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  • Adoption and Culture ?

    I was adopted but i struggle with how i can connect with my dad’s culture, even though he was adopted too. 

    My dad’s adoptive dad was Tongan. 

    My dad has practiced some traditions from the Tongan Culture. We still even carry our Tongan family name. 

    I am white, and i want to learn more and participate more in our culture, but i feel as if i am pushing some invisible boundary or trying to be a part of a culture i’m only slightly adopted into. 

    I was visiting my new primary care doctor earlier this week and she was asking about where my last name came from, as it was unusual, especially since i’m white lol. I told her a bit about our history and she was inquiring even more about how much i have immersed myself into the culture and i told her i didnt know as much as i wish i did. 

    she encouraged me to learn more and to practice the culture more..

    i just dont want to step on anyone’s toes, seeing as i was only adopted into it by someone else who was adopted into it too. I have so much family over in Tonga and i want to be able to connect with them more. 

    i have seen a bunch on parents needing to adopt a child’s culture, but i have not seen anything about helping a kid adopt their parents. 

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  • Division math help??

    I have a division problem, and I'm able to use a caculater but I have to write out the problem and how I would do it... The problem is 350 divided by 14. I know the answer is 25, but how would I find my answer?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • How to sync music to your mobile device?

    So I just purchased music on amazon, and now es on the cloud player. But I want to get the music downloaded to my iPhone. But can you even get the music onto iTunes for that? Or do I have to use cloud player whenever I want to listen to the album?

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players8 years ago
  • Where can I watch this anime?

    So my friend told me to watch this anime, and I looked on you and couldn't find it. It's called gakuen alice, I know where I can read it. But I like to watch animes better. And I don't have a computer or laptop just a iPod. So thanks for helping! ^.^

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  • How to ask for emo/scene hair?

    So my mom wants me to get my hair cut. And I asked if I could get the emo hairstyle because I liked the way it looked. But she said no just because it had the word emo. So I want to try asking her if I could get (how you would ask a hairdresser for emo/scene hair) and see if she says yes. I really like the hairstyle. And I have medium long hair it goes around half way down my back, or a little yes. And thanks!

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  • What type o description would you give this horse?

    So, I'm trying to come up with a horse that looks like this description, so can you help me come up with something? Like colors, personalty, sorta like that.


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  • Any good idea for a birthday party?

    So my birthday is in 19 days and I don't know what to do! I'm a 13 turning 14 year old girl, I'm more of a tom-boy, I love to draw, write, read, and write lyrics, and sing, and hunt, ride four wheelers, go mudding, and all that awesome stuff! (; So anyone have any ideas what I should do for a summer birthday? It can be anything! Something that doesn't even fit my personality! I just need ideas for a 13 turning 14 year old girl birthday party.

    Thanks a bunch!

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  • How to solve this math problem?

    How do I solve this math problem?

    Solving Equations: More Simplifying?

    Like they have all the steps and all but it's really confusing, there's to many steps....

    Like here's one of the example problems it wants me to solve


    And everything is just so confusing...

    Thanks for the help!

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  • What are some good kitten?

    So I'm making a cat book, and I need baby kitten discriptions ;3 So if anyone could help out with that, that would be awesome!!


    1 AnswerCats8 years ago
  • What type of impression would you get from this name?

    So I'm making a fan-clan from the book Warriors by Erin Hunter and it's about these cats living in four clans(Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and Riverclan) And they do battles hunt for food and have mates and all that and what type of impression do you get from my clan? The name is Memoryclan. And I don't know what type of personallty the clan should have and all that.. Like the clans history, what there good at. What type of food they would eat. And stuff like that. So please help me ;)

    Thanks a lot! ;3

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  • I need help with this pre-alegbra problem?

    Okay so I need help with this pre-alegbra problem. My math teacher didn't explain how to do it very well... Well heres the problem:

    1/2 divided by 2/3


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  • Which picture do you like better?

    Okay so which picture do you like guys like better the one with red stripes or white stripes.

    Picture link with the red strips

    Picture link with the white strips

    Please tell me which one you like better :3

    Thanks a bunch!

    3 AnswersPhotography8 years ago
  • I am writeing a book and...?

    So I'm writeing a book about cats and one of my cats name is Ember a dark orange with red stripes and it is a female. Now I need you to help me come up with a personality that matches her name please?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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  • So my class is having campaign...?

    So my class is having this campaign, where we have a candidate, and all that... I'm the Campaign Manager, and I'm not fully getting what I'm supposed to do.. So if anyone can help me out with anything I'd be very greatful :3 And also is there any sources you could show me where it would give me information on campaigning and such.

    Thank you so much!

    1 AnswerElections9 years ago
  • What should my project be called?

    Okay I need a science fair project name my project is about how to stop onions from making you cry I need something really weird cool awesome and epic!! So please help me!! If you can that would be really helpful



    2 AnswersHomework Help9 years ago
  • why is sulfurous acid important in onions?

    I'm doing a science fair project and I can't find out why Sulfurous Acid is so important in onions... I'm really needing the info so please help me!



    1 AnswerBotany9 years ago
  • I know I'm a girl but....?

    But If my boy name was Max what do you think another English name would name be.

  • Any good anime in English?

    My younger sister doesn't like subs she likes dubs better can anyone help me find a super safe anime sorta like D.N.Angel or Full Moon, or Fruits Basket?

    Thank You for your help!

    3 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago