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  • Is there any software that can remove mouse and keyboard clicks in real time?

    So i have a black razer blackwidow chroma v2, One of the reasons i bought it is this its so clicky.. I love it.

    But i soon realized that my streams and recording are just god awful because my mic picks all that up, Im going to start playing on an RP server pretty soon and wanted to know if there is any way to filter out these sounds in real time.

    I have seen videos of Audacity being able to do this, But as far as i understand it does not work in real time.

    I do have a membrane keyboard i can use if it comes to that, But then why did i buy this keyboard :)

    And yes, I am aware that i can adjust the activation threshold so the clicks dont activate my mic, But as soon as i start talking my mic will just pick up everything.. Doesn't really solve the issue.

    Anyway, Suggestions?

    Thank you.

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  • Got stung, I think, Am i ok?

    I dont know what got me but my chest and neck are burning.

    Slight tightness in the chest but not very sever.

    Small white circles one on my neck and chest where i got bite or stung.

    Ride it out or hospital?

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  • Should my employer compensate me for company mandated programs?

    So a notice went up a few days back stating that all employees are to take a mandatory course on sexual harassment and other things, We have access to the company website were we can log in and complete this from home.

    I dont have a problem with this, But im a pot stirrer, I like to push buttons and see how far i can go.

    I feel that because this is required by my work place, Even tho i can do it from home i should still be compensated for my time.

    If you look at it from my point of view, Its work related and mandatory, I should be compensated right.

    Do i have any right to tell my boss id like to do this from work well im on the clock and being paid?

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  • Any suggestions for getting rid of heavy and aggressive dandruff?

    I have been dealing with this for years and am so sick of it.

    I wish it was only on my head but my hole face is infested with dandruff, Facial hair and eyebrows to.

    I have tried using head and shoulders, As well as even trying apple cider vinegar with little effect.

    All the apple cider vinegar seams to do is get rid of the dry flaky patches that form under my mustache.

    The head and shoulders doesnt work at all.

    I need something so strong it boarders on being dangerous for human use.

    Any ideas?


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  • Trying to remove skype from windows 10?


    So every time i load up my pc skype always auto starts.

    I never even installed skype and i dont use it, Id like to remove it from my system but skype does not show under the "uninstall a program" section in control panel.

    So what i was thinking was to do a search for skype under my C drive and manually delete everything that has the word skype in it.

    My question is should i do this?

    This is a blanket search and destroy for every file and folder that has skyp in its name.

    Are there any files i should look out for to not remove.

    I just want to make sure im not going to be harming my system in anyway by preforming this action.

    Thank you for any helpful recommendations and suggestion.

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  • New to PC (UPS) uninterruptible power supply's need assistance?


    So i dont have power outages very often.. Maybe twice a year but just had one tonight and had some trouble getting my system up and running again.

    First id like to mention i realize a UPS is only meant to give you enough time to power down your gear in a black out situation and NOT as a means to keep gaming or whatever.

    Now a few questions and concerns i have.

    And i wont start with the obvious newbie question "What the best one" I know that will differ on a system by system bases.

    Now i was looking into this about a year ago but was deterred based on some reviews i had read (Very few) but still had me concerned enough to steer me away.

    Some stating there units were smoking, PC wont turn on, And one even said his caught fire.

    Maybe these are just flukes or maybe they did something to there UPS that caused these accidents... IDK, But it was enough to scare me away.

    But based off what had happened tonight i am reconsidering and would like to ask anyone that currently uses a UPS for there feedback.

    One question i have in particulate is what does VA stand for?

    I see the name and model number then a number like 1500VA then the wattage, I get the wattage but dont understand what VA means.

    I have a 850W power supply so i assume a 900W UPS would be fine but without knowing what VA stand for i have know idea if i may be potently killing my pc..

    Any advice for someone new looking into getting a UPS would be much appreciated.

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  • What is the best way to scan for viruses win 10?

    Hi, So im wondering if there is a better way to scan for threats then using windows defender.

    Like a super invasive scan that wont miss anything, Well like 99.99 i know hackers are good at disguising viruses so may miss some stuff.

    Im only asking cuz a few days ago one of my online accounts got hacked and every time my computer does something odd now i start thinking i have a virus (Super paranoid)

    I just want my pc to be secure.

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  • If i buy a game key on a 3rd party site who gets the money?

    There is a game i want to buy but refuse to purchase anything from the epic store, So if i were to buy a key from a 3rd party site where does that money go?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games5 months ago
  • Anyway to contact Microsoft outlook support?

    So my amazon account got hacked and im trying to figure out how the hell they were able to get into my email account in order to obtain the OTP code.

    Looking at the login activity it doesnt even show any attempts being made at the time i received the confirmation emails.

    Also, I noticed a F**K tone of attempts being made to log into my email just in one day.

    Why am i not being notified about these attempts..

    Anyway, If someone has an 800 number that would be great, Or an email would work to i guess, I tried the online chat but its not connecting me to anyone, So im guessing no one would pick up the phone ether.

    Security5 months ago
  • What are some good system care utility's to use with OS and programs on a ssd?

    So i just got a ssd and put win 10 on it, For the last few years i have had everything running on a HDD, Games, Programs, OS ect

    Now im just using my ssd for OS programs and a few games well installing the bulk of my games on a separate hdd.

