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  • Who is currently United's best player?

    Genuinely curious in thinking who United fans view as the bright light in what has been a dark season so far. Personally, it's Daniel James for me

    3 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)9 months ago
  • Lukas Podolski at Arsenal: Hit or Miss?

    Two and a half seasons with the Gunners

    Helped end their trophy drought by being on the winning FA Cup squad

    Cannons for shots 

    Could've still provided for the team

    3 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)10 months ago
  • Andriy Arshavin at Arsenal: Hit or Miss?

    Signed in the January transfer window in 09

    Ran riot at Anfield with 4 goals against Liverpool

    Spent four seasons with the Gunners

    7 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)10 months ago
  • Maruoane Fellaini At Manchester United: Hit or Miss?

    First major signing in the post Ferguson Era

    Was balling brilliantly under Van Gaal in the 14-15 season

    Doesn't get enough credit for being very instrumental in United's run for their first Europa League trophy

    Feel like United could do better currently if they had the big Belgian

    Hit, or miss?

    4 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)10 months ago
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan at Manchester United: Hit or Miss?

    Signed by Mourinho summer 16. Had memorable moments, such as that scorpion kick goal. Scored the winner in the Europa League final. Was traded for Alexis in January

    7 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)10 months ago
  • Final Verdict On Brendan Rogers Time In Liverpool: Hit Or Miss?

    Three full seasons at the Merseyside. Introduced us the deadly duo of Suarez and Sturridge. Got creative by bringing in Coutinho. Nearly won the Premier League. Set the base for Klopp. Liverpool fans, how do you rate Rogers?

    2 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)11 months ago
  • Final Verdict On Louis Van Gaal's Time At Manchester United: Hit Or Miss?

    The second manager to takeover the club in the post SAF era after Moyes' miserable run.

    Now granted, he wasn't exactly the greatest manager we've had, but I think he doesn't get enough credit for getting the ball moving for the club. For all his boring style of play, he did introduce a lot of exciting players from our youth. He took us back to top 4 in his first season, and won the FA Cup his final season.

    I wouldn't have objected to a third season, which would've been his final season with the club based on his contract. I honestly think players like Rashford, Martial, Lingard, among many others (Fosu-Mensah and Varela deserve a shout) would flourish greatly under LVG.

    6 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)11 months ago
  • Henrik Larsson at Manchester United: Hit or miss?

    The Swedish Sharpshooter spent three months on loan at Old Trafford

    5 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)11 months ago
  • Aleksander Hleb at Arsenal: Hit or miss?

    Three seasons for the mighty Gunners before departing for Spain.

    7 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)11 months ago
  • Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez at Manchester United: Hit or miss?

    Mexico's all-time leading goalscorer spent 4 full seasons at United before being loaned out and sold.

    3 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)12 months ago
  • As a United fan, is it wrong of me to hate City far more than Liverpool?

    I hate those damn Scousers as much as any United fan, and would hate to see them ever win the league. But at least we have a storied rivalry, and I got nothing but respect for Liverpool for that simple reason.

    City, on the other hand, to me are a team nobody invited to the party, so they just decided to force their way in and they ruin everything. Personally, their fans are the absolute WORST! Like come on, you just started becoming hot these last 9 years, while us and Liverpool have been dominating for a whole century

    Idk, maybe it stems from the fact that they buried us with 6 goals at Old Trafford, or them snatching the title from us at the very end of that season. Either way, ever since they won the league in 2012, my hatred for them has exponentially grown.

    It's sad that I now have to support Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, or Spurs whenever they play them. But that's just how much I hate them

    I deeply hate Manchester City

    9 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)1 year ago
  • Luis Nani at Manchester United: Hit or miss?

    Seven seasons of the mercurial Portuguese running up and down the wings. Was groomed to be the next Ronaldo

    5 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)1 year ago
  • Arsenal fans: What are your thoughts on Gabriel?

    Watching as a neutral, he seems like a good CB. Hustles harder than Mertesacker, and has more of an aggressive bite than the latter. But what do you guys think of him? Should he start more often? Or should Arsenal sign another CB?

    3 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)4 years ago
  • United fans: Is Van Gaal's philosophy finally coming to light?

