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  • hardship withdrawal 401k?

    I have a handshake rent to own agreement with my landlord. as part of that agreement I pay property taxes. The taxes are now behind on the property and I am facing eviction. We do not have a written contract. Does this qualify for a hardship withdrawal from my 401k account?

    14 AnswersRenting & Real Estate5 years ago
  • getting rid of fleas?

    I got a puppy a few weeks ago and was bathing her with blue Dawn dis soap on the vet's advice. When she was old enough for flea meds I got some from the vet. she was treated a week ago and the fleas are horrible. I removed over 100 fleas from her with a flea comb today. My house has been treated with spray, powders, bombs, borax. You name it. No other pets in the house. She can not be treated again until 30 days is up per the vet. Does anyone have any suggestions to get rid of the fleas naturally. I feel bad for the poor little dog.

    6 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • can a dog overdose on melatonin?

    He seems fine but the bottle was open. Not sure if he ate any or not and the vet is closed for the weekend. Hate to bring him to the emergency vet if he didn't eat any.

    3 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • ways to relieve nausea in dogs?

    I have a 6 year old beagle that is in renal failure. The most important thing is to get her to eat. She has issues with nausea which is to be expected and has had nausea medication from the vet. The meds don't seem to do much except the med that can only be taken for 4 days. The other med just doesn't do the job. Getting her to take pills is very difficult and I have tried EVERYTHING. Does anybody have any ideas of a natural way to relieve nausea so she can keep food down? The vet didn't really have any suggestions except to keep giving her the pills but I am never really sure if she swallowed them or not. I find them lying around the house. I check her mouth after giving them to her and I never see them. She is very sneaky about hiding them until I am not looking. I am desperate for ideas!

    2 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • What should I feed my beagle?

    She has decided after 6 years that dog food is just not for her. The vet offered some suggestions but she just won't eat them. It is people food or nothing. Keep in mind she has not been brought up to eat much in the way of scraps. We have been giving them to her lately just to get her to eat. She started to,lose weight when she stopped eating dog food. I have bought every brand on the shelves and she won't eat any of them. Not sure what her issue is or what to do about it. Any suggestions since the vet is out of ideas.

    2 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • How much would it cost to replace heater core?

    May need a new heater core in 2000 Impala. Wondering how much this will cost. My mechanic only charges $40 an hour labor. Any ideas on price?

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Temp gauge rising in Impala?

    Had thermostat replaced last January and again a month ago due to temp gauge rising well above halfway mark. Now temp gauge goes to half and drops rapidly. Did this twice earlier in the week. Just did it again today but now the car has no heat. What is causing this to keep happening. I can't believe the thermostats are to blame every time. What is the underlying cause. Year of the car is 2000.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Faulty thermostat in 2000 Impala?

    I have replaced the thermostat in my 2000 Impala 3 times in 16 mo and I think it needs to be replaced again. What would cause them to keep needing replacement?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Hubby is sick and stubborn?

    He had to call in sick to work today for only the 3rd time in 10 years. He has had cold chills, a very bad headache and almost vomiting. I would describe it as a migraine yet otc migraine meds have barely touched it. The headache has kept him up most of the night. I tried to convince him to go to the ER but he is very stubborn and won't go. Any ideas what this could be?

    3 AnswersMen's Health7 years ago
  • Electrical issue with Dodge Intrepid?

    This morning my air bag light stayed on, wipers, signal light, and clock didn't work. Shut the car off for a few minutes and restarted it and everything worked fine. What could have caused this?

    1 AnswerOther - Car Makes7 years ago
  • electrical issue with dodge interpid?

    This morning my air bag light stayed on, wipers, signal light, and clock didn't work. Shut the car off for a few minutes and restarted it and everything worked fine. What could have caused this?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • noise and vibration 2000 Chevy Impala?

    Recently put tires on and had a new muffler and catalytic converter put on my daughter's impala. Yesterday the car suddenly sounded loud like there was a hole in the exhaust and there was a slight vibration. Any idea what the cause could be?

    2 AnswersChevrolet7 years ago
  • battery vs alternator?

    I have had my car 7 1/2 years and have never had to change my battery. Wouldn't start yesterday. Husband jump started it and I let it run for about 15 minutes. Started this morning but I did buy a new battery. I assume due to the age of the battery that is the problem. Couldn't take it anywhere today to be tested because it is Sunday and all the local auto parts stores were closed. Had to buy the battery in Walmart. May I assume it is the battery and not the alternator?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • overfill of power steering fluid?

    I was adding power steering to my 2004 Intrepid due to a leak. The car is getting fixed in a couple of days. I did overflow the reservoir. Will this cause a problem?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Cause of a power steering fluid leak?

    My 2004 Dodge Intrepid is leaking power steering fluid. The lines were just replaced in February. The leak is much slower this time. Could it be the pump or can the lines be faulty?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago

    She was told this by a contractor doing some work at her house. I thought termites usually weren't seen but there damage was and usually you had to have an inspection done to see if you have a live infestation. Sounds a bit strange to me. Should i be concerned that she is being charged for something that isn't legit? Also I didn't know termites flew. Sounds suspicious to me.

    5 AnswersOther - Home & Garden7 years ago