    In the passed i used programs like advanced system care, auslogics boostspeed, Regcure.

    But now that im on a ssd are these programs even still useful? or is there other stuff i should be using.


    3 AnswersSoftware7 months ago
  • Why is my bran new 2TB ssd taking 3-5 minutes to boot win 10?

    I just bought my very first ssd a few days ago and got around to reinstalling win 10 today, But from power up/the main screen where you can enter your bios it takes 3-5 minutes to get me to the logon screen.. This is like 20x slower then my old hdd

    Its a bran new ssd and i only have a small handful of programs installed right now.

    I do still have my old hdd's connected i dont know if maybe there is an issue there i haven't got around to formatting my old OS drive yet and the other is just media storage, But even so i checked the boot sequence in my bios and only my sdd is showing so i cant see an issue here.

    WD Blue 3D NAND 2TB Internal SSD - SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5"/7mm Solid State Drive - WDS200T2B0A


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  • I have a 4 sequence win 10 key but after reinstalling its asking for a 5 sequence?

    I had win 10 pro and just reinstalled win 10 pro onto a ssd, The key i had (Have) is a set of 4x4 xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx like that, But now windows is asking for a 5x5??

    This is that same key i bought like 3 years ago now its unusable.. Is there anything i can do? Short of buying a new key.

    1 AnswerSoftware7 months ago
  • should i unplug my HDDs when installing windows on a ssd?

    Hi, So im going to be reinstalling windows 10 onto a 2TB ssd then formatting my current hdd for additional storage, But i have a 2nd 4TB hdd i use for storage, movies games ect.

    I have seen more then a few posts online saying you should unplug your HDDs when installing a os on a ssd is there any truth to this and is there any chance i could lose all my data on my 4TB HDD?

    2 AnswersPlayStation7 months ago
  • Gaming HDD 128 cache or 256?

    First off i know i should be using a SSD or m.2 for gaming but i would rather a HDD due to the fact that writing to it wont kill it, I just dont want to buy a new one every few years.

    With that said, Im looking at a 6TB internal HD sata 6 7200rpm for a separate dedicated gaming HD but one thing im wondering about is cache size.

    I currently use a 2TB 7200 Sata6 with a 128 cache on my main OS HD that i also game on but am wondering if using a 256 for gaming would make any noticeable difference?

    Is a 256 worth spending the extra money?


    4 AnswersAdd-ons7 months ago
  • when your union rep is an useless what do you do?

    Im having an issue at work with my wage, I tried resolving it internally but after 3 months with no resolve i turned to my union rep, Its been a month with this back and forth and nothing is being done, Its a simple matter that anyone able to see discrepancy's in payroll could easily solve.

    I have kept track of everything, Wear and when the issues started, emails have been sent to head office with screenshots of relevant information.

    I feel i have been very patient, As really i have no choice.. But what are my options as far as going over my union rep? Do i even have any?


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  • Attachment image

    Can files from my C drive bleed through to other drives?

    So i have 3 hard drives C, F, H

    C drive is my main with my OS, F is my old HD from my last pc that i just keep for storage if i need it and my H drive is were i store all my media.

    Today i noticed my F drive has 50GB of used space, This drive has been unused for just about 2 years, I open the drive and nothing is shown in there.

    So i went to reformat the drive but a warning told me that this drive is being used by another program.

    So i started looking at my disk activity in system resources and i started seeing stuff popping up for my F and H drive, Ill put a screen shot below, I dont know what any of these files are im not that in depth with PCs

    One of the thing i saw is something called pagefile.sys i googled that and its something to do with reducing the workload of the physical memory, And that this file is usually on the C drive so whats it doing on a drive i never use?

    And what would happen if i removed or just said screw it and reformatted the drive would that trash my system?

    7 AnswersOther - Computers9 months ago
  • Why is my computer beeping when i start a game?

    So this just started a few days ago, Doesnt matter what game i play as soon as it loads up i hear 4 beeps, Starts at a lower tone and each tone after is slightly higher.

    This isnt a sound coming from my pc itself, I pulled up my volume mixer and i can see the system sound meter spiking when the beeps play.

    I checked my windows notification sounds one by one and that sound is not in there.

    Any ideas as to what this could be or how i can track down the cause?

    Thank you

    OS: win 10 x64

    2 AnswersDesktops10 months ago
  • how the hell do i set up obs stream labs for multi streaming to twitch and youtube?

    Every video is out dated cuz they all say to use the stream key from restrem, But when i open obs stream labs, settings and stream, there is no option for the stream key anymore... Im lost can someone help me?


    Software10 months ago
  • is there anyway to mess up cooking fish?

    You can eat fish uncooked right so someone like me thats nevered cooked fish cant screw it up can i?

    10 AnswersCooking & Recipes11 months ago
  • Is there a site that shows what actors are paid once cast for a movie?

    I remember a while back i read an article about why will smith didnt return for independence day 2, Basically he was to experience.

    But i just read another post talking about how Netflix paid him 20mill in 2017 for the movie bright

    So i wanted to know what the main cast was paid for comparisons.

    Specifically i was looking at Liam Hemsworth as i think he is listed as the lead star, Correct me if im wrong.

    Movies11 months ago