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Hey, everyone, the name's Naomi. Me in a nutshell: Anime junkie (APH FTW!); loves writing and acting; loves thinking about names; animal lover; history nut. Names I like: Unisex names Traditional names Names from parts of my heritage (Some) made-up names Names I don't like: Misspelled names (by that, I mean Isaiah spelled "Eyesayeuhh", Anastasia spelled "Annuhstayezhuh", Joshua spelled "Jahshooeuhh", and Sydney spelled "Siddneigh") Names like Brayden, Drayden, Drayven, Zayden, Cayden/Kayden, La-a (Ladasha), Abcde (AB-si-dee), Espn (ESS-pin), Bryleigh/Briley, Miley, TickieTockie, and the like.

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