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  • Which eyeglass lenses are better at protecting eyes from computers and other devices?

    I am looking for glasses to protect my eyes from UV light from heavy computer use. Which lenses are best, 1) Benond UV from Zenni which would be under $45 or $50 for frames and lenses, 2) Eyezen which would add about $110 to the cost of frames and lenses alone, or 3) Transitions lenses? Do they all do the same thing, the same way? Are any of them just a coating? Is there something even better being produced?

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    If I let my new kitten rough house with my dog will it make him wild and mean?

    This kitty is a lot bolder than the Japanese Bobtail we lost at age 15 last spring. The jb breeder was a lot stricter with the jb than the people from whom we got this kitty. The new kitty jumps and climps furniture with his claws and craves people food. Whereas the jb never engaged in that type of behavior even as a kitten. The little Manx jumps on furniture climbs up upholstery with his claws and climbs on high shelves, things JB would never do. He also jumps on me and bites. Is playing with the dog feuling his undesirable behavior?

    In addition he has a taste for people food. The jb was never allowed to eat anything but dry cat food by neither the breeder nor us so when he broke a tooth Qi mo before he died and had to have it removed we had problems getting him to eat. I don't want to extinguish food adaptability completely but I want a well behaved cat. I also realize there is a difference in breeds. Also I am not sure how long this kitty was with his mom. The young family I got him from rescued him after the breeder had an emergency and homes had to be found for all the cats. These are good people who love animals and I'm not sure how long they had this little guy. They did a good thing. What I need to know now is how to train this guy to be polite and a good pet, but to keep him from becoming as inflexible about food and to keep him playful. BTW he is going to be fixed in four weeks.

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  • Should I Call the Body Shop About 2004 Honda Odyssey Leaking Roof?

    I just got my 2004 Honda Odyssey back from the body shop Friday (this is Wednesday). They fixed my back lift gate after someone backed into my car. I had them check the lift gate seal because I had some leaking from the roof into the cargo hold for the first time last winter on the side of the accident. Some of the forms I use for my job were damaged. I wasn't sure if it was actual leaking from around the seal, if the leak was caused by the accident or by snow melt either through the seal or when I opened the lift gate and ice melt dripped onto my papers.

    I couldn't have the dent fixed right away because the guy who backed into me denied it until the insurance company got access to parking lot camera film. That took about 6 weeks. Then it snowed and I was busy with my job so I waited.

    I took my 2004 Odyssey in Monday and I got the van back from repairs on Friday. It rained hard last night (Tuesday) and now the van it is leaking in the front. I think it involves the seal on the top. Could the body shop have done something to cause the leak? Should I call them? Can I do something to the seal to stop the leak? Should I just let the body shop handle it?

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  • Is it normal for coarse black hair to grow at site of cyst on Poodle's back?

    I have a silver beige Poodle. I think she is 6 or 7 years old (she is a rescue). I usually let her hair grow out over the winter and then have it cut short in spring. Last year a day or two after one of her grooming visits I noticed a cyst. The groomer must have nicked it with the clipper and i could see it clearly. I was able to pull the sack out of it, but couldn't find the cyst again to put ointment on it.

    When she was at her vet visit last summer, the vet couldn't find the site either. I had her hair cut quite short yesterday and it was clear that there was coarse black hair growing near where the cyst had been last summer. this hair is not of her regular hair type. It grows straight and lies close to the surface of the skin like the guard hairs of an short-haired dog. You can see the dark hairs when her hair is long, but when her hair is short, you can see it clearly.

    I examined it more closely and under the hair I found a blocked pore. It was like a black head with a tiny waxy plug less than 1mm that I scraped off with my fingernail leaving a tiny hole/pore. There was also a tiny bit of scaly skin around the area.

    Is this is normal? It doesn't look infected or anything, but I can't find any reference on the internet to a patch of coarse dark hair growing on a dog's back over the site of a cyst. The groomer said that she has noticed white dogs with coarse red hair growing around the site of a former cyst. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

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  • How do I reset the Check Engine Light on my 2004 Honda Odyssey Mini-Van?

