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  • whats in arizona iced tea that would make this happen? ?

    so i bought a gallon of arizona iced tea 2 days ago and i’ve been drinking a lot of it. i noticed that every time i do, i get this pain in my stomach and i need to run to the bathroom. it’s really painful diarrhea each time and i only get this way with dairy products (bc i’m lactose intolerant) and coffee. it’s just iced tea right? or is there a toxin that’s causing this?

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  • why am i so weird?

    i love being affectionate to other people. i love making other people happy and feel loved. since i am that way, you would think that i’m like that to people face to face but i’m not. i’m so awkward all the time even with my closest friends. i hate people touching me and i hate touching people, though i yearn for physical contact. when i was with my first boyfriend, i thought i would be into the whole pda thing. i couldn’t even hold his hand without him forcing me to. i just am so uncomfortable with people touching me and i’m so confused why i feel that way and why i have to force myself with everything in me to touch another person when i’m perfectly fine with showering people with love through technology. i used to think that the reason i don’t like touching people was because i care about them too much and i’m scared of “breaking them” bc that’s how i am with animals but i don’t think so bc that just sounds wrong. why am i like this? i know for a fact this isn’t normal. does someone have any ideas on why this is happening?

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  • should i tell my dad what happened to me?

    i was sexually assaulted earlier this year (not raped) by my boyfriend and the only one who knows about it are my friends and my mom. i reported him to the police after finding out he assaulted and harassed so many other girls over the course of 2 years. i did it so they could get the peace and justice they deserve. i’m not very traumatized by it, but my mom feels like i shouldn’t tell my dad. when my mom was my age (16), she was sexually assaulted outside her house and my grandpa blamed it on her. she’s 56 now and she’s still really hurt by that. she thinks my dad would do the same since he’s pretty old-school and a male. i’m not as close with him as i am with my mom. she’s my best friend while my dad is a huge *** authority figure in my eyes. i never told him i got a boyfriend, let alone liked someone. i’m a pretty empathetic person and i know he’s really sensitive when it comes to family, so if i we’re him and my child hid this from me, i would be extremely hurt. but there’s also the possibility of him blaming everything on me and i would get emotionally scarred and scared to tell him anything again. what should i do? if i do tell him, what kind of things would i say? how would i even start that conversation?

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  • is it normal to be at war with yourself?

    so i was sexually assaulted back in march. i was 15, i’m 16 now and um i didn’t think anything of it when it happened bc he was my boyfriend and i thought that’s just what happens when you’re in a relationship. like you sign your body away. i know that’s not true now. i reported him to my school and by the looks of it the police are getting involved because i found dozens of other girls who have been harassed, assaulted, and manipulated by him. i only reported him because of them. these girls are so terrified of him and their views on themselves drastically changed and it physically pains me to see how much a person can hate themselves. all these women want him to burn in hell and go to jail, and get expelled and get raped in prison and i don’t disagree with them like he’s a monster. but i don’t feel that way at all. everyone’s saying it’s because i’m such a kind person with a big heart who believes everyone can change if they just get a chance to. everyone who knows about the report has told me how brave i am and how unbelievably proud they are of me. it’s really hard though bc i don’t feel that for myself. he texted me last night after not speaking to me for 2 months and he just started apologizing for the way things ended. he doesn’t know about the report and his apology sounded really genuine. i can’t help but think i made a mistake reporting him. but another side of me thinks his apology is straight bullshit. i’m constantly at war with myself.

    6 AnswersPsychology3 months ago
  • when did you find out you loved them?

    i want a lot of answers. stuff they did, things you felt in that moment. try to describe it. i want to believe love is real. i want my hopeless romantic self to cry. thank you.

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  • can you fix a toxic relationship by being friends for a few months and trying to act like buddies? or should you cut contact completely?

    our relationship was good and sweet for 2 months but his mental health started deteriorating rapidly and he kind of shut down. we got hella unhealthy for another 2 months and took a lot of breaks inbetween. i really love him though, with all of my heart and i think he feels the same way too. can something like that be fixed by learning how to be friends again?

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  • is it love when you miss them, it feels like a part of you is missing. like a piece of your heart is gone when they left too?

    i spent a whole 24 hours without him in months, and the whole time it literally felt like my heart was shattering. i was yearning for him and ive never felt this way before. i terribly miss him.

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  • how do you know if you love someone? do i love him?

    i’m not really good with finding out where i stand with my emotions. there’s this boy in my life and he makes me feel so happy and he’s everything i need in my life right now. he likes almost everything i like, which is so crazy because it’s so hard to find someone that shares 5 interests of mine. he’s perfect for me. i took some adderal last night for the first time because i’m behind in school, and i realized where i finally stood with him. i 100% felt that i have so much love in my heart and all i want to do is give him all that love. i felt that deep within my soul. i’ve never meant anything more, actually. i want to like give him the world and hug him and kiss his cheek and cuddle him. i’ve never felt this way about anyone before and it’s hella freaking me out, but that‘ s it lol

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  • i miss him. what should i do?

    we’re so toxic for each other. he makes me doubt myself and makes me feel unloved. we get into fights all the time and it seems like we could never go back to where we were. we had a long talk/fight last night and i ended up saying to him how i don’t need him. i kept on asking him to let me go but each time he kept on saying he doesn’t want to. i ended up saying something very hurtful to him and he left me on read. now it’s 1pm in the afternoon and i’m alone, and i miss him. i’m usually so strong but i just like talking to him. i want to apologize and if we actually talk out our problems, it could work. all my friends highly recommend not even adding him back. i just, idk. i want to see him. he made me happy while my whole world was falling apart...then he made me cry and i felt not good enough...idk. it’s really bad. should i just text him i’m sorry?

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