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  • Baby Daddy Drama..haha. :)?

    Alright here's the deal.... My baby's daddy has a new girlfriend. I have no problem with her whatsoever. I don't know her and i don't care to. We were together for three years and made a beautiful baby girl. Things really didn't work out with us, we constantly butted heads. I am completely positive that I'll never want to be with him again. We still have to be friendly because we have a daughter together. My biggest problem is that I do NOT want him to have his little girlfriend around my daughter. I've made it very clear to him that if that were to happen, there would be problems between us. If he played more of a part in my daughters life then maybe it wouldn't be a problem but he hardly sees her so that is a problem for me. How can I get over this.... I hate the idea of him having any girls around her. It makes me want to scream. Ugh.

    15 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • Do you like expected kisses?

    For instance, I started dating this one guy and he asked if he could kiss me. I felt really awkward about it. I don't want someone to ask if they can kiss me, just do it! What is everyones opinion on this?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Should I ask him on a date over Facebook?

    So, here's the deal, I met this guy when I was in 9th grade and have liked him ever since. We never really talked but hung around the same group of friends. Would it be weird if I asked him on a date over facebook? I don't see him anywhere and I really want to get to know him...I need some help on this one.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Lily Allen Fans......?

    How do you feel about Lily Allen? I think she's a badass. I love listening to her music<3

    6 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • Mixed Signals and My Loud Mouth.?

    So, I was dating this guy for 3 weeks. We ended up getting into an argument and haven't really talked since because we both said things we regret...Well, we just started kinda talking he sent me a message saying that he doesn't know why he feels so bad about not talking to me so I said, you tell me and then he said nevermind. I hate getting mixed signals. I just want the flat out truth...if you like me then you do and if you don't then you don't so I pretty much said that he needs to let me know what he's feeling and if he thinks we could work also adding at the end that not matter which he chooses i still hope he has a happy life... Anyways, I was wondering did I do the right thing by calling him out about his feelings or did i make a bad mistake. I don't want to scare him away. I think we could be GREAT together...So, please if anyone could help, I really need the advice. Thanks:):):)

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Toddler with dry, cracked fingertips.?

    My daughter is getting her back molars in and she always has her fingers in her mouth. Now that it's winter, even though I try my best to keep her fingers out of her mouth, her index fingertips on both hands are all cracked and dry. Any tips on what I can do to prevent this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    2 AnswersFirst Aid1 decade ago
  • Popping and Crackling sound in my speakers?

    I have altec lansing speakers that come with a subwoofer. Ocassionally they won't omit any sound but they usually do, when they don't it like a cracking popping sound, they're not blown but I can't figure out why they are doing it? You can only hear the sound crackling when the volume is cranked to the max. I was just wondering if anyone knew what was going on with them? They're about 2 years old.

    3 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Halloween Music Mix For A Party..?

    Alright, so my sister is having a Halloween Bash this year and while she's busy with the decorations and inviting people I wanted to make her a Halloween CD Mix to play at the party. So, if anyone has suggestions on what songs I should play let me know, I'd appreciate it:) Also, I already have some so don't name obvious ones like Monster Mash. THANKS:):):)

    3 AnswersHalloween1 decade ago
  • Ghosts: Real or Fake?

    I've had a few ghostly experiences. I was wanting to hear some stories if you have some and if you are not a believer then why?

    7 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Should I give him a fighting chance?

    Alright, when i was younger ( teen years ) I was a hefty lady. Since then I've lost 70ish pounds, had a kid and am still looking WAYY BETTER than before:) So, I have a Facebook and a guy I went to school with asked about hanging out with me and he gave me his number. I am kinda shocked at this and am not sure of his intentions. When we were in school he NEVER looked at me once and had chances to but I've never even had said hi to him before. He was a prissy, preppy guy in school and I wasn't. So, it was certainly strange to have him approach me. So, I was wondering should I give him a chance or not?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • If you had to choose...?

    Which year of music do you like the most?




    I love early 70's songs.

    13 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • When did you stop bottle-feeding your baby?

    My daughter was 1 on the dot. We quit cold turkey on her first b-day. How old were your kids when you took them off of the bottle?

    10 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • What are your fears? Spiders? Clowns?

    I hate spiders and heights...what are your fears?

    8 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • Bye Bye Bye Pacifier?

    My daughter is 2 years old (turned in July) When do you think it'll be time to take away the binky?

    10 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • Myspace Skinny Layouts?

    What is the best site to get Myspace skinny layouts, I like more of the retro vintage looking profile but I don't want gay flashy ones or anything too girly and pink. Thanks!!

    2 AnswersMySpace1 decade ago
  • 21st Birthday!!!!!!!!?

    I live in Huntington, IN and all of the bars here are full of trashy people and I'm not planning on going to any of them for my 21st. I don't want to be too hungover because I have a 2 year old that i have to pick up in the morning so I was thinking me and my boyfriend could get a hotel room or something in Ft. Wayne. If you live near me, what is a good hotel to stay in, in Ft. Wayne? ..and what is the best alcoholic drink that won't get you hung in the morning?

    1 AnswerBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • What is your favorite MJ Song?

    Out of:



    Billie Jean

    Annie's Song

    ....I love Billie Jean!

    3 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Who does Daisy pick on Daisy of Love Finale?

    ...just wondering who she picks if anyone knows.

    1 AnswerDrama1 decade ago
  • Paris Hilton's BFF Season 2?

    What are all the girls names from Paris Hilton's BFF Season 2?

    1 AnswerCelebrities1 decade ago