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  • Leafs 4 Penguins 1 Now you know how its done?

    All the other teams in the league should have watched this game to show them how to shut down Crosby and Malkin. Don't have awe or respect for their talents and check them into the ground. Leafs did it easily. You allow these two guys to roam around unchecked and they will kill you.

    4 AnswersHockey7 years ago
  • Now what in Penguin's land?

    I am not saying blow the team up, just make some changes. Something isn't right, the mix just isn't right. One observation, when Sid is out injured the Pens just roll along and when he returns they don't seem that much better

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  • Didn't the Penguins use to have a guy named Crosby on their team.?

    You know that guy, the supposed best hockey player in the world. Where has he been, I haven't seen him lately or was that the guy on his butt every shift he took and yapping at the ref all the time.

    The Flyers played rope a dope with him last year and now the Bruins are doing it this year.

    Best hockey player in the world, oh yeah

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  • Sid, was it the refs fault again?

    Lets see 6-1 in game two. Was it the refs fault again or was it because the best player in the world doesn't show up or motivate his team. Last year Giroux and Hartnell outplayed you easily and this year Krejci, Horton and Bergeron are outplaying you. In fact if the Pens hadn't put Nabokov in for game 7 we would have been talking about Tavares. Best player in the world, hardly

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  • The Islanders just aren't going to go away without a fight.?

    Nice to see the Islanders make the vaunted Penguins work for every game. Maybe Garth Snow is on to something on the island, don't make any dumb moves, draft well, be patient and it all will come together. Tavares in my humble opinion is the league MVP and this is coming from a Wings fan

    4 AnswersHockey7 years ago
  • Zach Parise who, the devils ask?

    Zack is gone and the devils haven't missed a beat, tells you something about the devils as a team and their management team.

    Zack is having a good year in Minny but Suter not so much. The saviours for Minny haven't made a whole lot of difference other than taking a ton of money to the bank

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  • Are hostels good for 60 year olds?

    The wife and I are going to Europe for 6 weeks in Sept. and trying to keep the budget down for accomodation we were wondering about hostels. As we have never stayed at hostels we were wondering if they would fit the bill for two 60 year olds. Private rooms, bathrooms etc. Can any give us any info.

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  • Neal, Letang, Asham. No class boys?

    Neal blindsides Couturier. Letang pummels Timmonen while Timmonen's sweater is pulled over his head. Asham cross checks Schenn in the mouth. All pretty chicken **** boys.

    And then there is the tough guy Crosby doing his usual routine of yapping, slashing and his fights consist of nothing but wrestling.

    Malkin, was he even on the ice today?

    Love it.

    10 AnswersHockey8 years ago
  • Pronger, Crosby, Skinner, Giroux, does it all seem a little strange?

    Why is it the top players in the league are going down to concussion?

    Doesn't it seem a little strange, among the mentioned we have others as well, Staal, St Louis .

    My contention is that there is no respect in the league for other players, take out the big guns for each team and they are that much easier to beat. A conspiracy theory, perhaps, but the evidence is certainly there..

    Before all you hockey nerds get excited I know a few injuries are caused by accidental contact with their own players as is the case with Giroux but this current epidemic of concussions is certainly suspect.

    11 AnswersHockey9 years ago
  • Patrick Roy, 5 best goaltender in history?

    I know if you ask Roy he is the best but the stats tell a different story.

    Oh, but the way the name if pronounced Roy, not WAA

    I will give it to you Pat, you were a very good goaltender, however, you were not much of human as evidenced during your tenure in the NHL and afterwards and I have to think you have passed on that sense of entiltement to your son who will never be an NHL player.

    You will always have to live with the fact that while good you were not anywhere near the best, I hope your ego can live with that.

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  • Pippa Middleton, are you kidding me?

    In what world does this woman deserve the attention she is currently getting?

    Is it because she is now somehow now related to royalty?

    Have you really taken a close look at her pictures. On a scale of 1-10 how can you possibly give her more than a 5

    It is a sad commentray on the public as a whole when they become so obsessed with someone who is so bland and very average, AKA Kardashians, Tori Spelling, Carmen Electra, Dennis Rodman, Tiger Woods and the list goes on and on.

    3 AnswersBlues9 years ago
  • Oprah, Ellen, Wendy, I don't get it?

    I just don't get the popularity of these women.

    None of them are particularly attractive, none of them appear to be any more intelligent than most of the population and the majority of theur programs appear to be mostly FLUFF.

    Yet, their popularity appears to be unlimited and a plug by one of these women can mean fame and fortume for an otherwise unknown.

    I just do not understand this fascination with celebrity, do we not understand that for all their fame and fortune that they are just like the rest of us, flawed.

    It is a sad commentary for a society when celebrities have such influence.

    10 AnswersSoap Operas9 years ago
  • Has anyone ever vactioned in Panama?

    If so what can you tell me about Panama?

    Is it a safe country, expensive, good health care, lots to see and do etc.

    2 AnswersPanama9 years ago
  • What would be a good compression reading on a 1988 Mercury 135 HP?

    Also what percentage difference in individual cylinder compression would be allowable, thanks

    2 AnswersBoats & Boating9 years ago
  • NHL Board of Governors and head shots?

    Come on guys the head shot controversy is easily remedied.

    If you take out a player because of a head shot which is deemed intentional then that player is suspended for the same period of time as the injured player.

    Also built into all contracts is a clause that if you take out a player with a head shot and are suspended then you receive no monies while suspended.

    Simplistic, of course, effective, absolutely.

    6 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • Phil Kessel, leave the guy alone?

    Why are people dumping all over Kessel, he is a good hockey player and will get you 25-30 goals a year and with a good center 30-40 goals. A legitimate 30 goal a year guy is not that common a player in the current NHL

    It is Burke who laid out the draft picks for Kessel, Kessel just made the most of the situation and is getting paid well and who among us wouldn't have done the same.

    Give the guy a break.

    12 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • Kovalchuk, DiPietro et al LOL?

    NHL GM's are supposedly intelligent hockey people, right.

    OK, I know the team owners are involved as well but why do they give out these ridiculous 10-15 year contracts with huge money while effectively hamstringing their teams cap wise for years to come.

    In what world is Kovalchuk worth 100+ million, he's a 40 goal a year guy at best (maybe 20 this year).

    I can only assume that guys like, Yzerman, Lemieux, Gretzky, Kurri, Anderson, Messier can only lament that they were born to soon to take part in all this insanity.

    4 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • Sid the Kid, loosen up?

    Sid, I love ya man, great player, going to be in the top 10 all time for sure.

    One thing though, when you are being interviewed try and come across as though you have some personality, always deadpan face and monotone voice.

    Follow Ovi's lead and have some fun with it.

    Just my opinion.

    13 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • Sid the Kid, Smack down?

    Why do I want to give Sid a smackdown everytime I see him being interviewed?

    There is just something about the Sid, trying hard to say the right thing and look all mature and wise while having that stupid smirk on his face.

    No doubt, this guy is so into himself he can't hide it.

    Yeah, I still would like to give him a smackdown.

    13 AnswersHockey10 years ago