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  • Should fine art photography be considered an stand alone art form?

    Would it not be more apt to describe this as a techinique or a medium of art which supports forms within art movements? Art photography has changed with the various movements, but it has never been superceded, it has just taken various adaptations to suit whichever style it is employed in.

    You would say painting is a artistic skill, but not an art form. Would photography not also be the same?

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  • Ideas for cooking a goose?

    For a change this Christmas I have decided to roast a goose. Now I've read a few internet ideas, and they all seem sensible, I just want to open discussion to the floor for some suggestions. Here are my thoughts:

    - Goose is fatty like duck. So fruity flavours compliment. Should I go along the orangy-citrusy route? Or should use apples for flavour as many have suggested?

    - Should I make a stuffing? Or just stuff with fruit? Any recommendations?

    - Since goose can be cooked uncovered, should put any wine or beer into the roasting tin?

    - What about sauces. I'm not sure if cranberry sauce is the best option, what else would be good?

    - When cooking roast potatoes, goose fat it good, should I be taking the fat out when I'm basting the bird?

    - Supposedly a goose will produce a litre's worth, does this mean I'll have some left over?

    - For the gravy there have been suggestions I should use the giblets and some of the fat to add flavour? Is this a good idea? Can I do anything with the giblets after.

    - Any suggestions of wines that compliment your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Please also bear in mind I'm cooking for a British audience.

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  • Do I need a building release form for this?

    I have been asked for permission to use one of my images of Oxford, under UK law do I need a building release form for this?

    The main content of the image is debatable as it is a panorama, of which the Radcliffe Camera (domed building in the centre) is a prominent part of it. The Camera and surrounding buildings are mainly owned by the University of Oxford, now these buildings are all many hundreds of years old (the Camera itself is 300 years old, and the oldest parts of the university is 800).

    I've heard from some that private properties photographed from public spaces are exempt from release forms. However I've also heard the opposite way too. To complicate things further I photographed this pano from the tower of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, which I think could well be owned by the University, though also could be the property of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain.

    The fact is I'm getting confused because it's one ring around another.

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  • Strange happenings:

    Guys, have you noticed that your answers are being used here: ? I know that it's probably in the T&Cs that we give up all rights to whatever we write here, and I'm not bothered about that. What I'm concerned about is that it's just directly copied from Y!A, and it doesn't look like Yahoo has given these guys permission.

    What are your thoughts? Partiticularly those who are regulars here, as it's your text being copied.

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  • Can you help me with tripod collar sizing?

    Right, I've got an obscure Hoya 400mm f5.6, it's an old manual focus lens and information scarce, especially since everybody has forgotten that Hoya had their own lenses in the 1970's and 80's.

    So I've measured up, and I need a collar with a diameter of about 62mm, with a depth of less than 19mm. What I now need to know is are there any modern lenses which have a collar similar in size.

    If you have any of the following, it would be of great assistance if you could measure your lens or tripod collars:

    - Canon EF 70-200mm f4L/f4L IS

    - Canon 200mm f2.8L

    - Canon 300mm f4L/IS

    - Canon 400mm f5.6L

    - AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VR/VRII

    - AF Nikkor 300mm f4 and AF-S 300mm f4

    - SMC Pentax-DA* 300mm f4 ED IF SDM

    I know none of these will fit exactly, but anything close can be modified to fit.

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  • Is asking "I want an SLR to get into photography" putting the cart before the horse?

    I see this question many times every day, every time I look at it and I feel that it's like placing the cart in front of the horse. What do you think, should you have in an interest in photography before you invest in an SLR, or do you spend a load of money buying a camera in the hope you'll get into photography?

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  • When I am critiquing a photo how do I break it to them, that if I had taken it, I would have deleted the image?

    Right I run a little critique forum on Flickr, and well I've come across an image that if I had taken I would have probably deleted it instantly.

    I don't want to be blunt about it because I find that just works against you straight away, but I can't think of a nice powerful way to express myself without sounding elitist.

    Just to give you an idea, the image ended with the chin of a person at the top cutting off the top of the head and leaving only the upper body. Light was window light coming from camera right, nothing to fill from left. Image was slightly out of focus and was otherwise rather flat.

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  • Do you think the photography mags are pressurised into overrating new equipment?

    Do you find that perhaps that the photography media (both in print and online) are somewhat under pressure by the camera manufacturers to give positive reviews to their equipment.

    As a magazine has to go to the manufacturer to get a camera to review, if they do give negative reviews, the camera manufacturer simply can decline to lend new equipment to the mags to review in the future.

    Perhaps this is a general case of the media. If somebody gives bad press to a product the tend to lose privileges.

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  • Have you noticed that in recent days people are no longer paying any attention any more?

