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  • Wearing heels after mid 5th metatarsal brake?

    I had a clean snap thru the middle of the 5th metatarsal. Cast was on for 6 weeks, stil obviously in the healing process.

    My question is (from someones personal experience preferably) when would it be OK to wear heels (block heels not stiletto heels). Around 4 inches high? Ankle boots to be precise.

    Anyone experience something similar?

    4 AnswersInjuries11 months ago
  • How to cast photos/videos to smart tv?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A6+ and a Bosch Smart TV.

    When I select 'Smart View' the TV is listed under 'Available Devices' but when I select it nothing happens.

    If I am watching a video on YouTube on my phone I can cast that with no issues so I know it does work.

    What am I missing?

    1 AnswerTVs2 years ago
  • Best type of astronomy telescope?

    My husband and I have always loved looking at the night sky using our eyes only, so now we think its time to invest in a decent telescope.

    Only problem is we are complete novices.

    We want to be able to view the planets clearly, nebulae , maybe comets if possible & other galaxies (not asking much!).

    Should we be looking at refractors or reflectors?

    Any example telescopes would be great, maybe at different prices ranges?

    4 AnswersAstronomy & Space2 years ago
  • Can Biotin be taken with Perfectil?

    I want my hair to grow faster, which I know isn't just down to supplements. But I want to use supplements amongst other things like less blow drying, using conditioning treatments etc,

    I already take Perfectil Original, is it safe to also take Biotin 10000mcg tablets with this?

    2 AnswersHair3 years ago
  • Serious fear of flying, help!?

    When I say serious I mean serious. I fly 2nite, first an hour flight with 4 hour stop off, then a 7 hour flight. I got married 2 days ago and was given a honeymoon. So I havent even had any time to get used to it. Im already in tears. I literally have a full blown panic attack, screaming, crying shaking, can't breathe, locked hands, and that was only on a 30 minute flight! Vodka usually helps but thats for a flight that only lasts an hour or 2. Propranolo did absolutely nothing for me, I've been like this for years, i never used to be scared but it's getting worse, seriously worse. Help.

    3 AnswersAir Travel3 years ago
  • What is the difference between these dresses....?

    What is the difference between mermaid, fishtail and trumpet? Or are they all the same?

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories4 years ago
  • What's the best alternative to Swarovski?

    I want to cover a dress in crystals, but that many Swarovskis are too pricey, so what's the best alternative at a lower price?

    Glass or resin?

    What is it I need to look for, I'm clueless!

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories4 years ago
  • What's the best alternative to Swarovski?

    I want to cover a dress in crystals, but that many Swarovskis are too pricey, so what's the best alternative at a lower price?

    Glass or resin?

    What is it I need to look for, I'm clueless!

    1 AnswerHobbies & Crafts4 years ago
  • Wedding venue. what to do first?

    We are planning on getting married next year but don't know what to do first.

    Do we book a venue first and then inite gets guests that way we know how many to invite?

    Or do we invite people first then we know what venue to book?

    Our weddings isn't huge but will be adequate.

    What is the best way to go about this?

    Do we let everyone know we are planning a wedding before anything is booked?

    I just dont know where to start!?!?

    10 AnswersEngagements & Weddings4 years ago
  • Ear infection, puss & antibiotics?

    I have an ear infection, went doctors and the ear drum is red and looks like its about to burst! Now on antibiotics, what happens to the puss? Will it exit via my ear canal?

    I have had ear infection before and have had the puss come out my ear. Does this only happen if the eardrum is perforated?

    1 AnswerInfectious Diseases5 years ago
  • Ayia Napa busy end of March?

    Will there be anyone there? Went before in mid November and the place was a ghost town, every bar & club was closed, we were the only 2 walking around!

    Not looking for it to be ram packed like in July/August. But will anyone be there?

    5 AnswersGreece5 years ago
  • Cyprus import duty from UK?

    Ordered something from Asos to be sent to Cyprus (south), it cost under £30, will anything have to be paid like import duty or tax?

    1 AnswerOther - Taxes5 years ago
  • Cruises from Limassol Cyprus?

    Apart from Thomson cruises are there any other places I can see what cruises go from Limassol, with prices. Just a short cruise, 3-5 days. Can t find anything helpful online.

    3 AnswersCruise Travel5 years ago
  • How do I order from this website?

    I have found a pair of boots I want on this website but how the hell do I buy them??

    It has a basket but I can't find a way to actually add them to it?!

    Maybe I am just being really stupid but I dont' think so.

    Can anyone help?

    The link is:

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories5 years ago
  • Make cheap eye shadow stay on?

    I never wear eye shadows but bought a really cheap palette one to wear for fancy dress party. Is there a way I can make the colours look bolder and last through the night?

    I use face primer anyway. Will this help? Should i apply it over foundation or concealer?

    Any tips?

    5 AnswersMakeup5 years ago
  • Dyed blonde hair to dyed black?

    I have naturally dark blonde/mousy hair.

    I have been using Nice n Easy SB2 Permanent to make it lighter for years. (its almost white when first applied before it fades)

    But I want to go black, jet black.

    How should I go about this?

    Can I just buy a do it at home dye and do it myself?

    What is the best (but preferably cheapest) way to get the look I want.

    Can anyone help, any advice?

    PS. I tested a jet black wig and everyone thought it was real and looked great. I think it suits be better than blonde.

    1 AnswerHair5 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Your connection is not private error?

    I am trying to enter a site that I have visited many times before but today I have been shown this message every time (see pic).

    The time and date on my laptop are fine, I have emailed the website who say that everything is fine their end.

    What can I do to solve this?

    I am on Windows 8 using Chrome.

    I've tried googling it but to no avail.

    1 AnswerSecurity5 years ago
  • Double sided boob tape?

    What's a decent doubled sided fashion tape I can buy from uk?

    I need it to stick clothing to clothing, to hold a top in place, bra to top, not skin to clothing.

    Any decent ones? Not to pricey.

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories6 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Where to get these red shoes (picture)?

    I know each pair in photo are slightly different, on one the ankle cuff is all gold and on the other it just has a gold clasp.

    I prefer the all gold ankle cuff ones but either will do.

    They are both branded Koi Couture.

    I can't find them anywhere in stock.

    Ineed UK size 5. Have searched ebay and small online businesses, but cant find them in stock anywhere!

    The koi couture is just a wholesale website and I only need one pair for myself!

    They are red faux suede with peep toes.

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories6 years ago
  • Best long lasting red lipstick?

    I am new to lipstick wearing, usually just a bit of lip gloss.

    I want a long lasting, rich colour lipstick. I need a red shade, thats pink based and not orange based.

    So a DARKY PINKY RED colour.

    Not to expensive, brands like maybelline, rimmel, revlon etc.

    1 AnswerMakeup6 years ago