    Since his arrival, LVG famously kept talking about his "philosophy" on how to make United a great side. We never knew what he meant by it, but I think I'm starting to slowly understand it.

    What if by philosophy, he bought all of those expensively experienced players to help the youth play better?

    With the exception of Martial, he's been dishing out the youth and they've been playing WAY better than the usual starters. Take Rashford for example. He came in and made that striker position his. Fonsu-Mensah, Varela, Lingard, etc. They quickly decimated the likes of Arsenal, City, and more.

    Granted, guys like Depay, Schweini and co. can ultimately gain it back, but Van Gaal's philosophy seemingly means that he's building a team for the future.

    Now with that said, I know a lot of United fans still aren't fully convinced by his approach. But I, for one, want him to stay next season. One, it's his final season. And two, I'm really excited to see where he'll take this youthful United side. In many ways, it kinda reminds me of the class of 92. Or in Van Gaal's case, that youthful Ajax side that defeated back-then, mighty Milan side.

    There might be the shout for Mourinho to take over, granted he is a phenomenal coach, but I really don't want to see that happen. Sure, it means success, but what good is it if we can't win it in spectacular fashion? That's what we've always been known for. And I also fear that he might not even want to further develop and work with the youth

    6 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)4 years ago
  • How well will Liverpool perform next season?

    Liverpool have been going through something of a renaissance under Jurgen Klopp this season, and he seems to be bringing the same mentality with him that made Dortmund a great side in the Bundesliga. He has won the Merseyside derby for the first time in over a year, humiliated City, twice, and humbled Chelsea. Not to mention his performance in the Europa has been phenomenal, defeating United and Dortmund. With a potential Europa final in the horizon, it's fair to say Klopp has somewhat steered the Reds in the right direction, even though he is working with Brendan Rodger's squad.

    With that being said, I have no doubt in my mind that Liverpool will go through a massive change this summer. Klopp buying players that suit his style will surely help transform Liverpool as a threatening side and selling deadweight players. But how well will Liverpool perform next season? Will they be able to threaten for top four? If they do enter the Champions League, how far do you expect them to go?

    2 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)4 years ago
  • Arsenal fans: Should Wenger go for Sebastian Giovinco?

    While I agree that Giroud isn't as good as Wenger makes him out to be, and Benzema being constantly linked with a move to the Emirate Stadium, why not look into Giovinco? Sure he wasn't lighting it up during his spell at Juve, but prior to that, he was he was a standout performer for Parma. And he's breaking records in the MLS currently.

    Should Wenger look into getting Sebastian Giovinco?

    5 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)4 years ago
  • United fans: Am I the only one who misses Rafael, and believes that he should've still been on the squad?

    Sure he was reckless at times, but his work rate was unquestionable and always did what was asked of him. He always showed pride with wearing the shirt every time he stepped on the pitch. While I'm starting to grow to like Darmian, and also believe we have a future talented RB in Varela, I still believe Rafael could've still been a hell of a player.

    So United fans, I ask you this; should Van Gaal have kept Rafael?

    5 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)4 years ago
  • United fans: Should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer be considered to become the next manager of Old Trafford?

    Last time I asked if Ryan Giggs should be considered to become the next coach of Manchester United, in which a lot of you guys said he needed more time and experience before he can take over in the future. But what about Ole? He is a legend and a cult hero among the Old Trafford faithfuls. He also has coaching experience, as he did coach the Manchester United youth for a little while and achieved some moderate success in Norway with Molde.

    He also coached Cardiff in the Premier League briefly.

    He could be what Diego Simeone is to Atletico, or Frank de Boer is to Ajax.

    Should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer become the next manager of Manchester United?

    11 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)5 years ago
  • United fans: Should Giggs be considered to become the next manager at Old Trafford?

    I see a lot of fans wanting Mourinho, Guardiola, and Simeone as the next coach of United, but what if Giggs became the next coach? He has experience, being a player/coach under Moyes and even coached the team after Moyes got sacked doing relatively well. He also served as Van Gaal's assistant.

    This is a man who won several major silverware as a player and has seen good and bad days at Old Trafford.

    Should Giggs be considered as the next coach of Manchester United

    13 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)5 years ago