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  • How do you face a breakup ?

    I’m 22 and I’ve been with my girl for over a year now, we had great times together and in the beginning it was wonderful but now a days, it’s bit the same, up forth and honest and yes selfish, I’m just not feeling it anymore, there’s no spark anymore, I’ve asked around and it’s obviously better to pull the pluck now, she seemed to be toxic a lot more often, gets mad when I’m with friends or family, do something that’s for me, anything not involving her she gets upset, she tells me I’m the reason she wants to live but in my opinion it’s selfish, u can’t live on your own u shouldn’t be in a relationship period, her dad isn’t around which obviously puts me as the safe haven, it’s like her world is rapped around me, but I can’t be in a relationship I’m no longer feeling, she will hate me for it, there’s gonna be tears, I know there’s no real or right way to do it but I just want to know, what’s the best way to go through with it 

    Singles & Dating2 weeks ago
  • Is the Apple Watch worth buying ?

    I’ve been looking into the Apple Watch for about two weeks now and it suddenly had my attention, for awhile I never considered an Apple Watch for the simple fact that you can get a standard watch for so much cheaper, but after wrong the the device does and the features it has it does seem to have a good use, right now I just want to know if it’s worth the buy, the new series 6 has just came out with in my opinion looks the best for the simple fact that it’s the newest one, I didn’t considered the SE witch seems like an iPod version of the watch and the series 3 witch obvious is a lot older, for workout purposes it looks useful and what it can detect, Fitbit like features and such but overall is it worth the buy, oh and does it use data or minutes from phone plans, been told back and forth about data usage with watches, I just don’t want to wast a good 430 dollars then regret it a day later 

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  • What’s better Ford or Chevy ?

    So I’ve been in the market for some trucks, I got so many back and forth comments from family and friends about some being pro Chevy and other pro ford, they make good points about both companies but I just need extra advice, when it comes to trucks I just want to know which one is more reliable, better gas efficient, how strong they are, and just overall has better benefits, for example let’s say a Chevy Colorado vs a ford ranger 

    8 AnswersChevrolet3 months ago
  • What car should I get ?

    So I always been a Honda guy and been looking at the type R, looks glossy ok speed, overall nice looking car, but also been looking at the Subaru BRZ, fast I heard never looked into the subies much but it’s nice for sure, last I’ve looked at the Mustang GT350, muscle, aggressive look, but looks speed thats with any car, I’m looking for something that can be good or at least fairly good with gas, fast, and would last a long time, any tips 

    5 AnswersBuying & Selling3 months ago
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    Should I tell my friend that someone is cheating on her friend ?

    Too many characters so here’s a screen shot 

    Friends4 months ago
  • Will COVID 19 kill us all ?

    At this point I’m looking for a legitimate answer, there’s no escape from it, no cure, you can get if more than once, highly contagious, Kills who ever it feels like, infected many good people including my own mother, I just need to know so I can sleep well tonight, I’m losing hope, it’s our phase isn’t it, it’s gonna Kill is all, I didn’t even get to live a life I planned for myself and my wife, what do I tell her, what do I do, at this point, might as well just leave my door open, just tell me, are we all going to die from a microscopic organism  

    18 AnswersMental Health5 months ago
  • Do I have COVID 19 ?

    So recently my mom has had a plain of and on fever for a week, she says she has body aches, and feels thirsty and obvious feeling of unwellness, she tested a few days ago for COVID and got positive supposedly, my father being the closest one of contact with her (as they sleep In the same room etc) tested the same day as my mother, but my father got a negative result, he has no symptoms, my sister and I tested at the time of this question, this morning, her and I r symptomless both of us don’t have any medical issues and such as well I just feel generally exhausted for the simple fact of working 9 hours shifts at my job without a day off in over a week, I tend to have sick phobias and had a bit of a panic attack last night when I heard of my mother’s results, for now I’m anxious to know what my results are and if I should even go to work or worse yet tell my fiancé who has asthma that she can’t come see me at all for a certain amount of time until I know if or if not I have anything, how do I calm down knowing the fact that I might have something that can potentially Kill me Or worse yet god forbid harm someone I love and care about 

    2 AnswersPsychology5 months ago
  • What amp should I get for my car ?

    So my stock amp recently burned out since I installed new aftermarket speakers And it couldn’t handle the power for my civic, and now I also got a hold of comp c 10 kicker woofers, speakers front and back are 360 watts and a the woofers are I believe either 600 or 800 watts, I’ve been looking at the kicker amp of 1200 watts, idk if that’s enough to fix my sound problem, last thing I need is another amp burning out 

    2 AnswersCar Audio7 months ago
  • Why did all my car speakers stop working suddenly ?

    I recently installed jbl gx speakers in my 2016 Honda Civic and they worked fine for two days then suddenly while driving the music just stopped, idk if it’s my speakers themselves or my head unit or the stock amp because I do not have an upgraded amp yet so what’s the problem here 

    7 AnswersCar Audio7 months ago
  • Do you need an amp for aftermarket car speakers ?

    I just got 6 jbl gx628 car speakers for my 10th gen Honda Civic, but before I put them in do I need an amp first 

