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  • What to do with rubber dog masks?

    My mom bought two big masks that look like realistic dog heads to put in our windows to scare away burglars. The dog heads became an inconvenience when trying to open and close windows and now they're just sitting on the floor in our living room. Are there any uses for big rubber dog masks? (other then wearing them because they smell like absolute urine inside).

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture2 months ago
  • Best frozen fruit?

    I think the best frozen fruit is frozen grapes

    11 AnswersOther - Food & Drink3 months ago
  • What's your unpopular opinion?

    (not political) Just an opinion about food or music or movies or anything that you've never really heard anyone else expressing.

    6 AnswersMovies3 months ago
  • second best barbie movie?

    OBVIOUSLY the best one is "barbie princess and the pauper" but what's the second best? I think it might be "barbie Rapunzel"

    Movies3 months ago
  • is my love for blue cheese purely circumstantial?

    The only time i eat blue cheese is in salad and I dont really like salad but I do like cheese so I always look forward to the blue cheese in the salad my mom makes on pasta night but I think I only like it because I hate spinach. And now im wondering how many foods I only like/hate because I always eat them under the same circumstances. Because I just had plain blue cheese and she was nasty as frick dude

    2 AnswersOther - Food & Drink4 months ago
  • Is there a word for that feeling of seeing something familiar in an unfamiliar setting?

    I just saw a mug I own on a reality TV show and it gave me a really specific feeling lol

    1 AnswerReality Television10 months ago
  • Jokes Brits will like?

    I am in a group chat with some Brits i met while staying at a youth hostel and I'm the only American and they just DO NOT love my jokes. How do I nail down that weird British humor?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating11 months ago
  • Good obscure music recommendations?

    Give me songs they dont play on the radio, old songs, underground bands, anything. I just want new music to listen to.

    6 AnswersRock and Pop11 months ago
  • Is Gatsby a real name?

    I know a guy named Gatsby. It's his first name and he claims it has nothing to do with the book, so is it a real name? Do you know any Gatsbys? It's his first name. 

    8 AnswersBooks & Authors11 months ago
  • What would Progressive do if Flo died?

    Like if the actress who plays Flo died do you think they would hire a new Flo or would they just make ads without Flo or would they air rerun ads?

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys11 months ago
  • Clear lizard liquid?

    My biology class has a class pet who is a leopard gecko and i let her sit on my shoulders sometimes and today a bunch of clear liquid came out of her and I KNOW it wasn't pee because leopard geckos have crystallized pee, any ideas what it was?

    2 AnswersReptiles11 months ago
  • Do you have any information on Vendergood?

    Her is everything I know, if you know anything else please tell me:

    1. It was invented by William James Sidis when he was between the ages of 7-9

    2. It uses 12 as a base number

    3. It was intended to be an auxiliary language used for international trade based around the concept that things are vended in dozens

    4. It is based on several romance languages

    5. There are some reports of a "book of vendergood" written by Sidis, but this book is not listed under his works in the Sidis archives

    6. It has less speakers than Esperanto, potentially no speakers at all

    Languages1 year ago
  • Should I investigate who drew me?

    I found a sketchbook in one of my classrooms and it didn't have a name on the outside so I opened to the first page to see if there was a name there and there was still no name but there was a drawing of me in my soccer uniform. I turned the sketchbook in to the lost a found and since then have seen three different kids in my school who have that exact sketchbook. Should I try and investigate who drew me, or should I just forget what I saw and move on?

    5 AnswersDrawing & Illustration1 year ago
  • how do I convince my mom to let me stay home alone?

    I turned 17 last month and i would be home alone for 6 days while she is in New Orleans during my winter break. She's gotten really apprehensive about leaving me however, and is thinking about canceling the trip. How do I convince her that I'm responsible enough to be home alone? I don't want to throw a big party or anything, I just wanna have full time access to the car and be able to have my friends over whenever I want.

    10 AnswersHome Schooling1 year ago
  • Would you rather be able to breath underwater or be able to revive yourself from death but only once?

    If you chose breathing underwater then you can swim as deep as you want without water pressure affecting you, if you chose the revival one then you can chose how old you are when you come back and you will be fully revived.

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 year ago
  • Can I be friends with the ghost in my basement or should I excersize it?

    The ghost doesn't hurt people but it messes with the lights. It would be pretty easy for me to remove the ghost from this home because I have a good spell book but the ghost has lived here longer than I've been alive so I would feel bad about it. Should I try to befriend this ghost? (The previous owners of this house didn't like the ghost but never tried to remove it. )

    10 AnswersParanormal Phenomena1 year ago
  • How do I convince Meg that I don't like Isaac?

    Meg thinks I like him but were just best friends. She's always kinda rude when I try to talk to her cuz she likes him and its getting really annoying. How do I casually tell her that I don't like him?

  • Most recent ghost experience?

    What was your most recent ghostly experience? (not demon or witch or alien I only want ghost)

    10 AnswersParanormal Phenomena1 year ago
  • Best monster hybrid? Why?

    example, vampire mixed with a zombie:

    pros- faster than a zombie, attacks in hordes like a zombie, strong

    cons- slower than a vampire, harmed by sunlight but not killed, cant pass as easily for a human as a vampire can

    1 AnswerMythology & Folklore1 year ago
  • What are some great names for a southern teenage witch?

    She is very sweet and a self taught witch from Mississippi. She has a very "vulture culture" ascetic, meaning she has a lot of crystals, pinned butterflies, roadkill taxidermy, old books, and incense. She is a summer child and she likes the moon and water.

    11 AnswersBooks & Authors1 year ago