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  • The lies being fed to people currently about homosexuality are simply incredible. The fact that so many are being brainwashed is?

    Unbelievable. When are people going think for themselves instead of being led like sheep? Where is the evidence, scientific, medical or otherwise that gay people are any more likely to be pedophiles that heterosexual people are? Where is the evidence that kids being exposed to homosexual "propaganda" makes then gay? What is wrong with people? And please don't post a response that says gay people choose to be gay. Did you choose your sexual orientation? Of course you didn't. It's like saying you chose to be born with a particular skin color. Obviously we are the latest scapegoat being used to cover something sinister up. I'm wondering what it is?

  • Can anyone come up with even just one a FACTUAL and/or LOGICAL reason which supports the notion that?

    Homosexuality is abhorrent and such a danger to society? None of the arguments people come up with seem to have any validity. No it's not a choice. How can someone choose their sexual orientation? Think about it. Secondly we are supposedly "recruiting" people's children into this "deviant" lifestyle. There is zero evidence to suggest that a homosexual person is any more likely to molest a child than a heterosexual person is (despite the best efforts of certain organisations and govt's) to portray us child predators. There is also no evidence to prove that being exposed to gays as a youngster will turn you gay. I know MANY gay men raised in extremely macho environments. Also children of gay parents are usually heterosexual. Oh and the disease stuff. Heterosexuals very commonly practice anal sex and get STD's including HIV also. And as far as "stuffing our gayness down straight people's throats" with gay pride parades, I can understand how you can feel, what you may not understand is that if your heterosexual, your life is easier, you don't know what it's like to be treated as some sort of a weirdo or outcast your whole life simply because you are different from the norm, through no choice or fault of your own and are causing no harm to anyone else. You'd have a parade too. It's time people got a grip, homosexuality should not even be an issue. It's the corrupt politicians and religion that keep making it this big issue. So if your sick of hearing about it blame them. And of course the straight people who just keep making gay babies.

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  • I'm wondering why people equate homosexuality with pedophilia when crime statistics and much scientific?

    research clearly states that a gay person is no more likely to molest a child than a heterosexual person is. So why are we branded as pedophiles by so many?

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  • I don't understand why people are so adamant that homosexuality is destructive to society given that the?

    pro gay countries are also the best ones. The ones with the best living standards, the highest GDP, the most successful and advanced, the countries which people flock to immigrate to. But yet the anti gay countries are exactly the opposite?

  • I am sure that so much of the hostility towards homosexual's is due to the fact that?

    so many believe that gay people just want to ''rebel'' against society and therefore choose to be gay. Seriously, I really couldn't be bothered.

    How could anyone truly believe that you can choose who you will or will not be sexually attracted to? The truly bizarre thing is that these people say that we are the abnormal one's!!

    I really can't bare it when people ask me why I chose to be gay. It's as ridiculous as me asking someone else ''so, I was wondering, why did you choose to be born with white skin?'' and then expecting a somewhat half intelligent answer. How would people answer that question? Think about it for a second. People would say ''well I didn't choose my skin color before birth.'' People don't choose their sexual orientation either. How would it feel to be repeatedly asked such a ridiculous and bizarre question? Now you know how we feel.

    I wonder why something that should really be common sense continues to be so hard for so many to understand?

    My only hope is that understanding will come to people after the physical life. Surely some people can identify with me?

  • I am confused about all this anti gay/gay marriage hysteria?

    I am 33 now, and in the last 15 years I have had very discreet gay sex with thousands of men (whom I have met from the internet, cruising areas etc.) literally thousands of men who identify themselves, in their day to day lives as ''straight.'' They look, act, talk walk etc like they are heterosexual but of course are not (at least not in bed). Do people actually understand that the gay community that we ''see'' is not even the half of it? I am curious to know if anyone else understands what I know? Or is it just me?

  • I was surprised to learn that, contrary to popular belief, several ''mental''?

    conditions such as depression and alcoholism occur much more predominantly in highly intellectually and emotionally intelligent people than they do in less intelligent people. I invite you to research it. Any thoughts as to why?

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  • I really wonder just how many of us humans are bisexual or gay?

    For over 10 years now, I have met LOADS and I mean LOADS of married ''straight'' men who are seeking discreet gay sex with other men. Plus my close friend is a lesbian who has been with a lot of ''straight'' women. Do people seriously believe that homosexuality is rare? The ''out'' ones marching in pride parades and drinking at gay bars are not even the tip of the iceburg. Do people realise this? I wonder.

  • I find it quite bizarre when I hear people say that being gay a ''lifestyle choice''?

    Of course it was my lifestyle choice to be ''different'' to 90% of the world's population in a negative way, and yes it was my ''lifestyle choice'' to feel constant fear and shame my entire childhood about who I was and yes it was also my choice to be robbed of the opportunity to have a family, in addition it was of course also my ''lifestyle choice'' to have to tell my parents that I am gay (which is probably one of the hardest and most awful things one can ever have to say to their family in this life). I just loved every minute of it. To all those out there who think being homosexual is a choice, just please know that you are so very wrong. Amidst all of this though, the positive for me, is that I have come out of this painful journey as a stronger person. My mind has enlightened and I am now at peace with who I am and I can really now see the origin and purpose of my time here on earth. I guess you cannot understand until you have been through this and this is probably true for all people who are considered ''different''. Its not all bad though, when you are forced to be ''different'' because of what nature made you, your strength of character really builds- it has to, your mind opens and you begin to ''see''. Other's out there must be able to identify with me?

