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  • What is the evidence that Jesus was a reptilian ?

    Like he supposedly if that story is right had super powers. He was able to heal the sick walk on water telepathically communicate with the YHVH hive mind of seraphim (God AKA Reptillians) his earthly Genetics were Jewish which already makes him part Reptilian but I am going to try and claim he was a full blooded reptillian that did not originate on planet earth!

    I believe he was a full blooded evil reptillian alien using his powers for evil.

    Furthermore I believe he created a religion based upon lies that leads to damnation of the soul.

    Furthermore the positive advanced extraterrestrials known as the Nordics which includes our Father Satan Beelzebub and Astaroth were lied about by Jesus.

    I feel that he lied about our Gods to keep us away from freedom and truth.

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