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  • Odd question about heights/ fear of heights?

    Ok, I was on a adventure holiday a while ago, and a certain issue has bothered me then and since.

    Before anyone thinks it, I have never felt suicidal in any way. I'm very happy.

    I was on a jeep safari in some beautiful mountains . We saw some amazing sites and views. One particular area we were in had the highest vliff drop, the jeep safari guide asked me and my partner to stand on the edge for a photo, and we did. The pics we got were amazing as we were level with the cloud lines, at this point I saw no bother.

    At some point, on the same cliff face except steeper, as i looked straight down, I was on a proper ledge this time, and looking down I felt sick, I presume this is vertigo?

    Anyway during this feeling I also had strange and very overwhelming feelings, very powerful that's hard to discribe:/

    I stood near the edge, very fearful and uneasy clinging to my partners clothing but at the same time with the urge to go to the edge, the very edge, to the last inch on my own very much to the disturbance of my partner, group and guide!

    I kept keeping to the edge despite my fear!

    In these moments I had these thoughts of jumping off that cliff? Despite how much I feared them, I had this overwhelming urge to jump ! It scared the hell out of me. It's like hunger, do hungry u will eat anything?

    Anyway, as the safari went on I learnt the history of that cliff, a young lady on a horse jumped to their death in refusal of changing her religious beliefs.. Her body nor horse was never found. Is this a weird coincidence? A spooky matter? A weird vertigo or am I going nuts:( please explain somebody I'm still spooked a few months on:(

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  • Pale Blue Dot, distance now?

    Okay that image..The Pale Blue Dot. A truly amazing photograph of our planet taken in 1990 by the Voyager 1 spacecraft from a distance of about 3.7 billion miles from Earth, my first thought was at the time was "Where is the moon"?

    Now another has been taken from NASA's Juno spacecraft from 6Million miles away in Aug 2011. Now with the moon!!! yay!

    The first image looked so much more distant to me than this one? either way truly AMAZING!!!!!!

    How much further will it have travelled now? How long will it take till earth is no longer in view?

    The universe trully rattles and amazes me wish we would discover something truly amazing soon, in our life times:D

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  • Really painful feet....?

    Hi all

    I have problem feet, the balls of my feet are the main problem, I stand all day at work and my safety shoes are so flat and solid. i get weird pain flares between 2 toes on my left foot also. (between my 3rd and 4th toes) that can leave me limping at times. anyways does anybody know of some really good shoe inserts at all, nothing too pricey. i just want some good ones that will last as im on my feet all day...

    your help will be great:)

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  • Help with Jobseekers Allowance?

    Ok I'm on Jsa and not for long, an agency has just got me some work that is only for 1 week in a warehouse, mon tue thur fri sat sun 7-4. will i lose my jsa? its only one week of work then im back to job searching again.

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  • World record wave of the future..?

    With the entire volume of our earths oceans what is the biggest wave it can create??

    All the water covering earth and a huge mega tsunami was created by any means what would be the maximum height be in a true wall of water wave?

    Just watched a documentary about the largest wave that would will one day happen, known by a volcanic landslide in the canary islands that would be larger than any skyscraper built and that's scary! So that's where my random thought came from lol

    Can you imagine the sight from space......

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  • Who pays the bill, me or my landlord? Help!?

    Ok, been in our new house about a month and we moved our sky package with us. Broadband tv and phone was set up and all has been fine, now our landline is playing up. Basically our phone was working and still does- we can make and receive calls but when we receive a call it doesn't ring. Checked all connections and phone settings which were all ok, so believing the phone was broke I brought a brand new one only to still have the same problem- no ring. Told sky, they tested all phone sockets which work and now they want to send an engineer which will cost £99 first charge then about £70 per hr after. I really believe we shouldn't pay and sky told us to contact our agent/ landlord. Don't get how a phone works one week then doesn't? But who should be charged for this as this is not our property we're renting so surely a fault/ electrical fault like this is the landlords responsibility ?

    Where do we stand I don't think it's fair we have to pay about £200, especially as one phone socket is already dead, help!

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  • Is it constant glove use causing this?

    My hands tend to be dry, cracked and flaky but the worse part is the tinny tiny pinprick lumps i get on my palms and fingers that look like blisters!?

    in my job it requires that I wear rubber gloves (like you see at the docs) all day everyday to protect the work not me.

