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  • I sucked a random guy's d*ck and loved it ?

    Ok....I am not trolling. Ok so I am gay and plan to transition into a woman when I'm 18 (MTF) I'm currently 16. I'm a virgin. Never seen d*cks in front of me. Only occational glimpse thrown when I'm @ the urinal... :x. Ok so I was i the last urinal at the complete left (it was the smallest one, you could basically see my penis.) There was an empty stole next to me and then there was this guy that started stroking his ****( I would say he is in his late 40s ).I was literally staring.There was nobody else in the room just one guy that was leaving. Then while staring at his c*ck, i get rock hard and really turned on. This guys starts jerking off and moaning, which made me even more excited.So when he was hard, he went into a stole and after like 5 secs I walked by the stole, he was waiting for me @ the door, and told me to come in with a hand gesture.At this points my hard was pounding really hard from the excitement because I never thought this was gonna happen, it was only a fantasy of mine.When I go into the stole, he unzips his pants and pulls his big, thick and gorgeous looking c*ck out, I started to touch it and stroke it for like 20 seconds, and then suddenly I started to suck him, I have never felt so good in my entire life, It felt like I was meant to suck ****. His **** felt so good in my mouth, I cannot even describe the feeling. After 5 mins I left like nothing ever happened. Now all I can do is think about sucking **** all day long, it's all I want. Please help me!

  • Hair transplant from butt to head ? Lol?

    Ok so my friend being the disgusting AND insecure person that she is wants to know whether she can get hair from her butt ( which according to her is wavy and beautiful ) to her head ( she has kinda nappy hair ). Yesterday she told me that when she was shaving her anus, she looked at the razor and her hair was long and wavy, just how she likes it, and she would love to have her hair like that (GROSS RIGHT !!) Anyways her hair doesn't grow much and she finds her *** hair pretty, is it possible to get it done ? I would just like to get her off my back ... ( I'm not trolling BTW she really wants this :s )

    Please serious answers only ( I know it's hard to take it seriously, because believe me I'm dying of laughter right now but what can I do Lol )

    Thanks in advance

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  • Need Opinion in which smartphone to buy?

    I'm asking this for my friend. He wants to know whether to buy an HTC droid dna, Galaxy s3 or iPhone 4.

    Please give the pros and cons and which one is the best :)

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Can I unlock BAD ESN Sprint iPhone 5/5c/5s with r sim 9 ?

    The tittle pretty much says it all. I would really like to know because I would like to buy one but a clean esn/unlocked one costs 4x the price of a bad esn one. I've herd that with r sim it can be done, just want to make sure before I buy one on eBay.

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  • Good looking phones under $200 ?

    Hi, I`m looking for a great and good looking smartphone that I can buy unlocked off eBay for under $200. ( Looking to coennect it on Metro PCS for $40 a month )

    I`m already thinking of the HTC ONE X, GALAXY NEXUS or SAMSUNG GALAXY S2.

    Can you guys tell me which is better and any other suggestions ?

    Thanks :)

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  • Obsessed with smartphones yet never had one ?

    Hi, my name is .... not Hailey :)

    I am a 16 year old boy ( Transgender btw.. That hasn't come out cause is too afraid ( Other long story which i'll probably share another time .. :D ) )

    I now every single thing about smartphones, like EVERYTHING. Every single day I watch reviews and know all the new phones etc.. ! >.<

    I think my parents can't afford to buy me a smartphone right now. I just need to find a way to get my self a smartphone, does not need to be able to be activated, just need for testing and updates and reviews etc..

    Can someone help me ? I'm desperate ! .__.

    Thank you in advance for the answers ;3

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