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  • Besides music, what sounds of the modern world would you choose to be preserved on a golden record in case of an apocalypse?

    If the apocalypse happened this year, where 99.99% of the population were killed, and all modern technology was lost, what sounds of the modern world would you like to be preserved onto an analog golden record for future generations to listen to. No music though because then this will just be a list of nothing but music. There'd be no need to include spoken instructions on how to build certain technologies or anything because that could all be preserved in writing.

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  • How are Gold/Platinum/Diamond record awards awarded?

    If the sales threshold for a Gold record in one country is 500,000 (like America), and in another country is 100,000 (like the UK), and an album's sales exceeds both thresholds in both countries, does that album then get awarded a Gold award from both the RIAA in America and the BPI in the UK? Because there are loads of countries, each with their own different sales thresholds, so if this is the case then couldn't an artist get dozens of awards for a single album?

    Also because each country has different thresholds, if an album doesn't exceed the required amount of sales in America for a Gold award, then it might do so in another smaller more obscure country. So because that album did achieve a Gold award (just in a different country), is that album then recognised in America as achieving a Gold award even though it did poorly there?

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Attachment image

    Has ThePirateBay changed its look since it came back? (April 2020)?

    I know has been down recently for a while, and has recently come back. However it appears to have changed its look, at least for me. I am definitely using and not some mirror site or anything. I've attached a comparison of what it used to look like and what it looks like now. Has anyone else experienced this change? Or is it just me and it's all due to some fault with my browser or something?

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  • Should the government be promoting a nationwide online education programme to boost morale during the corona virus shutdown?

    There's never been a time where so many people are forced to remain indoors all day and I think it's a missed opportunity that the government could be capitalising on. In order to increase people's morale they could be promoting a nationwide education programme that everyone can get involved in.

    It would be designed as a casual fun social programme with no exams or anything like that, where people would learn about certain things and then take quizzes. They could then upload their top scores and share it on social media and compete against their friends. It would give people motivation to achieve something over this time instead of becoming bored. People would be educating themselves, keeping their brains active and it would be a much more productive use of this time than for everyone to just binge Netflix.

    The subjects would be short and specific (eg. DNA) rather than heavy and broad (eg. science) so as not to overwhelm people or scare them off. They wouldn't need to be academic subjects either that some people just wouldn't be interested in. You could have subjects like crime history, 3d animation, farming, mythology, etc.

    If this was done right it could go viral and could lead to a more motivated and scholarly population when the corona virus is over.

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  • Do people live in denial of how miserable life is with regards to work?

    I can't stand when people advise others not to settle for a job they don't enjoy, and to get a job that they truly love. As lovely a sentiment as that is, it's unsustainable for everyone to do that. There'll always be a lot of jobs that no one wants or would ever enjoy. Mindnumbing braindead work that provides no stimulus whatsoever. Maybe there'll be the rare exception who will like that job, but the vast majority of those workers will hate it. Those jobs are essential though, we desperately need cleaners, stockfillers, factory workers, etc. So someone has to do those jobs. If everyone only did their dream job, we'd just have a lot of singers, artists, actors and athletes, while all the cleaning, stocking and manufacturing work falls into disrepair. Therefore society is built on people doing jobs they hate. So it annoys me when people romantically ramble on about finding a meaningful job and aiming for your dreams, and speaking so idealistically about life, when they themselves are directly benefitting from miserable people in the most tragic of jobs.

    Is it just that everyone avoids admitting all this to themselves because they don't want to face the truth that life is miserable? They'd rather think more comforting thoughts and stray away from any train of thought that might lead to this conclusion? Am I breaking an unwritten social convention here by openly talking about this? I know it's depressing to admit it but I think it's important that we be truthful about this.

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  • Is it bad for people in part of a country that reaches into a different time zone since they'd start their day earlier than they should?

    If you look at a map of the time zones, certain countries stretch a time zone's boundaries right around itself so that the entire country can use the one time zone (eg. Greenland, China). However then the extreme ends of those countries can stretch right across into what should be the territory of other adjacent time zones. So it would be more accurate for those parts of that country to use those other nearby time zones instead. I do realise why they don't though, that it's obviously much more convenient for them to just use the one time zone for the whole country, and I'm not saying they should change it. But does it have any real-life adverse effects for the people in those parts of those countries due to their clock not matching up very well to the rising/setting of the sun?

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  • Will the content on Disney Plus be the same for all countries around the world?

    Will Disney Plus' content be the same for all countries? Will European countries be able to watch the exact same shows as America? Or will it be like Netflix, where the European countries get utter shite compared to the American Netflix, and the only way for Netflix to be worth paying for is with a VPN?

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  • Is MMA the exact same fighting style as Vale Tudo, or are they different?

    After reading up on it, I find it hard to differentiate the two as separate fighting styles. They both use a combination of all different martial arts. I can see how they d be viewed as two separate sports, since they have different rules, but as a fighting style are they both the same? Was it only after the UFC started that fighters began to combine fighting styles into a single style, or were they doing that years prior in Vale Tudo tournaments?

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  • If you could pick any film/tv show/cartoon/video game to have a comic book spin-off series, what would it be?

    It can be any kind of spin-off series you want: a direct adaptation, a sequel series, a prequel series, a series focusing on a certain character, a series set in the same world but focusing on new characters, even a crossover series between that franchise and any other franchise you want.

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  • Does anyone know this 90's kids' PC game called Spellbound where you collect letters with different vehicles?

