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  • Metro PCs and unlocked Samsung galaxy phones?

    My mother is buying me a phone for me for my birth day. I want a galaxy s9 or s9+. But she lives in Florida and if she bought it there I would have a Florida area code. So I was going to have her buy a unlocked one on amazon and have it shipped to my place in pa. My worry is since it was not sold from a metro pcs store. Not everything will work as it should. Like thongs will be buggy.  

  • Would it be ok to get another credit card?

    Ok I have 2 credit cards. Both from the same bank. Now I have never ever been late on any payments (ever) I pay on time or early. There is times I will over pay a dollar or 2 just to make sure. My credit has slowly gone up. I use my cards smart, treat them with respect. I deff do not want to mess up my credit at all ( in no way) now there are other credit cards out there I think I could use to my benefit.  Walmart I shop there allot. Amazon I use them to and if you get a amazon credit card you get prime for free. Or I have metro pcs phone service they offer a credit card. If I am going to be paying my phone bill every month why not use there credit card and get a 5% discount.  Its not like I want to run out and get 3 new credit cards. I have 2 all ready. But would adding one more effect my credit in a bad way. Also if adding 1 more approve it at all. 

  • Bedbug not bedbugs should I freak out ? ?

    I came to stay with my aunt. Rite before I came they found out they had bedbugs and bought 500$ of stuff off the internet to kill them this spray 5gal bucket of this power. They cleaned the whole house washed all the cloths got all new beds,curtains, then treated the whole house every inch it took them a week to spray the whole house inside and out. Laird power every where they could. Then I moved in with very little just pillows blankets and cloths. Months pass and they sprayed the house every month since I been here just to make sure. So today I was sitting on the couch and one bed bug ran across my note book just one. I have been on the look out for them and have never seen any. This was the first one I seen should I freak out cuz of this one bed bug ?

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  • Bed bugs ?

    A fee months a go we had bedbugs. We went all out to get rid of them. Bought new beds washed all the cloths bought spray, power treated the whole house. Bought bedbug covers for our new beds. We treat the house at least once a month with spray. Inside and out. ( so today I was sitting on the couch and one single bed bug ran across my note book. I killed it but I have not seen any other than that one and no one in the house has. It dident catch a ride in cuz we haven't went any where. Could there just have been one bed bug?  I have been on the look out for them. 

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  • Bed bugs? Moving from one place to another ?

    I am staying at a FAM members place that might have bedbugs. Now when I go to move to my own place what would be the best way to do it with out bringing any bedbugs with me? Its just me cloths blankets pillows and a few bags of personal items that are in the house. 

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  • New cell phone 5 or 4 g?

    I have to get a new cell phone. One day 5g will be perfected and it will be the standard for cell phones. So should I get a 5 g phone now? Also if you get a 5g phone and don't get a good  signal because there is not that much of a  5 g coverage in my area can you switch your phone back to 4 g on your phone?  

  • Dentist and broken tooth?

    I went to get my teeth cleaned and my dentist seen I had a broken tooth. He cleaned my teeth and said I can make an oppt another time to have the tooth pulled. I waited a while and called for the oppt and the front desk lady said I have to make an oppt with a oral surgeon, why is it because the tooth is broken or is because it because he is going to have to cut my gums 

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  • When is low blood pressure to low ?

    If your bp is zero ya your dead, but what point are passed out? Out of it ? Can't talk ?  The reason I am asking is some one told me there bp was 60/ 20 I have never heard it that low. The person  is up talking, alert. 

    Heart Diseases1 month ago
  • Can your blood pressure go this low?

    So my friend said he went to the hospital because his bp was 67/31. I looked all over google and could not find nothing 

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  • High blood pressure?

    Why would your blood pressure go to low all of a sudden. if you have  high bp and are on meds to try to keep it low. If it went to low does that mean you no longer need the meds any more. 

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  • Phone os and apps?

    My bank app which I use every day started saying they  were doing updates. And I had to update my phones os to 7.0 so I called my provider they said there is no updates for my phone. Then I called my bank they said, yes I have to update to 7.0 soon because I will not be able to use the app. Is there any thing I can do

  • Low income housing. Once your in your in for good?

    In low income housing you pay 1/3 of your income weather thats disability, ssi, welfare, or a job you work. All your bills are included but cable and phone. Now unless you have a boy friend or girl friend live with you and NOT tell low income and they help pay bills, help you save money is all most impossible to go from paying so little at low income to rent, electric, water, cable,phone,internet. Then if you have kids its twice as hard.  

  • Question about low income housing rent?

    Low income housing / public housing 

    ( not section. 8)  I called about it and they said my rent will be 30% of my income and I pay electric. When I said I thought you just pay 30% and every thing was included she said no but you can get help with your electric...   

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  • Question about therapy ?

    What is difference between a lpc and a therapist. Like is one smarter than the other? Does one have more training than the other? 

    Psychology1 month ago
  • Question about beds and bed frames ?

    I am wanting to get a new bed maybe a queen. Now any bed I ever seen had a box spring. Is it possible to have a bed with out a box spring if so what will it look like.  

    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate2 months ago
  • Bed bugs in a apartment building ?

    Say you live in a apartment building where other ppl have bed bugs. Is it possible to keep you apartment safe if you treat your place once a month with spray and power that you know works killing bed bugs. Also if you buy a really good set of bed bug covers and put them on your mattress and box springs.   

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 months ago
  • Would my cloths still be the same size?

    I am thinking of having my mother buy me some winter cloths and send them to me. She lives in Florida where its all most always 75 or above times it will get over 100 so things like winter stuff is cheaper there as they do not sell allot of it. My question is will the size of my shorts and t-shirts be the same as sweatpants and sweatshirts? 

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  • Bed bugs. Is this a good idea?

    I have this big thick rug its like 15 feet by 6 feet.  Nice and thick. I bought it off this super rich lady for 100$ it prob cost her a fee thousand. Now there is this power that kills bed bugs if they come in contact with it. I was thinking if I sprinkled it all over the floor and layed this huge rug over the floor with the power I could vacume the rug the rug with out sucking up the power. So any bed bugs crawling under the rug would come in contact with the power and die. Doing that and spraying once every 2 weeks, having bed bug covers. And putting that power in other places you think it would keep a apartment bed bug free. Just in case other apartments in the building had bed bugs   

  • Section 8 for low income housing?

    Tell me if I have this rite. There is low income housing . buildings ,apartments, where they charge you 30% of what you make and every thing is included. 

    Then there is section 8. That you get a section 8 slip where you can bring to any house that has been approved by HUD to rent to people for section 8. You still pay 30% and every thing is included and HUD/ government pays the rest. 

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 months ago
  • Low on internal storage on my android phone please help.?

    So today I tried to update my all my apps and things on my google play and it said could not update all apps because of low internal. I have a 30gb SD card installed in my phone that I could use to free up space. But allot of apps can't be moved to a SD card. How do free up space on my phone besides deleting any thing  

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