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  • What program/software controls alt codes showing up?

    Now you see the problem I'm having is with Windows Live Messenger primarily. I cannot view the alt codes. They only appear as squares. I have downloaded Flash, Shockwave, and Java. I have the most recent version of Windows Live, as well as having my comp completely updated (its new).

    Its irritating me because on my old laptop I could see the symbols (its how I got them there in the first place). So can Friend A. Friend B and Friend C cannot. Neither can my new computer.

    I just want to point out here that the problem IS NOT INSERTING THE SYMBOLS. As in the heart, club, little crosses, etc. Its the fact that they wont show up.

    So I'm asking you people of Yahoo! Answers to help me in finding out what program I am missing so that I can download it and see the freaking hearts in my MSN name.

    Thank you in advance!!

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