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  • Doing fashion portrait outdoor photo shoots? ?

    So I would like to practice more photography, especially outdoors. What portable equipment would I need if want to do portrait photos and outdoor fashion photos? I’ve been looking some good quality and decently priced things on amazon. But I’m not 100% sure. 

    Please make and thank you. 

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance5 months ago
  • Dslr or mirrorless camera?

    Hey I’m looking to buy a camera to start my photography hobby. I want to camera that has fast shutter speed, high quality images and takes 4K video. I’ve been doing some research but I still would like to know if anybody knows of any brands or any specific cameras that would be beneficial I’m looking at the Sony alpha 7II or 7III. But if there’s anything I bit cheaper that would be nice and have the same quality. 

    3 AnswersPhotography6 months ago
  • Recording software?

    so I want to make cool videos for YouTube where I can voice over. I wanted to know what are some good quality screen recording software i know ill have to pay for it so price isn't a problem (as long as its not crazy expensive)

    4 AnswersSoftware9 months ago
  • Canon rebel t7 vs canon rebel t6i?

    hi im purchasing a camera as a gift and these 2 canon rebels are my options. If anyone can help me decide which one would work for someone starting and pursuing a photography career, I would super appreciate it!!!!!

    3 AnswersCameras9 months ago
  • Graduation photography?

    Hey, Im pretty new to photography and some friends ask me to take photos for their graduation. I said yes but I am nervous since im not a pro.

    What are some tips that can be helpful to do a successful shoot.

    What additional equipment should I bring with me and etc

    Thank you so much!

    6 AnswersPhotography1 year ago
  • getting into photography?

    Hey I wanna get into photography. Its a bit overwhelming but my goal is to become a pro in a month or 2. I already have a camera so that should help.

    What websites or videos could help me understand editing software like light room/photoshop?

    Also a guide to taking amazing photos, setting up studios and understanding the equiptments necessary.

    Thank you so much!

    10 AnswersPhotography1 year ago
  • Indoor photography studio?

    Hey so I am starting to get into photography. And I wanted to start an in home studio. What equipment (preferably on the cheaper side) should I look into as far as lighting and any other accessories?

    Please and thank you!

    7 AnswersPhotography2 years ago
  • Business and the Environment?

    Reasons why business might have been exploitation of the environment? Why would they do that?

    3 AnswersCorporations3 years ago
  • Inexpensive restaurants nyc?

    young couple in our 20's looking for inexpensive places to eat for lunch and dinner in manhattan brooklyn queens

    what are some tourist hotspots for food and fun

    thank you so much

    7 AnswersNew York City3 years ago
  • Environmental politics?

    Tell me your opinion on the current state of the environment in the USA including air, water, wildlife, waste management, and any other environmental issues that concern you. If you are not from the USA, you can describe the environment in your country.

    1 AnswerConservation3 years ago
  • Politics behind Yucca Mountain?

    If you were president of the USA, what would be your solution for high-level nuclear waste? Would you allow disposal at Yucca Mt. and if not, what would be your solution to the issue associated with the current interim-storage of high-level radioactive waste?

    2 AnswersPolitics3 years ago
  • Environmental Law?

    What kind of jobs can I get with an environmental law I don't really want to be in the courthouse, but what other things can I do with it?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • Environmental Law?

    I am an environmental science major

    and I wanted to know if I should minor in environmental law and if I did what could I do with that. I don't really see myself as a lawyer type but I am curious about it.

    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology5 years ago
  • Which site should I start a diary blog?

    I wanted to start a diary blog but I'm torn between Blogger , Wordpress or Tumblr

    I want to include images, maybe have my own domain in and get publicity and can be easily shared.

    1 AnswerGoogle5 years ago
  • Retail

    What are some good retail stores to get a job at in nyc for ages 18+

    (like h&m,forever 21...etc)

    ***thats hiring in the fall

    Please and thank you!!!!

    1 AnswerNew York City6 years ago
  • Nervous system?????????????

    what areas of the brain that allow you to sit up right and breathe normally as youre doing right now

    If you hold your breath and lean way over in your seat. what areas of your brain that allow you to this.

    are you able hold your breath indefinitely? What is happening in your brain when you can hold it any longer?

    1 AnswerBiology7 years ago
  • Inequalities????? help............?

    its only 4 questions.. I need help.. Please and thank you.

    -5/3x >-5

    x/2+1 <9/2 and the solution set

    7-u>16+u and the solution set

    1/2 (m+4) < 1/5 (m-9) and solution set

    2 AnswersHomework Help7 years ago
  • space? is this like from star wars or from some space show?

    -we got the hull plating re polarized so our structural integrity was reinforced

    -the transmissions getting broken up something about neutron radiation interference

    -zeta reticuli

    -a ship near trinary star system


    4 AnswersAstronomy & Space9 years ago
  • which phone is better??

    im getting a phone soon but i wanna know which one is better

    i wanna know which one take better pics

    phone one

    phone 2

    please and thank you

    4 AnswersCell Phones & Plans10 years ago