    In general my hands can be a little sweaty but at work it can get so bad it'll be dripping down my arm from the gloves, its so uncomfortable:( seeing the company's occupational health nurse he swapped me from latex to nitrile gloves believing i had a slight latex allergy. I was then off work for several weeks from a surgery and my hands cleared up totally, now im back it took 3 weeks for my hands to go back to their sorry state and now the company nurse is getting inpatient with me. I believe wearing gloves suffocating in sweat everyday cant be healthy right?

    Oh and they are not itchy..rarely

    please help

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  • Help me understand HD TVs, and what to do!!!?

    Ok, I have a old sony 28" standard tv big and bulky that is pretty good but then I was given a PS3 for my birthday and judging from what ive seen it like playing on a fancy flat Screen HDTV my PS3 is wasted on my telly as you can prob understand. I love my big bulky old telly but I want a new one as prices these days for plasmas LCD and LED are lower these days and my budget is for around £300.

    So, my question is what is best to buy out of plasma LCD and LED TVs?

    I have a Sky+ box, a bog standard cheap DVD player and of course my new PS3 connected to my old Tv. I don't want one with built in freeview.

    Does full HDTV mean that the above connected to my old tv will all show what I want in HD or do I have to buy things to make it this way? I see full HD and HD ready TVs?

    Sorry to seem thick im struggling to understand as I feel it will cost me a fortune in Special connectors, converters, upgrading to sky HD and buying a HD DVD player?

    pleeeease help me out guys??

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  • Lump of flesh during period??????!!!!!!!!!!!?

    apologies in advance for graphic detail....

    Ok i was sat on the loo before bed having a wee, i wiped and to my horror i saw u huge lump of what looked like skin stretch over the tissue???!!!!!!

    I am confident it was not a typical blood clot as i do sometimes get them, it was very different..

    not sticky or blobby or wet in texture it was almost rubbery dry and fleshy coloured like a piece of skin. it wasn't wet to the touch and i actually pulled at it,apart and it didn't break.

    What the hell was it????

    Before xmas i had a cervical biopsy and have had 2 periods since

    I am not pregnant as i am a lesbian which also means im not on the pill too

    but the strangest thing also my period recently was two weeks late, during those two weeks i had symptoms of my period..cramps bloating etc and i finally got it but now its tempermental in flow and light wheres im normally very heavy. id bleed a bit for a few hours then stop then start and in agony..

    this is when i discovered this piece of skin??!!!

    Anyone know what this is??? im freaking out

    3 AnswersWomen's Health10 years ago
  • What would you wish to witness the most before you die?

    What you want to witness in our world to happen in your life time (before you die)?

    I personally would love to witness the discovery of a Beautiful habitable planet

    with the bonus of an intelligent species, aliens similar or better still more advanced than us!

    What about you ppl i would love to see some of your views

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  • Interesting discussion please? What would you want..?

    What you want to witness in our world to happen in your life time (before you die)?

    I personally would love to witness the discovery of a Beautiful habitable planet

    with the bonus of an intelligent species, aliens similar or better still more advanced than us!

    What about you ppl i would love to see some of your views

    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology10 years ago
  • Odd/funny question about...poo:/? go about your day and you get that urge..

    so off you go and plonk down on the loo and start to strain..

    and strain..

    and strain.....

    constipation it obviously is,right..but what i dont understand about the constipation issue IS as such?

    the bit when its poking out the "turtle head"scenario?

    it pokes out on straining and sucks back in on relax or untill youve ran outa breath, why?

    you either give up or if your lucky eventually its like a bungee snap and weeey it comes!

    what about from extreme solids half way then nasty runs the rest?

    I dont get it lol sooooo sorry guys whats your thoughts lol???

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  • Recurring spots on corners of

    I have been suffering with this for about 5-6years now, quite often i get a pain full spot on the side of my mouth just in the corner, it stays there for ages as a "blind spot" pain full to touch, no head and enough to make me scream if attempt to squeeze it. After a while it will develop into a white head and just damn huge n ugly!!!!

    it'll eventually clear but will leave a pink/purple scar like patch that's noticeable and next thing another spot decides to pop up in a never ending cycle! sometimes it happens on the other side as well! its getting to me as this area of skin is slowly getting damaged and fragile with pit hole scars? it just looks like ive got a blob of jam permanently there!