    1 AnswerCar Audio7 months ago
  • What’s are the best speakers for a car ?

    So I’m looking to upgrade my car speakers for better sound and clarity, as well as a good bass to replace my stock speakers on my 10th gen Honda civic, they are already giving up I can tell when they make certain screeching sounds when I play music, I’ve heard good things about jbl, but I’ve had others tell me otherwise, what do you guys recommend I should get for front and back door as well as the 2 behind the seats 

    2 AnswersCar Audio8 months ago
  • How do I deal with my girlfriend having a period ?

    So I’m completely knew to the whole period thing and experiencing it for the first time, so my girl and I have been together for 6 months now and recently now is on her period, only this time the effects are worse than normal, she tells me certain things that r hurtful and she yells at me a lot and is just simply not satisfied with my company, like I know I can’t argue or complain back because with that time of the month it’s only gonna make it worse, like I feel like I don’t know her and I had dream once that she completely forgot about me and it was the worst experience ever and it reminds me of that, how do I deal with it and how do I know if what she tells me is really how she feels or it’s is just the time of the month talking 

    4 AnswersWomen's Health11 months ago
  • Why can’t I get an erection ?

    So my girlfriend and I have been together for almost 6 months, we are very active a lot, and most recently last night we were having sex but legitimately in the middle of it I went soft like out of no where, I don’t why it happened then this morning I tried again, same thing, kicked off well then once it was in the middle it went soft, I don’t know what’s happening and don’t get me wrong I love my girlfriend so much I love to be with her I have the sexual need but I can’t erect, I hope to god it’s temporary because I don’t want my girlfriend to feel I’m not into her anymore because I really am, I just want to know what’s happening to me 

    10 AnswersMen's Health12 months ago
  • Should I trade my car for an SI ?

    So I’ve had my base model 2016 civic for almost a year now but my friends have always told me to get an SI, yes it’s a sports car and it’s fast and yes I do want it, the car looks clean and sure I can’t drive stick well but I’ve done it before and I know with practice I can get it, but I just want to know is it overall a better car or choice I should say 

    9 AnswersBuying & Selling12 months ago
  • How can I escape fear of being cheated on or left  ?

    So my girl and I have been together for about 4 and half months, in that time I have gotten to know her so much and began to well yes fall in love, I care about her a lot and she stresses a lot when she says she doesn’t want to loose me and wants and sees a future with me, u know kids and such, she said she’s never felt a lot of things with her past relationships, claiming she gets jealous for the first time ever is the main one, with that being said, I’ve been in a lot of bad relationships where lies were a habit for my ex girlfriends, I’m scared for the fact that I don’t know if she’s actually feeling the truth, she’s being sincere whenever she tells me, but I have been through that road where my past relationships lead to lies always, i see a future to but I don’t want to get to excited for another lie to be thrown at my heart, I’m not her first boyfriend either and I just worry that, well I loose her the same way I lost others, metaphorically speaking it’s like someone driving a corolla because they can’t get anything better, then they see a mustang then they ditch the Corolla because it has no more use to them, well better guys are the mustang, and I’m the Corolla  

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating1 year ago
  • Do I have hiv or aids?

    I know it’s an intense subject but I’m just really nervous and scared, I can’t go to anyone except here, I have a girl I’ve been wit for a few months, I lost my virginity to her but I’m not her first boyfriend she’s been busy wit but it’s not like she’s been active a lot, she says from the doctor that she’s clean, no I didn’t use a condom, we’ve been active every so often while we’ve been together, the past week I’ve been experiencing some symptoms, I have a burning feeling on my bottom right stomach, I have a sore throat, I’m just starting to feel fatigue, no fever yet but I get a feeling that might be next, no spots anywhere on my mouth or skin, no lumps anywhere, idk I’ve read the symptoms and the symptoms have been coming one by one starting wit the sore throat, idk if it’s meant to be of concern or if I’m just being paranoid, I get anxiety easy so I just need someone to tell me something of what they think is going on

    2 AnswersSTDs1 year ago
  • What wrong with my SMOK 219 vape?

    So I just got a new vape the SMOK 219 and I heard it was really good so I got one and for some reason when I try using it all I hear is a burning sound and no smoke comes out I only taste the liquid, soooo I have no idea what to do I’m new at vapes like these what do I do

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics1 year ago
  • Should I put a Louver on my 2016 Honda Civic?

    I just wanna know if it’s ricey to put a lover on my 10th gen civic, I have already put a lot of work into it like some JDM parts and such and I found louvers and now considering it, but it may seem ricer, what do you guys think

    4 AnswersHonda1 year ago
  • Should I get a 2017 Civic EX or an Acura ILX?

    So I’m in the market for a new car since my forerunner is almost hitting the bucket, I’ve been looking more into civics which I really loved the way they especially the newer generation, but my buddy also recommended the Acura ILX, not gonna lie it looks fresh heard it runs the same and is just as reliable but I’ve heard some downsides as well, not sure what specifically they are but what do you recommend I should get based on both veicles

    2 AnswersBuying & Selling2 years ago
  • Do I have HIV?

    So I did have intercourse with a partner only once and yes I used protection, then I got a cold then recovered for about 2 weeks with no symptoms I was perfectly fine, then now I have another bad cold, I honestly have no idea that it’s possible to get another cold so quick but I looked up symptoms of hiv and I’m literally getting scared, the only symptoms that match are the cold like symptoms, I don’t know I’m really scared I still have a lot of years ahead and I don’t want them to waste pleasecanswer quick

    2 AnswersSTDs3 years ago