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  • Ex-girlfriend lied about being her pregnancy not being mine. Whats the worst case scenario?

    I'm 24 and this all happened in April 10. My g/f at the time was finishing up college and was moving back home in a few weeks so we decided to end it at the end of the month. The last time we had sex was in April where we didn't have a condom (I know, not smart) but I still pulled out. She was never late before but now she was 2-3 weeks late. I had her go to the school doctors 3 times and all 3 times the preg test came up negative. Then the first week of May she told me she got her period. She moved back home and apparently was seeing some guy immediately.

    Now I just ran into her a few days ago and she told me shes 5 months pregnant but told me "don't worry, its not mine". Hypothetically speaking, lets say the kid turns out to be mine, whats the worst case scenario and what are the chances the kid actually is mine with the given scenario. Is there any way I could tell now if the child is mine? I've heard things like bleeding in the first month of pregnancy and doctors not knowing exactly when you got pregnant and pregnancy tests showing up negative for several weeks so this scares me. It also seems as if she wants the child.

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  • Security deposit advice please!? Small Claims Court?

    Hello, Here is the situation, I was currently leasing an upper and lower in the city of Buffalo and my landlord had sold the house. She had called me August 17th letting me know that the closing date on the house was right around the corner and we would have a month after that date to move out. So I took that as being my 30 day notice that I had to leave so I ended up moving out on August 31st. Now she is claiming that I did not give her 30 days notice and I still owe her for Septembers rent and will not return my security deposit. Shes also making false claims such that we left trash in the house and there was poop on the floor and that we owe her extra because the place was not clean. However, I had always kept the place spotless and for months there would be people in and out of the house everyday as potential buyers who had all seen how clean the house was on a daily basis.

    Do I have a case to get my $1300 dollars back or do I still owe for the month of September?

    Thanks so much for your responses.

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  • Is it possible to just ask for check from insurance company instead of sending it directly to collison shop?

    My car was hit by another car this week and the repairs to my car is estimated at $997. The other driver admitted blame now his insurance company is suppose to send the collision shop I got the estimate from the check.

    Now my question is, can I request the check to be sent to me instead of getting my car repaired? I'm driving a 1998 chevy and was thinking about getting a new car soon. Is this possible? Thanks.

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  • How much to fix car dent/scratch?

    I'm trying to do the guy who hit me a favor and avoid insurance companies but need some estimates from people. Please let me know what you think and why you would think that. For example it looks similar to something thats happened to you or you fix cars.

    My car is a 1998 chevy lumina and the dent is on the rear passanger side door.

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  • Loud rumble from back right tire. Any suggestions?

    Hello, I drive a 1998 Chevy Lumina with 125,000 miles on it.

    My problem is the back right tire of my car is making this really loud obnoxious rumbling noise when I hit any kind of bump in the road. It began about a year ago and with time is becoming more sensitive to even smaller bumps making the back right tire rumble.At first, I thought it was my golf clubs rolling around in the trunk but since I've taken them out, I'm sure its coming from the tire region. I don't think this problem is affecting my cars performance but is really loud and I'm afraid of it being a safety issue. So my three questions are...

    1. Any suggestions on what may be wrong with my car?

    2. How much a possible solution would cost me?

    3, If I didn't get it fixed, whats the worst thing that could result from my problem?

    Thanks alot in advanced! I really appreciate it. I hope I covered everything.

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  • Where can I get tires that I already own put on my car?

    I have two snow tires in my garage and I need to put them on my car for winter. Where is the best place to go that will put my tires on for me?

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  • Internet connectivity Great! but no internet connection... (i need sum1 w/ great problem solving skills)?

    Here we go. I have my home network set up with WPA2 encryption and Mac address filtering. Network setup is (Internet --> Cable Modem --> Linksys Router). I have 2 laptops connected wirelessly and a ps3. They all work great. Now my rooomate is borrowing a computer for the next month or so and the laptop connects GREAT. However, nothing will load. Things I've tried:

    1. Connected the computer via a cat5e cable. Again, Great connection but no internet.

    2. I can ping anything in the entire world by either domain name or ip address, 100% received.

    3. Ive tried switching encryption to WEP.

    4. Ive turned off encryption.

    5. Ive turned off mac filtering.

    6. Ive ran winsock.

    7. Ive reinstalled both wireless and lan drivers.

    8. I tried connecting to the internet thru a shared connection with another computer.

    9. Static IP address.

    10. Open port 80.

    11. Disable UPnP.

    12. Reset both router and modem.

    13. Repaired connection.

    Any other suggestions?

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  • If i have to take a drug test at work, how should I dress?

    I just got a job at a hospital as the assistant to the IT Director. And I have to go in and get a drug test at the same hospital. Does it matter what I wear? Would jeans and a polo suffice or should I put on a nice pair of Khakis?

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