    I stopped biting my nails, i don't wear lipstick or foundation whats going on its getting to me:(

    anyone who knows why this is? oh and its def not herpes or anything dodgy like that its a proper spots...HELP AND ADVICE???????

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions10 years ago
  • Colposcopy..why did my cervical biopsy hurt so bad?

    I had my first ever smear test and the results came back abnormal so had to go to hospital for a Coloscopy. I wasn't worried as i read and researched all about it on what to expect as such. (I was very nervous with the smear as it was my first ever but the nurse was fantastic and supportive all the way through and i got the impression the Colposcopy would be similar)

    Getting to hospital and in the room we had a brief chat and got started..the chair looked like some scary thing from a dentist horror movie all brown worn down leather.

    At first she had difficulty with the speculum, my body kept pushing it out, she kept telling me to relax but if you ask me i think its the way your led, slightly bent unlike my first smear i was flat on my back with no problems. She had difficulties finding my cervix so needed a longer speculum to my horror but she reassured me that taller women can tend to be "Deeper" than others.

    Anyway it was in, and then one of the nurses asked me if i'd like to see my cervix, i agreed, grossed me out for a few seconds but then i was fascinated. i saw a big white lump around my cervix which she was trying to scrape off thinking it was just mucus but it was solid, with that she said i needed a Biopsy..

    I wasn't too botherd as she and all the info i read said it would be just a slight uncomfortable pinch..

    She showed me a long thin instrument with a thicker end with what looked like teeth and other end with scissor like handles and in she went. she kept telling me to cough and i heard a click noise and a big shooting pain that made me flinch. i started to shake a little as i found it quite painfull, on the end i saw a tiny tiny piece of flesh on the end about the size of one of those little white balls you'd find in a bean bag.

    She then said to the nurse she needed to do it again! in she went.. but my god this time the pain was intense! it went on a couple of seconds longer than the last one and i slid up the chair saying OW OW PLEASE STOP then started shaking and burst into tears. The tissue she took was a lot bigger and the instrument was covered in blood.

    Why Did this hurt so much??

    After dressing we talked, the doctor then went on in telling me i may need a similar procedure done where i have some of my cervix removed, as the cells may be a problem and its a step to get rid for good ( i dont remember much about it to be honest or the name for that procedure, a blur as i couldn't get over what had happened) i panicked and one of the nurses said i would be injected but im not fond of needles and then she said i could be put to sleep. the doctor then said it would be my best option as i didn't take this so well..i felt really stupid when she said that like i was some wimp?

    Even my mum was shocked by my pain, she had the same biopsy done, yet the doc injected her first leaving the room to let it kick in so she was all numb for hers? and she only had the one biopsy done with very little or any blood?

    I dont want to scare any of you girls by this if you've never had one, i just want to know why this hurt so much, has anyone experienced this before?

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  • Squeaky

    I recently brought a new bike- a dual suspension silver fox orb with disk breaks and All is good and i love the bike except one problem..its just started squeaking and creaking like mad!!! i think its coming from the rear suspension but not sure and despite a lot of ppl having the same probs and asking here i'm not finding anything useful.(oil/don't oil, one says one thing then another says different) I had it serviced the other day and the only probs then they sorted was rubbing breaks. The squeak problem started mildly on my first ride and now its getting worse.

    When i stand on the bike and bounce- is when it makes the noises, and i've repeatedly oiled it with WD40, even bouncing/oiling at the same time makes no effect. my last bike was the same on and off but not this bad. pllleeeeaaase help someone

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  • help with a dutch phrase?

    i have a dutch girlfriend and trying to learn phrases online but the text translations aren't very accurate- which iv'e learned by actually using them and then texting it to my girlfriend only to be laughed at!!!!

    basicaly what i want to say to her is...."i'm falling for you".....and i want it to be right.

    can anyone please help? it will be very appreiciated!.

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  • FACE BOOK HELP....................

    ive just signed on to face book but i want my picture on there, is there any way of using my pics to send to it using the pics on my mobile?

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  • i want to lose some weight and very quick!.

    i need to lose a stone and a half and i will go to any measures.. any tips or websites?

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