    My check engine light came on today. I took it to "Parts Place" and they checked for a repair code, and the meter said that there were no significant codes to report. I think the light came on because I lost my gas cap on Monday, then forgot to replace it because of the onset of bad weather.

    I read that if I pull fuse #13 it will reset the light and erase the codes. There are no significant codes being reported. My understanding is if there really is something wrong, the light will just come back on again.

    Is it okay to reset the codes in this way and save the fee from the dealer to reset it? Should I wait for the code to reset on it's own (guy at "Parts Place" said it may reset on its own after about 50 miles with a gas cap) or is it worth it to pony up my 40 Bucks and have the dealer reset it now rather than see if the light turns on again?

    Also, if I decide to pull Fuse #13, do I need a special tool? I can't seem to pull out the fuse.

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  • Phone (Panasonic KX-TG6641) is it broken or can I adjust settings?

    Phone (Panasonic Model KxTG6641) base station was unplugged. I plugged it back in, but now when it dials out it sounds like it is dialing pulse ( click, click, click) or non-digital dialing. It will not ring for incoming calls, but it does receive them. The pound sign, star sign, etc. do not work for digital verification purposes.

    Is my phone base station broken, or can I reset it from pulse to digital? Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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  • My 13-Year-Old Cat Won't Come Down Out of The Window Box. What can I Do?

    About 6 weeks ago my cat, Pi, had to have surgery to remove an abscessed tooth. I am sorry to say that because he doesn't like it, we don't check his teeth often enough, and the abscess created a systemic infection. He took 2 courses of antibiotics and was wormed for round worms (must have picked them up at the vet because he was clear last vet visit, dog is clear and he doesn't go outside).

    Ever since Pi came home he has retreated to the Green House Window Box and won't come off it. If we lift him out of it and take him to the bed to pet and play with him (an activity he has always loved), he is very uncomfortable and just wants to leave. At this point I am wondering if it his retreat is psychological because he doesn't feel safe anymore without his fang (which which we think he broke fighting with another cat on one of only 4 times he left the yard.) Maybe he is afraid of our dog without his main weapon.

    It seems like fear, not illness is keeping Pi from coming down and living in the house. What can I do?

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  • Why can't I use another carrier's GSM smartphone on my GSM carrier's network?

    Today two employees at my cell phone provider told me that their network works with unlocked T-Mobile smart phones, but not with unlocked AT&T smart phones. It doesn’t make any sense to me. If I get a GSM phone that my provider sells and that phone is unlocked, it should work with any North American GSM network, shouldn't it?

    Are there any real software or other technology issues that would inhibit an AT&T phone from transmitting data on my carrier's network?

    Until it merged with Cingular in the mid-2000s, AT&T had a 20% interest in my provider. Could it be their personnel just told me the 2 networks weren’t compatible because the companies don’t want to compete or could there be some real technological reasons AT&T smart phones won’t work on my provider’s network?

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  • How can you get cigarette smoke out of a new coat without washing it?

    Is it possible to make a brand new baby's snowsuit smell fresh again after it has been exposed to cigarette smoke in a heavy smoker's house? Earlier this summer I got a deal on baby clothes. My niece had just had a baby boy in July. A few years ago, I had been laid off for a while and didn't have extra money to buy my son Christmas presents. My church helped us out and we were so grateful. Besides something small my mother gave him, those were the only gifts he got that year. When I saw all these beautiful marked down clothes, I bought extra girl's clothes thinking that I could make some family's Christmas this year just like someone for us a few years ago.

    One of the items I got was a snowsuit. This is a beautiful snowsuit that is rated to keep a baby warm in temperatures as low as minus 15. I haven't seen my niece in about 3 years, and have never seen either her two year old daughter or her newborn son, even though she lives only about 20 miles away from me.