    Back in the late 90's/early 00's, we used to play this game in computer class called Spellbound. But unfortunately I can't find a single trace of this game online. I wasn't expecting to find somewhere to download/play it or anything, but I was sure I'd at least find some screenshots or something, some proof that this game did at least exist. I'm 100% positive it was called Spellbound, I even asked my brother the name of it and he confirmed it was called Spellbound.

    I can remember this game clearly. It was a 2D game where you controlled a little cartoonish vehicle that could transform into different vehicles depending on the level it's in, I can distinctly remember a submarine for underwater levels and a helicopter (or possibly an airplane) for sky levels. Whether or not it was a submarine underwater or a helicopter/plane in the sky, the controls of the game were the same. You could move the vehicle in any direction (up, down, left and right) in order to navigate through the level, dodging enemies and collecting letters of the alphabet. Once you collected all the letters in the level, they would spell out a word (so the game was somewhat educational, helping kids learn to spell). The length of the word would increase as you progressed through the levels, making the word more difficult to spell as well as making the game more difficult since it meant you had to collect more letters.

    Does anyone have any information on this game, the designer/publisher or anything? Thank you

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  • What video game character move would you like to be able to do?

    This is just one specific move rather than the ability to do anything. For example being able to fight really well doesn't count, however you could pick one specific fight move from a game.

    You also don't get any equipment with it. So you could pick the ability to perform Chaos Control from the Sonic the Hedgehog games, but that'd be pointless since you wouldn't have a Chaos Emerald to use it with.

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  • Is it rare for a mouse to come out of hiding when someone is in the room and with the light turned on?

    I was in my room last night when I spotted a mouse on the floor. I thought it was quite strange for a mouse to feel safe to come out of hiding with the light turned on and with someone in the room. It was late enough (it was after midnight) but the light was on and I was still in the room.

    PS. I had been in the room and had had the light on for hours, it's not just that I had left the room for a while and then come back in and saw the mouse, so the mouse didn't just come out because the room had been unoccupied for a while and it thought everyone was gone.

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  • What other major things can I be doing to help prevent climate change?

    I've already given up eating meat and most dairy. I refuse to ever buy a car. I travel on an airplane only once every other year. I only ever vote for the Green Party. I try to buy as little as possible. And if I ever have children or pets then I'll definitely adopt.

    But are there any other things I'm missing that make a real difference? (as opposed to all the stupid insignificant things that are always promoted in the media like turning off the lights, etc.)

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  • Is there a method to work out how to express a non-unit fraction as the product of unique unit fractions?

    I ve read that the Egyptians didn t have a way to write down non-unit fractions, so they would instead just express them as the sum of unit fractions (eg. instead of writing 11/12, they would write 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/12).

    However I m pretty sure they also tried to avoid using the same non-unit fraction more than once, even when it wouldn t be inefficient to do so. So although a simple way to express 2/5 would be to just write 1/5 + 1/5, they might instead express it like 1/3 + 1/15 even though it isn t more efficient in terms of the amount of unit fractions, it is expressed as the sum of 2 unit fractions in both cases. But I guess it is more efficient in terms of using the largest unit fractions possible in 2/5.

    I m honestly not entirely sure if it was vital that they avoided using the same fraction more than once, but nevertheless I became interested in trying to express non-unit fractions in this way. But I don t know how to do it in a very efficient way.

    The only way I could do it was to find the decimal value of the non-unit fraction with a calculator, and then to just use trial and error to find the largest unit-fraction that would fit into that value. I d then subtract that unit fraction from the decimal value. And then I d find the largest unit fraction that would fit into what s left over, etc. Is there a method though that would allow you to do this without using trial and error?

    PS. Could you please explain it in simple terms if that s possible?

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  • Did Apple remove the ability to create calendars/events on the iPhone itself? I can only create iCloud calendars now?

    On my old iPhone 4S, my calendars were all on the phone itself (I think there was also the option of having calendars that synced to your iCloud account as well, but I liked just having them on my phone, I didn't want to deal with iCloud). But with my new iPhone 6, I can't get the calendars to work unless I enable iCloud to work with the calendars. It doesn't allow me the option of creating new calendars, or to add any events to any of those calendars, unless I enable iCloud with the calendars. Did Apple remove the ability to create calendars locally on the phone? Thank you for your help.

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  • What are some good anniversaries where the exact time of the event matters?

    Most anniversaries are celebrated on the date that the event occurred, but I really like to celebrate them on the exact time that they occurred. For example I knew the time that the Apollo 11 lunar lander touched down on the moon in 1969, so that I could celebrate the recent 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 at the exact moment the lunar lander landed. Are there any other interesting anniversaries where we know the exact time that these events occurred so that we can celebrate them to the minute, rather than just to the day?

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  • Is there a greater difference in complexity between animals and cells, as there is between cells and molecules?

    It seems to me like cells are a halfway point between animals and molecules in terms of complexity, but is that really the case though? Are cells actually much closer to animals in terms of complexity than to molecules? Is there a scale that measures life complexity in orders of magnitude?

    3 AnswersBiology1 year ago
  • Do Legumes convert Nitrogen in the air or in the soil?

    I've know that Legumes convert Nitrogen into Ammonia, and I thought that they do this in the soil with their root nodules. But I've heard people say that they convert Nitrogen in the air. Do they have other organs in their leaves or something that can convert the Nitrogen in the air into Ammonia?

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