  • I find it quite suprising that many people are unaware of just how RAMPANT homosexuality is in our society.?

    We think we know who is gay and who is straight. I have learnt that on the contrary we absolutely do NOT know. 99% of the gay/bi people I have met in my lifetime, both male and female (and I have met thousands and thousands) are tightly ''closeted'' and living ''heterosexual'' lives. But they secretly indulge in discreet gay sex at EVERY opportunity and of course only when no one is looking. Its quite amusing when the government releases these statistics saying only 10% of the population is gay. Yeah right! :-) I know there must be a lot of others that know what I know?

    If us gays are going to ''Hell'' I really hope its a big place as its certainly going to be extremely overcrowded down there.

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  • I am always suprised when I hear people call the police ''pigs''. Are people unaware that without the police?

    most of us would be robbed, raped and brutally murdered in no time if there were no laws and no police? People cant be that stupid surely. Yes there are corrupt police like there are corrupt EVERYTHING, but on the whole most police are decent people who do a job that keeps and restore's public order 24/7. Without them we would have zero safety and society would burn and crumble in a matter of hours, right?

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  • I wonder why we humans view death as such a bad and awful thing? When I look at the world we live in, I mean?

    really open my eyes and my mind and look at it. Look at the hatred, the selfishness, the shocking violence and cruelty, the viciousness of so many people, the crime, the injustice, the religious brainwashing, the shocking accidents and diseases that hurt and kill so many of us, the starvation, the greedy and evil political regimes that bring so much misery to people, the lack of freedom, dignity and democracy, the close mindedness. The list goes on. Is it really that bad to die and say ''sayonara'' to all this crap? Maybe I am alone in my thoughts? No, I cant be surely?

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  • Why don't all humans understand that freedom and democracy, peace, understanding, respect for others?

    and opening and growing our minds and characters is what our time here on Earth is all about? It baffles me that so many people just cannot or will not see this. I wonder why? Its logic, its nature. Why do we still struggle to understand and embrace this in 2011?

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  • I find it bizarre when I hear people say suicide is selfish?

    And expecting someone to stay alive when they are obviously suffering enormous emotional/physical pain just to keep others happy and feeling comfortable is not selfish?

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  • When I go onto gay/bi sex and dating websites I am amazed, really amazed at the sheer number of ''straight''?

    people who are secretly looking for gay sex behind their partners backs. I've met thousands in my 13 years as an adult and they are just desperate to meet up for gay sex, very discreetly and in secret of course. I feel the truly straight general population really has no idea. Or maybe they do but just don't talk about it. Do people realise? I wonder?

  • I wonder how many people would actually choose to be religious?

    if they were not forced into it from birth? I suspect we'd see a LOT less religious people if we were all afforded the opportunity to choose, with an open and educated mind whether or not to believe in a religion once we mature at age 18 rather than having it forced upon us at birth. The child's mind is enormously vulnerable and susceptible to what its fed. So why not afford everyone the right to grow up first, then choose for themselves as an adult, when they have an open and educated mind? Is there anything so wrong with that?

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  • Isn't it good to see someone who doubted themselves and their abilities to achieve something actually achieve?

    We are often taught ''you have to believe in yourself and believe you can do it'' to achieve whatever it is. Thats never worked for me.

    I have seen the opposite with me and some others! When I have felt really negative and nervous and honestly felt ''I am not good enough, I wont get it'' like for example applying for a job or a promotion I have always actually been successful! But then on the odd occasion when I have felt positive I have been unsuccessful!?? I guess the lesson here is dont let negative thoughts or thinking you are ''not good enough'' put you off from trying. You just may suprise yourself. Can others see your qualities and potential even when you cannot see it in yourself?

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  • I wonder what pleasure these people who like to put others down actually get?

    You know the type? If someone has a goal or makes an achievement there is often some spiteful person just waiting to try and shoot them down and destroy it. Some people just hate it when you achieve something. I am sure its jealousy. If someone achieves something which I wish I could have or achieve for myself I am happy for them and supportive, yeah of course I think ''I wish that was me'' but I wouldn't try to ruin it for them. I wonder what actually causes some to be so twisted that they actually derive satisfaction from trying to destroy someone else's success/dreams? Its such an enormously ugly human trait.

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  • Why are anti democratic countries always shrouded in misery?

    Why are the countries of the world with the worst living conditions ALSO the ones that are anti democratic and anti freedom? Is there a connection? Of course there is. I'm just wondering if others are bright and enlightened enough to see the real ''light''?

    I wonder when people will actually wake up and see the enormous destruction that religious brainwashing and political greed wreaks upon their lives?

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