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I live in Georgia. That's the last English colony and in someways, the most.

  • car fuse didn't blow?

    Never saw this before, but I've not seen a lot of things. The correct amp size for that socket is a 30 amp fuse which is what was in it. Blower motor stopped working and I pulled the one beside it to check it. It was good but then when I tried to pull the one beside it, it wouldn't come out. Upon further inspection, the plastic around the fuse had somewhat melted and discolored as had the fuse. But, the fuse link still appeared to be intact.

    The fuse that melted, I believe was to the rear window defroster and not the blower motor.

    Ever heard of such a thing? That is, a fuse that didn't blow, discolored from likely heat and the plastic around it melted?

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  • antique photographs damaged by relative; looking for a photograph restorer?

    Two family photograph albums that were around 150 years old damaged and photographs written on the back of who is in the picture by my sister IN INK.. I've talked to a couple but they major in restoring the image and not dealing with an idiot like my sister who marked up the back of it.

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  • Recommendations For a Good IP wireless Security Cam?

    I'm thinking of putting in a couple of security cams, one inside the house and one outside around the door or where my car would be seen.

    I'm thinking a wireless setup would be nice and IP which could send notices via email would be nice and have built in IR LEDs. Ive also ordered IR LEDs and plan to make a few IR spot lights to help out on that.

    I've been told Linkes is a good brand to look to. I'm seeing several different models on Ebay that are pan/tilt. How well do these hold up? I assume that these do not require a computer but only a modem or router hookup once set up.

    I live in a rented house and nearly I go away, I find that my belongings have been gone through, since there was no sign of a break in, the landlord likely was nosy. While what I have isn't illegal, it is my stuff and not subject to public inspection by the landlord just because he knows I'm going to be out of town for a few weeks.

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  • Good Video Card for Videos, games and general use?

    I'm sure this will open a can of worms. What's a good video card for general use of videos and games? Not an extreme gamer here but would like a card that performs, holds up and doesn't break the bank.

    The last card I had was XFX which had the capacitor plague. This is where counterfeit parts are used and the results are that the capacitors explode. XFX did not not replace the card, nor own up to this. The sound is anywhere from a firecracker to a rifle as pressure builds up and the thing explodes.

    I've heard that Nvidia rules. Also that ATI is on the way out.

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  • Can a too large of an amp battery not fully charge in a car?

    Bought a battery from a local dealer which was a 720 amp. It failed. That company no longer carried that brand of battery and replaced it with a 525 amp and their website shows the only battery that they sell for that make and model of car to be a 525 amp. I protested that they originally sold me a 720 amp battery and replacing it with a lessor quality battery under the warranty. The guy tried to tell me that if a too large of an amp battery is put in a car, that the alt. wouldn't fully charge it. I don't believe that? Anyone else ever hear this happening?

    Since it was under warranty I took the 525 amp. Now five months later that battery has failed.

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  • Divorcing one's family?

    I am an adult and my father died about seven years ago. Since that time, first I listened and tried to comfort my mother in the grieving process. Then she expended a great deal of energy on guilt trips to get me to move to her home, not her town, not her area but back into her her home. I live about 800 miles away, have a stable income and I really don't care to move back into my mother's house and be treated like a 14 y/o again which is what would happen.

    She would spend each day watching the funeral video of her husband's (my father) funeral. Then the guilt trips started.

    Boo hoo, poor me. *** (My father) is gone, I don't know what I'm going to do. What I did was clean up his mess, litereally. The Department of Natural Resources came in because my father had taken wasted oil from a local factory and it went into the ground. Looking back, I think that the factory would have been liable but I'm sure they would have denied it. His idea was to convert it for heating oil..

    I literally spent about three months of my life clearing up the mess he created. There was also the auction which I had to inventory and display. My sister did only one thing on this. She once puppy dogged me around and had her vicious pet dog along with her. When I told her to be quick because I was trying to formulate and write down an item that would be in the upcoming auction, she said "I don't know how to be quiet."

    When I asked her to remove the dog as there were a few chickens left that it would attack and kill, she angerally left. Long story short, I compiled a list of what was to be auctioned and not be. For three days I asked my mother to go over it with me but to silence. Then, the auctioneer calls and says he needs the list in two hours. At that point, they spring into action, blah, blah, blah. I'm tired of this at this point and tell them I'm taking a shower as it was a Sunday morning.

    They come up, discuss the list and my sister Byatches about it. I look at her complaint and tell her it was a draft that was created three days ago and not the current list.

    My mother basically sells everything on the farm and it's in her name. To which, she wastes the majority of the money. Some of it went to my sister because boo hoo.

    Things that made sense was installing a central heating air conditioning system not the one that I recommended. Result is it costs my mother more to heat and cool her house per year.

