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  • Bed Bugs and  Overnight Stay ?

    My friend lives in a three story  home. She has recently discovered she has bed bugs once again. She wants me and some other friends to come to her new home, and stay overnight. Am I putting myself  at risk of getting bed bugs. If so, what is a polite way to turn her invitation down?

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  • Renting an apartment while on unemployment?

    I work at the Movie Theatre. Since the Covid 19 got really bad, they we would be on unemployment until they asked us to come back or we got another job. I enrolled in school for the semester as a full time student. I am due to receive a car settlement, very soon.  Can I get an apartment of my own with these circumstances?

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  • Should I report this? ?

    A guy who was interested in me, I told him because of our differences we could only be friends.He called me frantically, told me a relative passed, and he needed to borrow money to get home. I said, Yes, I will help you He said can you bring it by, because the highway I'm connecting to, to get there is close to my house. I said, Ok. He said I got a few more things to pack come up. I sat in his living room, gave him the money. I walked to the door to leave. He said can I have a knew he was going through a loss. I gave him one tried to pull away. He held me real tight. I asked what he was doing. He said getting a quickie. You my girl. I said I'm not your girl. He pushed me down on his bed. Put his knee on my leg so I couldn't move.. I kept trying to scoot up the bed when he liised his grip He pulled my dress to the side and w my panty to the side he was having sex on me. I pushed him down he finally got up. I walked to the door in tears. I tried to open the door to get out, but  he had ore- locked it. I unlocked it, walked out left in my car. I tried blurring it out,band not talk to him. But I keep waking up in sweats at 3am rehearsing this. What should I do? I, also think I may have an STI because of burning and itching sensation. I,also was bleeding.

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  • Tell me about the best Graduation Party Ever! What was memorable? What did you enjoy?

    My daughter is graduating. I'm old but dont want her to have a lame party.

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  • Easiest route to being certified as a Math Teacher?

    I have over 33 years of experience teaching, in some capacity or another. I have 13 years in a school district setting. I have had 10 years of experience as a substitute teacher, and six months as a long term substitute teacher. I have not tried teaching full time sooner, because of my home life. I am a divorced mother of three who has been raising my kids alone, since the youngest was about 2 years old. One of my kids has severe special needs. I am in the position now that they are older, and are all going off to college to pursue my career goals. I have a Bachelor's Degree. I would like to get a job as a teacher, but I feel I need training. I learn best by being shown how to do something, instead of being handed a book and saying just do it. I need to know how to use the updated technology teachers use, how to give and evaluate the assessments and tests that teachers give to their students, and how to how to create an effective lesson plan.

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  • Why do I still miss him?

    I was with this guy, he was a Libra. The most tender guy ever. He put me on a pedestal. The deeper things in my heart, he wanted I never expressed he was and would speak of for our future. Our religious beliefs were not the same. He wanted more kids, I did not. He wanted to live in the country, I did not.. I just cant stop thinking of him. He was the one and only guy, and I feel  no one can match up to him. Its been a year, and I have met great guys, but I still find myself missing him. Why is it taking me so long to get over him?

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  • How do you not stay poor while raising a child with a disability?

    Im raising a child with a disability, she is now 19. She can work part time, but not full time. I hope that someday, she can live on her on, but that is still not set in stone. I have take low paying jobs , worked part time hours, and stayed in a certain income bracket for her to stay insured and get a check from the Government. I do not want to stay there, but I dont know how to get out. I sub teach right now. I have been sub teaching for 10 years.I have a four year degree in Communications from a great college. I have two other kids that, I am helping transition to adulthood, one 21 and one 17. I divorced when they were two. I never married to try to focus on my kids, and raising my disabled daughter. I want to get out of this funk of just existing. I want to make gains, but I don't know how. Any ideals?

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  • Why do some men do right by controlling women?

    I dated a guy who was a cheater. Not once did I question his whereabouts ot check his phone. I just trusted him. One time I saw something questionable. I told him I didnt like it. He said okay, its nothing but I'll delete it.  He did, but still was cheating, asking if I wanted to check his phone. New girl she keeps his phone, text his Facebook friends on his phone, and even called every woman contact he had to let them know they were being deleted. I didnt treat him that way. Now, he is on love and going to marry her?????

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  • Who pays when someone drunk borrows your car in an accident?

    My son was hit by a drunk driver. The driver did a hit and run. My son started having headaches, throwing up, feeling dizzy, sleeping a lot. The doctor concluded he had a concussion. My son also had a huge scar on his forehead and a lump. The lumo went away after about a month. The scar is still there. Anyhow, he went to the neurologist for treatment. About 4 months later, the neuro released him. He drove to a friend's house, on his way, he passed out and totaled out his car. He went back to the neuro and the neuro said his concussion may not have been completely healed or the last accident has triggered something going off in his brain. She said he could be having seizures. He was supposed to try to work full time, but ever since that accident he hasnt been right. My question, if he has debilitating possibly life altering injuries, because we dont know when/ if he can drive again. What can he do?  The driver got charged with DUI. This was a hit and run. He was driving someone else car with permission. The driver has to take responsibility, but my question if his injuries become life altering and his insurance company cant cover the cost. Do they go after the guys insurance, too? I ask because my son is not the same, and he is only 21.

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  • My daughter driving friends car with no proof of insurance?

