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  • Does anyone have that one Eric Cartman fanart where he's about to unleash the power of his V-Chip?

    There used to be this piece of fan art of Eric Cartman from South Park where he's angry as hell, a lightning aura surrounds him, he's drawn over a light-blue (at least I believe it was light-blue) background, and there are words of his final attack from "Bigger, Longer & Uncut". Does anyone here know where I can find it? Does anyone have it on their hard drive?

  • Is there a good song that basically says, "Don't make me laugh! You're rich! You have NO idea what poverty feels like!"?

    I need a song that casts a critical eye on rich folks who pretend to care about the poor. Plain and simple.

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  • Is there a good "mischievous (but not sexy)" man+woman duet song?

    I'm looking for something similar to "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland, except with less "sexy" and more "mischief-loving". Basically, these two like to stir up **** and are glad to do this together.

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  • Is there a good Pop Rock/Piano song about love and respect for one's mother?

    Hello, it's me again. I'm looking for a good 1990-s/2000-s song about a guy expressing love and respect for his mother. Yes, the singer has to be a guy, and the genre has to be either Rock/Metal or Piano Ballad.

    For those looking for the first option: musically, it should sound like something by Three Days Grace, Seether or Shinedown, with lyrics being (maybe) about the hero's mother being difficult or even eccentric, but still very much dear to him.

    For those looking for the second option: take "The Perfect Fan" by the Backstreet Boys as an inspiration, except there must be only one guy.

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  • Does anyone know a calm or upbeat song about "feeling like a bunch of puppets in someone's twisted game"?

    Hello, Yahoo! I need a song that sounds calm or happy, but which deals with the idea of a higher power (divine or political) treating people like puppets in a game, manipulating them for their own gain. It HAS to be from the perspective of the victims. Also, the singer KNOWS he and everybody around him are "someone's toys", but feels powerless to do a damn thing about it.

    Are there such songs? Preferably from 1990's or 2000's.

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    Does anyone know this yuri comic strip series?

    Back in the early 2010's I saw a comic book about two girls: a blondie that looks like Alice Margatroid from Touhou and a redhead that looks like a mature/aged-up version of Koakuma, also from Touhou. The first page is as follows: 'Alice' locked herself up in her room out of some fear and refused to get out. 'Koakuma' asked her to come out, called her either "Lady" or "Mistress".

    Both girls are white, but 'Koakuma' can take on a blue-skinned form that may or may not have horns.

    Does anyone aside from me remember this comic book? It used to be on sale on some obscure hentai/porn site. If you remember it, please let me know.



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  • Are there any songs about being inspired by someone's willpower?

    Meet Ken. His life's far from good, and he envies happy people. One day he meets Jean, a girl seemingly satisfied with her "happy happy joy joy" life. Over time, however, Ken finds Jean's going through quite a hell herself. He also realizes she's strong enough not to give up. She smiles and presses on in spite of adversity and/or mistreatment, and it makes an impression of Ken. He's thankful for having met Jean and swears to become as strong as she is.

    TL;DR: The singer feels like nothing until he meets a fellow struggler. Her sheer force of will inspires the singer to become a better person, a better man.

    Is there anything like that? I've tried searching myself, but just couldn't.

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