    Buying a new car. Yes, I think she needed stable transportation. But, after three times of bringing this up that she put it in her name and my sister's name, and the fact that when she passes, it doesn't go to the estate but to my sister, it's fell on deft ears.

    The will states share and share alike. But, according to my mother, my sister needed a Cabinet which was more of a buffet style table. It was in an out building and full of old tools. She took that and my mother claims it was empty. Wrong!

    I asked for the main lighting fixture of my grandparent's house as my sister had basically taken everything else. Without asking me, my sister had her husband take down this lighting fixture to "preserve it." The results is that a pre 1930s hanging fixture with bulbs were pulled down. When asked where the bulbs are, "I don't know?" Sometimes these vintage bulbs are worth more than the fixture but she took it.

    The library table. I asked for it as my sister had taken everything else. It had one draw and full of letters from the 20s through the 50s. My father before he died moved it to their house and left it intact.

    My sister took it upon herself to move it from where it was to my prior bedroom. In doing so, she slid it across the floor, skinned the veneer in some places and ripped it right off in the other places. This bascially destroyed the value of the table. The worst part is stealing the contents.

    I know for a fact that before it was moved, it contained the letters and everything from that earlier time. I was given so many stories. One, when it was moved to the new house, the contents were ratty and discarded. Two, my mother wanted to use it as a desk several years later and discarded the contents. Three, when it was moved, the contents were tossed out as they "were just things that needed to be thrown away." Four, my sister's step child said the contents were put in a plastic box.

    The results of this was the the veneer was damaged beyond repair. Yet, my mother denies all this.

    The trunk. It was left to me, not my sister, not my father, not to me and my sister but to me. My sister has broken into it around three times. From it has been taken Japanese pipes when my grandmother died and given to my uncle by mother mother, though, they weren't hers.

    In this trunk were items of personal interest to my grandmother, her mother and maybe

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  • Border Crossing Changing of the guards India/Pakistan?

    Youtube thumbnail


    Highly ceremonial but is this largely based on British style military ceremony? Looks like at one point they're almost goose stepping.

    Also, it appears that no one is wearing medals in miniature.

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  • Flying Shrimp Bumble Bee?

    Saw what probably was a bumble bee working the flowers on the deck but I've never seen anything like this one. It was around an inch long. Rather than the body being bulb like, it was more elongated. It was bumble bee colors of yellow and black but the body was yellow and the tail was black, no stripes. It had a very thick antennae with little smaller antennae branching out about 1/8 of an inch on the sides.

    The tail was fanned like a shrimp's and totally black.

    I'm in the S.E. United States. Looked on Google but didn't see anything remotely that looked like it.

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  • Open Flame prohibited by All Building Codes?

    I asked a question about whether Atlanta Gas Light would install residential interior lighting because Georgia power has raised rates 19% while making more than 1 billion dollars net profit last year.

    While I asked it half-heartedly, the reply I got was this would be against the law as "all" codes prohibit open flame lighting. Gee, I got an expert who was an authority on all codes in all countries in the world!

    That is so vague. Candles are open flame. Therefore, they would be against the law. Fireplaces do emit light and therefore, as an open flame that emits light, would be against the code. I would expect such an answer from a newbie but not a top contributor.

    Is an open flame prohibited in ALL codes and can you back it up?

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  • Is it not a dangerous presidence for obama to compare his kids to Congress?

    Should not children be exempt from use for monetary, celebrity or political gain, even if the children are those of the parent(s) seeking to capitalize by it?

    1. He's opening his children up to the eye of the public which, in my opinion, should be off limits. Period.

    2. By doing so and comparing their homework to that of the work of Congress the big question is how is his children doing in school and what? This means that there'll be reporters, teachers pro and con who will leak their grades and conduct.

    3. If his children are C and D students and/or their conduct is rather bad, obama has made a major mistake and it will come back to haunt him.

    If his kids are D students and he's prodding Congress to be like his kids, he's made a major mistake, in my opinion. How can a man use his children as a political tool?

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  • House Electrical fire caused by adapter. Ever heard of that?

    I live in the U.S. and it's common to buy adapters that make a grounded receptacle three-prong fit a two-prong outlet or extension cord.

    At 7:13 a.m., I heard a lot of crackling, popping, smoke and flashes of light like in the kitchen.

    I had an appliance extension cord which had it's own circuit breaker and is a heavier grade wire attached to this adapter which was then plugged into an appliance that was turned off.

    Fortunately, I unplugged the cord and the fire went out fairly quickly but the smoke was terrible. The adapter was halfway melted as was the metal prongs of the adapter and the prong going to the appliance.

    I've never heard of an adapter shorting out like that. Anyone else have a similar problem?

    I identified its brand by the markings and writing to that of a spare one I had around the house. I called the manufacturer and they got uptight, put me on hold and said they'd have someone call me back.

