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  • Why do liberals want lawful citizen's guns?

    Should the danger factor of any scenario be dependent on an object that has potential to be dangerous only when manipulated by human intervention? If the answer is yes, then essentially any object could be potentially dangerous when in the hands of a person who intends to use the object to inflict harm. I truly believe it's only perception that drives fear.. For example:

    Picture a tatted up gang banger on the street corner with an AR-15 ready to ruin his rival's world.

    Now picture a soldier holding an AR-15 protecting innocent civilians from a violent terrorist attack.

    If you're not an alien, I guarantee your perception of threat changed from one mental image to the other. It's ultimately not the weapon one fears as dangerous, but the person with their finger on the trigger.

    The left asks, "If you were in a room with a group of unarmed people that were isolated from the outside intervention, would you be safer if there were 3 guns in the room or safer without'em?" Obviously, most people perceive guns as the danger factor so they'd choose, 'without them.' But they essentially skip the most logical question, "Are any of the people in this room crazy enough to pick that gun up and shoot someone with it?" If yes, then I'd remove any gun from his/her reach, as well as any mugs, pens, glass containers, chairs, and even clothes because they could potentially strangle someone with it. If no, then there is no danger regardless of weapons being in the room or not... >

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  • Slope-intercept form help!?

    Use the given conditions to write an equation for each line. Leave the Equation in slope-intercept form, if possible.

    Passing through (2,-5) and (-4,6)

    My answer: y = -11/6x-5

    First I found the slope using the points given which came out to be 11/-6

    Then, i used the slope-intercept equation to plug in the data. (y=mx+b)

    where M is the slope, and B is the y-intercept.

    I concluded that y=-11/6x-5

    But!, that wasn't correct.

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  • Is my value still negative when replacing -x with -3?



    It's a basic function, but what i need to know is, if i plug -3 in for -x^2 will my value still be negative or switch to the opposite value? -3x^2 or 3x^2


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  • Universal html page? Similar to a Stylesheet?

    I'm using divs to create the structure for my website. Would i have to apply these divs to every page and then fill them with content? or does the browser take the index.html file and apply that to every document?

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  • Can anyone purchase Cannabis from dispensaries in Colorado?

    Now that it's legal for recreational use.

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  • Can i drive my car with a bad heater core?

    The heater core in my car went out and I need to get my car to a mechanicASAP. I don't have the money for a tow right now so my question is, can i drive it if i keep the radiator full? I'd have to drive it 4 miles with the bad heater core but will the car not overheat as long as the radiator is full? It keeps coming leaking out into the car but i cant have that cleaned after i fix it.

    Also i know you can bypass the heatercore by connecting the 2 tubes but i don't have a lift to access it. Will driving 4 miles with a bad heatercore cause something else to go wrong??

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  • So how can people honestly say the economy is better?

    When the only thing i'm noticing in my everyday life is people losing their houses, gas prices going up, and the price of food at my local store is going up because pretty much everyone in my area is on food stamps.. Really the only people i see who's lives are getting better are the monkeys down the street because they have no morale value and anything to work less and get more makes them happy.

    Wtf happens when there are no taxes to spend?? 50% of Black males don't have jobs.. and the other 50% don't pay their taxes unless they're working for mc donalds in which case they have to.. But those minimum wage taxes aren't going to pay for how much Obamacare is going to cost.. And when you tax all of these companies out the ***, they move overseas... So eventually there is going to be no tax revenue what-so-ever? What the hell is going on??

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  • 2004 Nissan 350z overheating?

    I've had problems with this car no doubt.. Just replaced 2 radiator fan motors, thermostat and solenoid valve body about a year ago.. Now the damned thing is overheating again! i turn the car on and it idles fine.. But as soon as i put it in drive and start moving, the temperature gauge starts going up and the vent on the dash ( The defroster one that's inside the car, right under the front windshield) starts making a spewing noise and a bunch of steam comes out fogging up the window.. This has happened 2 times before this and the culprit seemed to be that the radiator was low on coolant seeing the overflow was nearly empty.. It overheated yesterday for the first time in a couple weeks and i added water to the radiator and filled the overflow half way. I was able to drive 5 miles without it overheating. This morning when i'm driving to the mechanic, the car starts overheating again along with steam coming out of the dash vent..

    I popped the hood to check the overflow and now it's filled up 3/4 of the way with boiling water?? There was also a bunch of crud floating around on top.. Both radiator fans were on full blast too. Idk what is going on.. I can't drive it far enough to get to a mechanic..

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  • My cheeks are losing weight? Help please!?

    Hey guys i'm a 20 year old male and just like the question describes, my cheeks are slowly starting to sink in?? I don't know if that's the correct way to put it but my face is starting to look gaunt and unhealthy.. I can't stop myself from losing weight no matter how much it seems that i eat.. I've been heavily for 3 years so could this be the problem? Kids at my college that smoke don't seem to have the same problem so i'm just assuming it's a weight issue.. It's like my cheek bones have grown out but that's not the case, i'm just losing weight in my cheeks... I've tried gaining weight by upping my protein and reducing my carbs but it's not workin!