    I stopped by my sister-in-law's house last week to deliver the presents I bought for the new baby. I didn't go into the house because all the clothes were together in a bag, and I wanted to keep the clothes I was going to donate smelling nice. When I gave my sister-in-law the boys clothes for her daughter, she saw the snowsuit. She said that my niece wouldn't care that it was for a girl. It wasn't really that frilly. I was reluctant to leave it for her daughter's approval because my sister-in-law, her younger daughter and her husband are heavy smokers and things that go into their house, even casually, come out smelling awful. She seemed so excited about the snowsuit, though, I let her keep it for her daughter's approval.

    I talked to her today and her daughter doesn't want it. The snowsuit is red, yellow and blue, sort of Russian-looking with flowers and firebirds. Because of the flowers, my niece thinks it's too girly. I would like to donate it to the church as I had originally intended, but I know that after spending a week in their house it has gone from being a nice gift to a stinking mess.

    Is there anyway I can make this snowsuit smell nice enough for a baby again? I don't want to wash it, because then it wouldn't be new anymore. I would like this beautiful snowsuit to keep some child warm this winter, and I would like it to be a nice gift. Any advice you can give will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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  • Does anybody have experience dying a bathing suit?

    I have a bathing suit I've used 2 years. The fabric isn't stretched and the elastic and bra cups are soft and are not outstretched. Every thing about the suit is perfect, except it has faded--a lot. The overall effect of the suit used to be Bronze -- brown suit with tiny dots of metallic copper dimensional paint decorating the top.

    The top has faded a bit, but the bottom has faded so much it looks orange-y. You can see brown splotches under the skirtini and the fabric band and straps on the top are a darker color.

    I want to dye it. I am looking at Dharma Trading Acid Dyes in brown: 417 Tobacco Leaf; 426 Peacan; and 462 Teddy Bear Brown. I am leaning toward 417 Tobacco Leaf or 426 Pecan. But I may be wrong. The screen color may not be the same as the color I get.

    Does anyone have experience with this? I want to get the bronzy look back to my swim suit. I also would like to know if it wil dye the copper paint or if there is a way to avoid that.

    Is Dharma Acid Dye the best kind of dye to use for a nylon swim suit? Will it stand up to Chlorine and not fade out in the pool and turn my butt orange? Or worse yet, could it fade out around me?

    Also, please let me know if this post is categorized correctly as I want to get answers from people who know about dying textiles.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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  • Can a male and a female cat that haven't grown up together be happy living in the same house?

    I have a nearly 13-year-old bachelor cat. He's been fixed since he was 7 or 8 months old. I've thought of getting another cat, but I've heard that female cats are bossy and that a male is never again at the "top of the heap" once a female comes into the household.

    Does anybody have experience with introducing a female kitten into a household with an older neutered male cat?

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  • Kenmore Washer Will Not Agitate or Spin.?

    My top-loading Kenmore 110 20942 8992 washer will not agitate or spin. At first I could turn the agitator, but now I can only turn the top part of it. The pump is working because it empties the water, it makes a noise, but doesn't agitate or spin the water out of the clothes. What do you think this might be and how much do you think it might cost to fix it? Thank you in advance.

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  • I am looking for a strategy board game.?

    In the mid-1960s I got a game for Christmas that I think was called "Walls and Bridges," but I can't find any mention of the game anywhere. It had a molded plastic (thin, almost like celluloid) game board. The playing pieces were of the same material. I think they were red and yellow, but there may also have been blue and green pieces. When in play the game reminded me of a Mondrian painting or a "modernist" skyscraper.

    As I remember it, you were supposed to block the other player, but at some point you could form a "bridge" and escape the blockade. I know I got this game prior to 1967 because we moved that year, and some of the pieces of the game got lost. The game sounds similar to "Blockade" the precursor of "Quoridor" (neither of which I have ever played), but "Blockade" was not produced until the mid-70s. I don't know what company made my game. Does anyone know what game this might be?

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