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  • Girl I had a one night stand with is pregnant and refuses a paternity test. What can I do?

    I’ve known this girl for 3 yrs

     & my friends have hinted that she’s into me but I wasn’t interested. 2 an a

     half months ago, I was invited to a b-day celebration & she was there. End of the night, I got really drunk and couldn’t drive. She offered to let me sleep at her place & I accepted. Even though I was way too intoxicated, we still had sex.


    Nxt morning we had an argument abt it because I didn’t think it was cool that I was drunk & she definitely wasn’t. She said we both had fun so she didn’t know why I was making a big deal. It bothered me that she was so casual about it so I left & didn’t keep contact.

    I got a txt from her a few wks ago saying we needed to talk. We met up &she told me she was pregnant. It scared me, but I said I still wanted to be involved. Only recently I started thinking there’s a chance this baby isn’t mine. She goes out a lot &sees other guys too

    I told her that I wanted a prenatal paternity test just to be sure. I thought I was making a pretty reasonable request.But she went off on me instead, that she couldn’t believe I didn’t trust her after all the time I’ve known her. I’ve still tried to be insistent about this & she still refuses. She finally told me days ago that if we did the test & it’s mine, she won’t let me be around the baby because I have “trust issues” &doesn’t want that kind of person in their lives. 

    I’m at a loss. I really want to know for sure this baby’s mine before investing the nxt months preparing. Is there any I can do?

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  • Is it normal for a child to play with a belt as a toy?

    So my nephew has had this habit of playing with a belt ever since he was in kindergarten. Holding it with both hands and flapping it around while making gestures that you d normally hear when a child plays with toys while at the same time talking like a kid would with their action figures. The times that id ask him what he d imagine or what he d feel while playing with that belt, he d tell me that he just felt free once the belt was in his hands and he d just escape off to this imaginary world. As he got older, he s still continued to play with it and even now as a teenager (15) he still has not broken that habit. Normally sneaking off to his room to go and play with it. I ve asked him about it before and even though he s denied playing with it, I know he has since I ve seen the same belt that he s played with since childhood lying around in his room. But he s a perfectly normal kid. No special needs or anything like that.

    And one thing I ve also noticed is that he always seems to have a need to have something in his hands whenever he s sitting and watching TV. Either tossing or flipping the control back and firth between his hands, playing with a water bottle, his phone, just really anything that keeps his hands busy.

    With that being said, I m wondering if there is someone hear who can help me see whether there is something psychological behind this and what can ibdo to help him break this habit since it s been going on for over ten years. Anything will help really.

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