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  • Donald Trump offering to donate 5 Million to charity for Obamas College transcripts?

    Donald Trump has offered Obama 5 million dollars to the charity of his choice to release his transcripts that have been hiding for 4 years.. I wonder how long it'll take them to doctor one up for him? Do you think he'll do it? Why wouldn't he unless he have something to hide? That's 5 million to support a good cause, it'd be insulting for the President not to follow through. I'm sure Romney would proudly show us that he wen't to Harvard and didn't transfer as a foreign student..

    I don't know why this hasn't drawn any red flags for libs.. He keeps lying to you guys! haha

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  • Government cellphones?

    wouldn't it be cheaper to just add a housephone to their basic cable service since they never leave the house anyway unless it's to pick up their 6 pack of heineken with their EBT?

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  • Celebrities endorsing Obama?

    This is sooo funny to see.. Most of these celebrities having no education, no sense of value and don't seem to understand the basic principles of politics.. They're just a bunch of kids with millions of dollars..

    and then to see people voting for obama because their favorite hollywood celebrity supports him? If you want to base your vote on endorsements.. then vote for Fidel Castro and all of the other communist dictators that endorse Obama.. I guess he's not Barak Hussein Obama the 2nd for nothing! His father would be so proud..

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  • What's one logical reason you're voting for Obama?

    Let's not preach women's rights or Gay marriage.. If you think that's the countries main concern right now in a state of near crisis, then it's obvious you have no reasoning behind anything else but these little democratic social issues..

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  • Voting machines in NC are recording Obama Votes multiple times when they're actually voting for Romney?

    On top of that, My sister registered republican early 2012 and when she got her voters card it said NPA. She then got a phone call from a private number! It was someone claiming to be calling on "behalf of the state of Florida" telling her she needs to vote Obama on the polls because it's what's best for Florida.. She of course stood her ground and had a heated 5 minute discussion only to end with them hanging up in the middle of the phone call. The 2008 election, my friends mom went to the voting station in her county to vote for obama.. She wasn't able to vote because someone already voted for her!.. and guess who it was?? Oh and in 2008, the Obamabus drove through my neighborhood picking up all of the homeless and semi-homeless giving them free food to come vote for Obama.. How desperate is that..?

    Wtf is going on here???

    If feel like if Romney takes the lead Obama is still somehow going to "miraculously" come out leading in the polls and hold his position at the Whitehouse..

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  • Does Abortion contradict double homicide?

    So it's okay to kill a fetus with contraception, but if someone kills a pregnant woman it's double homicide? It seems that you can only have one of these laws in place.. Having them both contradicts the law.

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  • Castro endorses Obama?

    Why are all of these socialists endorsing obama?

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  • If the economy bottoms out and anarchy arises, can the president declare martial law?

    I'm no conspiracy nut, but i was reading a couple of things that seemed possible.. Our economy has been on a rapid decline for many years now.. Statistics show that each year keeps getting dangerously worse than the previous year. If the economy completely collapses out as predicted with mathematical evidence by the year 2014, can the president declare martial law ? I thought It had to pass through congress first, but everything i've been reading says Obama can surpass congress..

    I'm not saying that obama's plans and views are not morale and unjust, but If these conspiracy theorists are right, could obama really declare martial law and throw all of us in camps that revolt? I mean his father was a communist leader along with his mother as well.. That's kind of scary..

    Martial law states that the military government will have complete control over businesses, peoples rights and pretty much anything else the constitution protects..

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  • World of warcraft random lag on mac?

    I'm running wow on the newest 2012 macbook air.. Frames are not an issue.. I can run wow on high graphics without experiencing low frames even with heavy graphic usage in big battles. I have the Ubee router from brighthouse running the fastest internet they provide.. Every 10 minutes or so, i'll get this random 10 second lag where everyone on my screen is standing still and none of my skills are actually casting. After the lag decides to pass, wow kicks into hypermode until it catches up to live gameplay. My husband has never had this issue on his desktop and says i shouldn't be having any issues on my computer seeing my specs are well over the min requirements. It's a concerning issue because in i'm a healer and our whole group normally wipes if i happen to lag in a battle.. I've tried going into wow's network settings and played around with the settings to see what helps but it always ends up happening. Is there just a setting on my mac that needs to be changed or what?

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  • Pulling all U.S troops out of Afghanistan by 2014? Good idea or bad idea?

    I'm trying to educate myself a little bit. Did the fall of Osama enrage them even more or has it established an ultimate fear for our U.S military? Does our military have complete control over their possession of nuclear missiles now? and if so, will we still have that control after 2014? I mean, they're not afraid to blow themselves up to devastate their enemy for the grace of their god.. so i don't think they'd think twice about shooting missiles at us. I mean we trained the Iran soldiers and provided them with our weapons and they killed our troops with them. I'm not trying to start an argument and please don't post rude comments i just would like to understand it a little better and find out collect some opinions to form my own. I'm young and have never experienced war on our countries fronts, so based on history and modern philosophy.. what's the right move?

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