't allow music channels to have there most recent videos on there YouTube channel homepages. 

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  • Why do feminists and black people complain about being excluded from Oscar and other film award nominations. ?

    My view is that if you nominate them just for diversity and then a black actor or actress looses you will still be seen as racist. The same goes for women directors etc you would have to give them the win to not be seen as a sexist. It's like your giving them a token nomination even though the judges know they where not as good as others nominated. I am all for diversity when it has merit. Its like people of Asian culture do not complain they get no nods. I also fear one of these days will have be nominating transgender people just to shut up society. If all these are merited fair enough. However just to nominate a film that critics hated and audience liked it because it had a cast of black actresses who are liked because they are celebrities. 

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  • Do you think woman knowingly use their sexuality for the own personal and financial gain over us men? ?

    People claim woman are hypersexualised and that any who do anything remotely sexy is all being forced by us men. That they have no choice. Yet alot of women do it out of free choice. 

    Plus alot of women use their bodies and sexuality to happily take advantage of men and do it knowingly for money gain. 

    Take for example a webcam model I know of.  She goes online puts a high token goal that says topless at 2000 tokens, equivalent to over £100. 

    Usualy she will reach around 200 tokens off the goal then logs off the cam site. So people have just paid to watch a woman with clothes on stare at a camera and occasionaly push he breasts up. 

    If she somehow does reach the high goal she will take her top off and zoom the camera in so it's just implied and you can not see anything. But you know she is topless. 

    That happens with alot of webcam, onlyfans, Snapchat premium models they know men are gulible and use it to their advantage. 

    That's something us men do not have the luxury of doing, selling our bodies. Mostly because when have you seen a woman willingly pay for sexual services. Never because a man will always want free sex a women will only want it if she is drunk with a partner or doing it as an art project which is very rare. 

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  • Why do dating sites always match you with the average looking woman?

    Know I wanna stress I am not shallow in the slightest and prefer personality to looks. However on dating apps I can only match with the Average looking women. Yet all the ones who look more attractive seem to not be able to match unless you pay. Is there some hidden algorithm that scans photos and determines if you are attractive. Because I doubts its to do with matches on interests etc. Mostly because I get women who match on several interests but locks me from chatting to them without a match even though we have same interests. Yet someone who is not as good looking has nothing in common with me but it let's me match them. It is a fact that they do this to get you to pay for tokens to message them. Also isn't facial recognition stuff an invasion of privacy?

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  • Why is my preorder from Amazon taking 5 days to deliver when I have Amazon Prime membership?

    I pre ordered The Beatles Abby Road 50th Album for my. Mum s Birthday present. Amazon said delivery would be with me 4 days after release. Yet if I place an order now its released I can get it same day. Apparently amazon can not change or cancel the order so I place a new one when it has not been despatched. I also garuntee you it will get dispatched from my closest fulfilment centre too. Has anyone else had issues like this being a Prime member?

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  • Why does modern pop, rap and RnB music rely on edgy pauses within the music?

    I am predominantly a Rock and Metal guy. When listening to pop I have found that modern pop, rap etc realises on awkward pauses and edgy silence. When you take an artist like Little Mix, Cardi B etc they add these weird pauses in the songs to make them sound more edgy or hip. Almost like the music gets forced upon you, that they are saying look at me I am much better than you people who are listening. It is a cringe worthy tactic to make artists especially female ones seem more powerful. It grates me because it is a slight pause that ends suddenly for edge factor when if it was a millisecond longer it wouldn't annoy me as much. What are your opinions, do you think producers and artists do this technique on purpose?

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  • Why do celebrities and sporting events endorse Saudia Arabia when they have a huge human rights problem?

    Why does the world of celebrity and sports etc all perform in Saudia Arabia? I get that they do it for the money. However when you get big female artists performing over there in Skimpy outfits and singing about getting wasted and sleeping with ever guy possible. Now I have no issue in people wearing those outfits or what they sing I am all for freedom of speech within moderation. Although when it comes to doing it in a country that offers no freedoms for women especially, then forces them to be religiously oppressed while some dumb american is shaking her *** at all the Arab Sheikhs.

    Then you get sporting events like WWE going over there and having a 50 man Royal Rumble instead of 30 and the fact that women can not perform in sporting events when the WWE is supposed to be pushing it's women's division away from just being sexual icons.

    Just like your thoughts on it and do you agree that corporate greed should come before human rights?

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  • I have booked flights to Cape Town with BA. I am concerned about being bumped off the flight. Should I reserve a seat?

    I am flying to Cape Town from London in August for a guided tour. As there is only one flight a week I am worried what would happen if I did get bumped because I would miss my tour completely and ruin my holiday.

    Is it worth me reserving my seat or is that pointless because someone else will have reserved the same seat. I will of course will Check in as early as I can.

    Just would like advice on the realistic chance it happening considering I have never flown BA before.

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  • Why was Captain Marvel used so little in Endgame (spoilers alert)?

    Wasn t Captain Marvel supposed to be this femenist saviour of the world and to be the face of Marvel? Yet she is only used to save Tony Stark and Spiderman. Yes I get it she goes off to help the rest of the universe but still. It is just curious that Fury sends a distress signal to a character that then becomes trivial. So she beats up Thanos a little, she hardly does anything that heroic really.

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  • Looking for a low wattage home use valve guitar amp under £300 any suggestions?

    I have been looking to replace my Fender Mustang with a valve amplifier. I would like one that would be good for Blues rock and can handle High Gain too. Considering something like Marshall DSL 1/5 or Blackstar HT 1/5. Which amp is better out of the two and do you have any suggestions for other low wattage tube amps for under £300.

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  • How do I monetize a Top Tens style YouTube channel?

    I would like to create a music style Top Ten channel on YouTube but curious how I get around being copyright flagged. Also how come popular channels like Watch Mojo get away with it. Surely they do not pay for the film or music clips they use. Seems because they are popular they get away with it yet smaller channels get flagged all the time. Doesn't Top Ten videos come under fair use?

    If I did a Top ten Rock Songs of 2018. Would it be best not to use the music and just talk about why I like it. But then I wouldn't be introducing people to potential new music if they can not hear a snippet from the song.

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  • Why are Autistic people so stuborn?

    I know a person I went to college with. He is Autistic but incredibly stubborn. He will only like certain things regards to film, tv or music. However something simillar for example another Sci Fi film me and my friends would suggest he might lik, would claim he is not interested or its not my thing. It is like they do not like suggestions and do it on principle. Also I remember he would not watch anything rated 15 or 18 apart from a few odd exceptions. Even though he is in his late 20 s.

    Are these normal traits of Autistic people I am just curious if that is normal behaviour?

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  • Does anyone have any idea what this robot fighting videogame might be?

    I remember playing a fighting game way back on PC. It was a 3d fighting game involving robots. I would have played it early 2000s I think. Anyone think they know what it could have been?

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