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I am a a wife and mother of five. I love to read, write poetry, and aim to write books. I am a good student of the English language. I also love politics and keep up on current events. I tried first to be a good Mom, and raised my kids to have strong moral and conservative values and to choose wisely when marrying. I am very proud of their accomplishments and most of all the way they are raising their own families. I ran a Day Care Center for 150 kids for 14 years. I have a quite a bit of Christian Education training and experience. I try not to offend people, but can be pretty blunt sometimes in answering questions and try to give a genuine and honest opinion. I am not trying to judge people, but if you ask me what I think, I will tell you as clearly as I can, and why I believe it.

  • Why does no one seem to care?

    Why do people pay total attention to how animals are cared for...if they are abused or harmed in any way...collect money to take care of them, etc.....but have no concern about the over 40 million babies that have been killed through abortion?

    Our society has wiped out an entire generation of people, and yet no one even seems to notice or care.

    When I hear "save the whales"...or some owl...or the wolves...why does no one care of "saving the children"?

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  • Should I try to teach English on a website?

    English has always been easy for me, I have taught it to others in ESL type of class and am wondering if people who need to improve their English speaking or writing would like to learn from a website?

    I would like to do it as some kind of personal learning class

    that people could register for and I could teach them individually ....what do you think?

    Especially would like to hear from anyone who needs this kind of help. Thanks!

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