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  • does my boyfriend still love me?

    I'm so scared. A month ago I had a scare, i have bipolar disorder and had a bad manic episode due to an issue with my medication, i considered taking my own life. I didn't, i got help and am now way better. I told him about it as I was going to be gone for a week and he nearly dumped me because he thought he was the reason it happened. We've been recovering our relationship since then. I posted something about our anniversary today on instagram and he told me to take it down because it made him uncomfortable for some reason. he apologized about it and was nice about it but..... sometimes I feel like he's ashamed of me and doesn't actually love me anymore after that night last month. I'm just so sad and broken over it. i feel like everything i do, im doing wrong. but i also know we're in a weird place because of what happened and with patience things could get better. maybe i just need coping skills.

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  • Where to find vintage clothing and antiques?

    I'm extremely into vintage fashion and I study fashion illustration at school. I have some pieces i've found through luck and thrifting, but is there somewhere online that sells old dresses, tea sets, art, or books? I'm interested in objects from the 50's or 20's. Clothing can be any decade that's reasonable to find clothes from. Thanks!

  • I really like this guy and I don't know how to take initiative?

    I go to school in NYC and for the past 2 months i've been crushing on a guy that i'm just now becoming close with. As we've gotten closer, it's almost like a switch went off in my brain and now I really like him. He has a great personality, we have the same sense of humor, and we're from the same hometown. He just makes me really happy and i've been spending a lot of time with him. He's never been in a real relationship before so I don't know if he'd make the first move or not, but I genuinely value him so much that i'm scared to make things weird if he says no. I'm not sure what my next step should be? We might be seeing each other for Christmas when we're both home. 

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  • i think im becoming suicidal?

    my mental health is falling apart

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  • How do i get over my trauma from an abusive relationship?

    Throughout high school I dated this girl for 3 years on and off. When we were on good terms it felt amazing, yet when she'd blame me for her drinking problems, spread rumors about me, call me derogatory words, or touch me without my consent I would snap back to reality and stand my ground. After years of on and off, it wore me down. I eventually cut her out of my life. But since she recently harassed me out of my last relationship, my paranoia is high. I feel like she still has control over me and i feel like everyone I meet that knows her too automatically hates me and I feel like I can't trust them. I was diagnosed with PTSD recently due to having vivid nightmares every night, severe self-esteem issues related to things she'd call me, and being around alcoholics triggers me. I know she's in the wrong, but also sometimes I feel like it's my fault and I deserve this. I can't just move on. I feel like there's no closure and at this rate she's hell bent on ruining my life.