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  • When do you have to apply for ROTC?

    If I am a transfer student, how far in advance do I have to apply?

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  • Is it too late to apply for ROTC?

    So my situation is a little unique...

    I am in college, and transferring as a junior to another school in the fall. I recently decided I want to join the Air Force as an officer after I graduate, and heard of a 2-year option for ROTC. I saw that they want students who are already in college to apply at least a year ahead, but is it actually too late to submit an application now, only 5 months ahead? I looked at the site and it said to see your specific Detachment, but my school's page has no information regarding it and they are not answering phone calls. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

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  • What is this children's book?

    I think it is a variation of Frau Holle/Mother Hulde, but it takes place in Africa. There are two sisters, an ugly one and a beautiful one, and the beautiful one finds this old woman's house and because she works for her, she is rewarded. The ugly one then goes to be rewarded too, but she is lazy so she doesn't. Then the beautiful sister found a snake at some point, which turns out to be a prince and the old woman is his mother the queen, so she marries him as an ultimate reward.

    So I remember the story, but cannot remember the name and I love it! I knew it probably 9-10 years ago when I was younger, so it's at least that old. Thank you!!

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  • How to find a specific Sigg water bottle?

    My mom just broke my Sigg that I got in March. I have only seen it in one store (the store where I bought it in Phoenix), and I can't find it online or anywhere else. I know they crank out new designs all the time and the one I got was probably only available for a limited time, but is there any way to search archives of every design ever made? I don't remember the name of the design, but it was a .6 liter white bottle with gold outlines of an old Chinese drawing. I love it so much, and I would love to find it again if at all possible. Thank you!

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  • What are some careers that let you travel overseas early on?

    I am interested in travel because I can't see myself sitting in an office when working. I want to be involved with cutting edge trends, whether in marketing, fashion, electronics, transportation, etc. What kind of career can I pursue that would let me travel maybe a couple times a year really early on, like without being really advanced in the field? Any serious suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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  • Will getting a Blackberry change my current phone plan?

    I have a plan with Alltel, and I am wondering if I upgrade to a Blackberry when I reinstate my contract, do any additional fees or anything get added to my plan because it's a Smart phone? Also, will I have to keep paying extra to access the internet on it, like I do on my current non-Smart phone?

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  • iPod Touch vs. iPhone?

    I am soon going to buy either the Touch or the Phone, and I am trying to decide which would be the best, as I have a couple options. Any suggestions as far as getting the best price and being the most convenient given my situation would be great!

    Option 1:

    I am currently on a phone plan with Alltel with my mom. My specific contract is up in June, so I can then get a new phone or switch service providers. I also want a Blackberry, which means at this time I could stick with Alltel and get one, then buy an iPod Touch in addition. I live in a town that has no AT&T or Cingular offices within 3-4 hours, so this makes it inconvenient to get an iPhone through these providers, as they are the only ones who offer it now.

    Option 2:

    I am moving to a city in the fall for school, which means I will have access to AT&T. This way, I could get the iPhone and combine the features of the Blackberry and iPod. I would get reception when I come back here to visit, I just wouldn't be able to visit the office for any reason unless I am at school. The phone plan may also be more expensive than what I am paying now, and we are trying to save money as best as possible.

    My question is, cost-wise and convenience-wise, which would be the better option? The iTouch/Blackberry option is good because my phone plan might be cheaper since it is connected with my mom's, and I would still get the features of both. The iPhone option is good because it combines the two into one and the plan could possibly be cheaper, I haven't looked into it.

    Thank you SO much for your help, time, and THOUGHTFUL answers!

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  • My dog is having wheezing fits?

    For a few weeks now, my 9 year old Jack Russell has been getting these fits that last a few seconds where he wheezes pretty intensely. The last couple days, this has been more common and a little more intense. I don't know whether we should take him to the vet or if it's just allergies and it will pass, but he never used to do this before now. Any educated suggestions?

    Thank you very much.

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  • If I know I'm eating Coldstone tomorrow night...?

    Which low-calorie foods are best to eat throughout the day to get the most nutrition? I am trying to maintain a low-calorie, but not nutrient-deficient diet. Thanks!

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Simple question about calorie intake and exercise?


    If I eat very minimally for 2 days and burn around 400-500 calories through exercise each day and drink lots of water, will I look and be thinner by the end of the second day?

    PLEASE don't tell me all the disclaimers, like it won't work in the long run or it's unhealthy. I KNOW it will come right back when I eat normally and it's unhealthy for the long-term. So please just answer, whether by personal experience or through someone you know, the question I have given.


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  • Does anyone know Gisele Bundchen's fitness regimen?

    PLEASE only answer if you have a good answer to give. Any tips on workouts, diet, etc. would be appreciated. Also, if you are personally familiar with a routine that can give similar results, I would like that as well. I am using it for a health class. Thank you!

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  • How do I slim down my thighs when working out?

    The last couple months, I have been working out pretty rigorously, for an average of 4 days a week. I mostly do cardio, on the track or elliptical, and I weight life pretty moderately so as to avoid getting bulky. I go on the elliptical at a runner's pace for 3-5 miles usually with a little resistance and a shallow incline. I am getting so frustrated though because my thighs are getting muscular and therefore getting BIGGER, but I want to slim them down. Could it be the elliptical working them too much? How do I stop it?

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  • Which ringtone format fits my phone?

    I have an LGAX8600 and I am trying to download a ringtone from When I try to obtain it on my browser, it says they could not find the browser I need, and it gives me a list of formats to choose from. This includes MP3, AAC, MMF, QCP, AWB, AMR, or WAV. Which format should I select for the ringtone to work properly on my phone?


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  • Why is my computer so slow?

    I just got it in August and I have great up-to-date anti-virus software, but for some reason it, especially the internet, is running at a SNAIL'S PACE the last couple weeks or so. I have over half my space left open, I seldom run more than 1 or 2 programs at once, and I clean it with the anti-virus frequently. WHAT'S WRONG???

    Thank you :)

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  • Can I exchange laptops under contract?

    I got a new laptop in August from Dell's website, but I think the screen size is too big. Since I am still under contract, could I exchange it for a smaller screen size?

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  • How do you say the word "marketing" in Japanese?

    As in the college major. thank you!

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  • How should I use this journal?

    So this is a pretty random question, but I would really like some input.

    I just got a new journal that is pink with a bird on the front and it's really cute. I got it because I liked the way it looked and I thought I might write in it. However, now that I have it, I don't know what to put in it. I already have something that is like a diary, and i hardly ever remember to write in that as it is so I kind of want this one to be more special. On one side of each page, there are lines for writing, and on the other side, it is blank with gold designs in the corners, meant for drawing or something. So...does anyone have any good ideas as to what I could put in here? Thanks :)

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  • Is it possible to lose weight by diet only with no additional excercise?

    By "additional", I mean going to the gym. I walk to classes every day of the school week, play golf once in a while, do things around the house, and have an entirely stand-up-and-move-around job that I work 2-3 days a week. So I am just curious as to whether one can lose weight solely with this lifestyle and a healthy diet.

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