    Go on guys here's your chance to have a little grumble. Have you noticed how people just want to listen to sweet words?

    Is there any point in us giving others the benefit of our experience?

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  • Does white flour rise better than wholemeal?

    I enjoy bread making, and in recent weeks I've perfected my white loaves, getting them to rise with the desired porisity and volume gain.

    What I have noticed is that strong wholemeal flour doesn't rise as well than it's white counterpart. I'm wondering whether the coaseness of the milling has a negative impact in the formation of porosity, and how is this remedied to get nice fluffy loose bread.

    Your personal experience of rising of white vs. brown is appreciated.

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  • Who thinks the new ICO guidlines are stupid regarding photography as data?

    Simple question really. We already have plenty of protection regarding privacy in public. You're free to publish images in news media providing it is does not defame the subject, and provided your actions do not class as harrassment.

    Don't you think it's silly that the government feels it necessary to further inpinge on our rights to freedom of the press and the creative arts. This country is already too much of a nanny state, Great Britain doesn't seem so great any more, it's more Cowering, weak and spineless Britain.

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  • Why do people not understand the value of a good lens?

    People always ask what camera should I get, I want XXmegapixels, but what does that count for!

    For god's sake it's the photographer that takes the photo and the lens that focuses the image onto the film or sensor.

    So tell me why do you think the camera is so much more important than the lens! Why do people insist spending hundreds of pounds on a camera, only to attach a £50 lens to it?

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  • Let's try again...Could you compare these two images?

    I was going elsewhere to shoot so I didn't have much time, so I hedged my bets, bracketed so I hopefully could get one useful shot in three, and use HDR.

    I would like you to compare the two following images. And particularly comment on my HDR'ing (the HDR image is tagged as HDR). this isn't the best of the three bracketed images, but is the one I am prepared to publish to the internet.

    I feel I could've done better, but I was on my way to a second location. I would've preferred an extra night to shoot, but oh well...

    Sorry for those who failed to see it.

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  • Second - unrelated question. Does better equipment give you a psycholigical edge as much as a technical one?

    Has anybody noticed that the quality of your photos has hugely improved after getting a new piece of equipment, something like a new camera body or a new lens? Do you ever thing that the improvement in quality is much greater than that given by the new equipment.

    I recently upgraded my 18-55mm kit lens to a 17-40mm f4L, I noticed my photography improved hugely, but in hindsight I've noticed there isn't as much difference as I saw in the quality if the images produced.

    Do you think that getting better equipment has a degree of the placebo effect? I'm not doubting the improvement from the lens, but do you not think perhaps you work harder (maybe practicing more with new equipement) as well when you upgrade stuff?

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  • Why does the world hate photographers?

    I'm a keen amateur photographer, and was taking photographs from a motorway service station today and was kindly asked by the manager that it was against the company policy to allow people to take photos on their premises. I accept that it is private property on which the general public is allow, but still what the f*** has the world come to?! How the hell is every photographer now labeled as some sort of pervert?

    Earlier this month I went on the Kelby Photowalk with the Birmingham Flickr group and the whole of our group was treated with the same hatred and coldness by practically everybody. Those of us who actually want to take proper photos are having our hobby pissed on by those freaked out paranoid dips***s who haven't got a faintest f***ing clue about real photographers, while the real pervers and voyeurs are snapping away with their hidden f***ing cameras.

    What the f*** has the world come to, seriously. I was very tempted to take my tripod, invert it and bash a few into her, but figured that probably wouldn't help photographers as a while.

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  • Nikon strobe on Canon EOS?

    I've been looking on the internet about using non-Canon speedlites on EOS and EOS digital cameras. Many people have successfully used Nikon SB-24, -25, -26, -28 flashes on their EOS bodies (obv. no auto functions carried), but there have also been people saying it is not safe. Has anybody fried their Canon using a Nikon flash?

    Secondly I have also been looking at the Vivitar 285HV strobes, and have been wondering if they are worth having a look at as well.

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  • Girls: why do you insist on buying prom dresses.

    I've come across dozens of questions asking about prom dresses, but I don't get why you buy a prom dress. The ones I've seen from links all look well really well...tacky, and to be honest slightly cheap, and they all seem rather off trend.

    I don't understand why you would buy such a dress when you could buy a dress from a department store for similar money, but with longer longevity, something that could last you through the seasons.

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  • Men's summer footwear: not wearing socks with shoes?

    Menswear SS08 collections, trend is to not wear socks with shoes. I find that not wearing socks isn't particularly comfortable, hygienic or pleasant (and I think most will agree). So I'm looking for a solution, to be get the no sock look, without the drawbacks.

    NB those trainer socks won't work since they are cut too high and show over the edge of the shoe.

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