    My daughter got caught speeding. My daughter was speeding because she knew her tire was low. The owner of the car wasnt answering her phone, so I told her to get it to the closest shop before it popped. She was in the backwoods scared and panicky. Anyhow she got stopped, the officer gave her 3 tickets one for seatbelt, one for speeding, and one for no proof. She called the girl. The girl said she had proof,. My daughter took the car back, so far the girl has provided no proof of insurance. What should she do? My daughter is only 17?

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  • How do you get over a two timer?

    My last boyfriend and I had been together since March 2016. He seemed to be okay until he lost both jobs 2 month later. He was staying w a supposed niece.  Anyway he was jumping from house to house during this time. Anyhow, he had a lot to work through and I stuck it out w all of it, even helped him get a management job. Anyhow, he still had a lot of financial stuff. to work through. I told him that I would be there not to focus on me, just focus on stabilizing yourself. Well, calls became fewer, then he kept saying my credit is too bad to get a house in my name, can you find something for us. Well, after not hearing from him I went to his page, low and behold a declaration relationship that had been on Facebook more than 3 weeks and I spoke w him 2 days prior begging me to find a house for us. But as I dug deeper, he was with this woman 6 months before that. He never said one word. When I found out it was like, no reaction at all. Just o.n to the next one. He never treated me bad, other than what I know of him seeing this woman, This is betrayal. How do I get through this deep seeded hurt?

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  • Should I go ahead and quit?

    First off, I want to say I work for a good employer, but I feel I'm not cut out for the job. I feel I cant effectively do my job in part because I've had crisis after crisis, issues in my home life, and I was asked to do three times the amount of stuff with no help. I have been a sub for many years. My job only was  to execute the main teacher's plans. I was asked to be a long term middle school Math teacher for 6,7,8 grade mixed class where none of the kids are on grade level but I was asked to teach 30 kids. 10 each class some as low as 1st grade no assistance w grade level material. Then, I was told to make up lesson plans for that class and an elective made up class. I was supposed to come up with plus teach typing no experience. 3 classes as a long term sub, not before the classes started like almost 2 months in. I'm a single Mom of 3 one child w a severe mental disability and CP. All 3 of my kids including me has been in car accidents needing therapy, it's my daughter's senior year, my car was totaled by a semi so I spent half the semester looking for one, I was in the hospital for sepsis, found out my fiance was in another full blown relationship. No time. . We were almost homeless because my landlord couldn't pay the mortgage. I havent been able to grade papers. I don't know how to put them in.. I was given a test and left to my own devices. I cant keep up. I called in sick. I don't feel good but it's not physical. .

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  • Why did he leave?

    I miss my ex so much, and I shouldnt because I discovered he had been seeing a lady at his job for 6 months What I miss is how special he made me feel when I was with him. At a point he lost his job and  was staying at his sister's for a while to get on his feet. During that time, I helped him get another job. From that job, he met another lady. His sister told him she was moving, around that time was when he took up w this lady, I didnt know about. He asked to move in w me. I said no, because he had some issues with substances that I felt he had to deal with. I had almost grown kids. Plus my landlord had a no smoking/ drugs policy, for which he smoked weed and drank a lot everyday.  There were times he came to my home staggering drunk in front of my kids, and that's a no no. 

    The lady he fell for she is either a past/ present addict, because she had only half her teeth the rest are black, she is all tatted up, she has no hair, she has I'm crazy written across her neck. I dont get it. I am a professional who works very hard daily. Even with me being a professional, I never raised my voice or talked down to him. I never cheated. I tried to help him when I could.I'm not better than her, but different which is what he said he wanted. I was trying to give him space to get himself together and instead I get cheated on. He moved in w the other lady, no explanation. I just dont get it.

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  • Get over a romantic cheater?

    I know I need to get over a guy I let go of after speaking by phone, while he was there to a woman he was cheating with. He had been with this lady for 6 months. The problem. I can't get past his charm. He put you on a pedestal. You felt like a queen with him. He paint your toes one at a time, send you poems, feed you while whispering to you. He buy flowers. He would take you to the finest restaurants. Cook for you, clean for you, take you on the best outings. He made sure everybody impr knew you were his woman.He was a romantic in every way. I could go on the problem, I was so mesmerized I thought he only had eyes for me. Me and others. How can I get over him when I feel that his special treatment was one of a kind 

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  • Single Mom/ Care Giver Wreck?

    I'm a divorced Mom of three. I have raised my kids alone since my youngest was two. I have a special need daughter, who is 19, but still needs me like a kid. I've gotten to burn out mode. I want to walk away from everything, but I cant. Mainly because I feel functional.  I dont have a support system where I live.I am not enjoying life. I wanted some ideals to help me stop feeling this way?

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  • Can I return the warranty, once it's written into my contract?

    I brought a car yesterday. I've only had the car about 8 hours, but I'm already regretting that I paid for something I didnt want. I want to know can that be adjusted. I want the car, but not the extra warranty contract.

    3 AnswersBuying & Selling11 months ago
  • Which insurance company do I file with?

    I am writing, because my son was rear ended by a drunk driver. The driver asked to borrow his friends car while at a club. My son was on his way home from work. Anyhow the driver remained incognito, so the owner's insurance took on the claim. Well, the drivers insurance recently contacted my son about the accident. Who does he talk to about the claim now? The owner's insurance company, the driver, or both? He had some bodily injury. His car was totaled out.

    12 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 year ago