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  • Is there an adaptor to connect a ethernet line phone to the router without the cable?

    I have to hook up a ethernet phone line directly to my router.  the problem is my router is in the basement and my home office is in the upstairs bedroom.  is there a wireless device that i can plug into the ethernet port on the phone that can pick up the wifi signal so i can avoid the use of the line?

    4 AnswersComputer Networking2 months ago
  • How long can HIV be dormant?

    I got one of those texts that day a sexual partner has an std and they thought I should know.  From stdcheck.  I thought it was a scam but the site seems legit.  The thing is I've been in a monogomous relationship for over 8 years.  Is it possible that I got something 9 years ago... Specifically HIV... But don't know it.  Note my wife got tested three years ago and she was fine.  Any other std I'm not super concerned about cause I feel like id know by now but the idea of HIV scares me.

    1 AnswerSTDs3 months ago
  • Why does my pool water drain along with the pool cover water?

    I used the drain method of putting the hose on the tarp with the water coming out from the faucet, then I turned it off to create the siphon to take the water off the tarp. it works great, but for some reason the pool itself is losing water. i dont understand how. the siphon is not string enough to suck water through the cover. if the cover was porous or had a hole in it, then wouldnt dirty water get into the pool? any ideas? this is a round above ground pool.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Someone went through my car but didnt take anything?

    I live in a fairly good neighborhood in the philly burbs so i dont religiously lock my car doors. Someone went into my car last night and rooted through my glvoe box and center console, but didnt appear to take anything. Not even the navigator which is the only thing that has any potential value in my car. I am confused what they were doing. anyone have this happen to them beofre?

    1 AnswerLaw Enforcement & Police3 years ago
  • Water from unknown source in the kitchen.?

    I have marble floor tiles in my kitchen and there is some discoloration in patches on the floor in the area around the sink and dishwasher. I checked and there is no leaking from either. I checked under the floor in my crawl space and I see some dampness from what looks like through the seems in the tiles. Could it simply be from spilled water while doing dishes or something like that. Marble takes forever to dry so it is hard to determine if there is another cause. Any ideas?

    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • Can I use the pop-o-matic bubble in a new board game idea?

    Can I use the pop-o-matic bubble in a new board game idea or would I have to pay royalties to the inventor of the pop-o-matic bubble? I believe it was patented in 1965 specifically for the game trouble. can I use that bubble for my game that I am making?

    4 AnswersBoard Games4 years ago
  • Any legit companies that can help you license an idea?

    I have seen shows like shark tank, where you submit a new invention idea and they help you market and license or sell the product. are there any legit companies that I could submit my idea to and they could help with this. of course they would get a huge cut of the licensing, but it is better than trying to raise the thousands of dollars myself to get a patent. Any help?

    2 AnswersSmall Business4 years ago
  • What would happen if I accidentally tried to sell stolen goods?

    10 years ago my fiancée was proposed to and given a big diamond ring. She declined because this guy was a bit shady but he let her keep the ring anyway. She threw it in her jewelry box and forgot about it. Going through her jewelry after seeing one of those "sell your old gold" commercials, she showed this to ring to me. the diamond is rather large, so she always just assumed it was fake. If it is fake, fine, but if it isn't, it could be worth a lot of money. But being that this guy was shady, I start thinking that what would happen if he stole his ring to propose to her. what happens if you try and sell something that you got 10 years ago and it turns out to be stolen. is there a legal friendly way to determine this without landing my fiancée in any trouble?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Will getting pregnant effect state sponsored healthcare?

    I get state sponsored healthcare and food stamps, but I got pregnant. My boyfriend is going to help me in terms of finances which we will tell the welfare dept which I assume will effect the food stamps, but will it effect the healthcare. He can add the baby on his work plan, but cant add me unless we were married, so would he be required to help with medical expenses now or would the welfare healthcare remain unaffected?

    1 AnswerGovernment4 years ago
  • What tax breaks do I get when I refinance a home?

    I refinanced my home last year and I thought I would get different breaks when filling out turbo tax, but there doesn't seem to be a section to put closing costs and all that. am I missing it?

    7 AnswersUnited States4 years ago
  • Would you want to hear the voice of a departed loved one?

    My brother-in-law passed away a few months ago. I have considered taking video and audio recordings he made and piecing together some phrases that he said and putting it on a cd, so that his family could listen to it when they want to hear him or maybe if they cant recall his voice exactly. My question is whether this is a good idea or not. I understand it could be incredibly morbid to do so, but I also wondered if it would be something they would want. Any thoughts from people that have lost a loved one too young?

    5 AnswersPsychology4 years ago
  • Which Roku should I get my parents?

    My parents are older and slightly techno impaired. I want to get them a Roku for xmas with Netflix. I see there are several versions that I could buy. Which is the simplest one that I can just plug in and have them use without great fuss. I will set it up for them, but I don't want to be on call for technical difficulties...

    1 AnswerTiVO & DVRs4 years ago
  • Black Fluid around both front tires.?

    I have a 2013 Toyota Camry and today I found this black liquid around both front tires. The liquid seems to have been on the tires and got splashed around on the wheel well and ground around it, but I don't know what the source would be. It is not on the back tires at all. It is a thick black color. Any idea what this could be?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • I am trying to find an episode of a childrens tv show?

    in this episode, the cartoon kids were looking at clouds and seeing different animals. then they see a frog and say why is a frog in the cloud. I think it was backyardigans but not sure. anyone know?

    2 AnswersComics & Animation4 years ago
  • How to access a new model Samsung LG phone without a password?

    My brother-in-law passed away a few weeks ago and his mother really wants to have access to his cell phone. For pictures and to see what he was up to his last days. She needs it for closure. the service has been cancelled and we have tried every password we can think of. Does anyone know how to get around the password? we wouldnt want to reset to factory settings as we dont want to lose the info. please help.

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans4 years ago
  • Is solar lighting in Pa really free?

    I see all these ads for free solar lighting. i KNOW that there has to be a catch. Maybe free install but you have to pay for the panels. I cant find a clear answer. does anyone know. It seems to be worth it in the long run to switch to solar panels if you can afford any up front cost. any one know?

    5 AnswersGreen Living4 years ago
  • How do i help my fiancee after the loss of her brother?

    My fiancee's younger brother just passed away and she is understandably crushed. I want to be there for her and help her in any way I can, but i dont know what to do. Does anyone who has been in a similar situation have any advice for me. anything that i can do to help her through this?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness4 years ago
  • Warminster, PA Water Issue?

    Ive lived in Warminster, PA for 11 years and just found out that our town water supply has been contaminated for years by nearby government naval and airforce bases running tests with fire fighting foam that eventually got into the ground water. The bases have long since closed down, but the damage was done. Is there anything that i can do? Will the government do anything to help me get out of my house or would they force me to stay in my house in a community without clean water? If i try to move, but the property values have dropped due to this unclean water, will the government help me in anyway or am i screwed?

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • Where can i print out one draft of a novel i am writing?

    I want to print a copy of the book i am writing in 5.5 x 8.5 size. Every place i have found has a minimum order qty and i only want to print one at a time as drafts that could be reviewed. Does any place like a staples or kinkos do this?

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors4 years ago
  • Should i apply for mortgages with two lenders at the same time?

    I have applied with two different lenders and we are at the point where they want me to sign disclosures to start the process. I know i would have to pay for the appraisal twice, but my question is more whether it makes sense to try for both so i have a back up in case the one doesn t go through for some reason?

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate5 years ago