    This could have burned the house down if it'd happened during the middle of the night or if no one was home.

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  • Since when does "finely sliced" steak equal hamburger?

    Bought a box of so called steaks and they weren't cheap. In big, big letters STEAK. Looking at the box later, it said "finely sliced." Now since it was round pieces of meat wrapped in bacon, one would assume that it was finely sliced into this "round state.

    However, it is nothing more than hamburger surrounded by a pieces of bacon that don't even hold together. When buying hamburger in the US, at least the amount of fat within it is displayed. This says nothing.

    False advertising? I think so. I'll be calling the manufacturer on Monday and returning the box to the store that sold it to me at the height of the day when more people can see that they are selling fake goods.

    Not much difference between this and low grade ground beef but the price. When one buys ground meat, it's impossible to tell where all it's been, the floor, the drain, etc. Also, ground meat has generally a higher bacteria rate because of the surface area.

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes9 years ago
  • New Install Of XP freezes for 10-15 Seconds?

    Installed XP home ed on a new WD 500gb Sata drive. Went to my mother's house for Christmas and soon after, the boot sector became corrupted and it wouldn't boot into windows. Used an older hard drive until I could get back home to the install disc.

    In recovery concole, I was able to do a partial chkdsk /r command. I was able to retrieve some needed info such as email addresses. Did a quick format on it and installed XP and the updates.

    Almost like it's on a cycle, the computer will freeze up except for the mouse for 10 to 15 seconds about every 90 seconds. Press the start button with the mouse and it may not open for 5 seconds. Or, it may open immediately.

    This happens with all programs that I'm aware of, not sure if it locks up when watching a youtube video. When typing a message in yahoo messenger, text will not appear but it appears that the information isn't lost as at the end of the freeze, what I typed will appear and I can send the message.

    This is a desktop, 2. gig AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core with 2 gig of ram. I checked the system hardware and no ! or ? marks with the video display.

    I reinstalled XP on the old hard drive without reformating it and I don't have any problems other than it's a bit slower than it should be. I assume that not being formatted some of the system files are fragmented.

    Using the older hard drive that I installed a workable copy of XP, I ran the antivirus and spybot. Also ran chkdsk for bad sectors. Nothing came up on the new drive, though the older drive had some bad sectors but none on the Windows folders.

    Ran set up again on the new drive. This time I deleted all the partitions and did a quick format. The only things I installed were the main drivers for the video and sound and the firewall. Kept it unpluged from the net but the same thing, freezes up for about 10 seconds at a time except for the mouse.

    What's going on?

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  • Craig's List Volume Limit? What is it?

    I asked a simple question on CL's list. My broadband connection will sometimes display a youtube video for maybe 2 minutes and then just stop incoming. This even happened with VoIP telephone. Looking at BandWidth Monitor, I can see where the incoming information just drops off.

    I asked if anyone else had experienced that their internet was there one minute but not the next. One reply was to be careful to ask such questions as when that person had asked a similar question his CL's account had been suspended.

    Well, probably coincidentally, the next day, XP failed to boot up, missing file. Go figure. I was in the process of changing to a new drive so just reinstalled it. Then two days later when I tried to post again on CL's list I get the following message:

    "This posting is being blocked

    You have exceeded the posting volume limit for this account/email.

    Craigslist readers strongly prefer not to see the same posting listed multiple times.

    Please help us out by not overposting your listing."

    Since I don't post a lot on CL and hadn't for two days, I wonder what the volume limit is? It's not on any of their help list sections. And, good luck on getting a reply from sending an email back from them.

    It's too coincidental that I had mentioned the cab le company by name (which rhymes with fo x ) and then the next time I tried to post, I was blocked.

    What's the volume limit? Anyone ever heard of this? Anyone ever had a similar experience as I have with being blocked upon mention the I P ser vice provider?

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  • What causes paint bubbles, bumps, etc. in a new paint job?

    See my last question regarding this. I received my car back with paint bubbles above the paint job, bumps in the paint and air bubbles in it. To see the air bubbles, it has to be in part shade and catch the light just right.

    I sent it back and when I went to get it back, someone else had come back for their car and they had issues with the quality or lack there of of the job.

    In total, I've sent it back three times. First when they finished it originally and they touched it up. Second when I got it home and opened the passenger side door and it looked like they had painted over a wad of chewing gum. Was it bondo or welding? Third when they said it was ready and there were still bumps in the hood. That last time I spoke with the owner.

    Part of it I feel that they painted over rust on replacement parts. But what would cause air bubbles within the clear coat? And what would cause bumps above the paint job? The owner says it's the clear coat and it's really hard to do that without air bubbles or bumps.

    They had a list of what to repair and forgot to take it from the car. The bottom three items weren't checked off.

    I think taking it back again will result in removing more of the clear coat which makes the paint job less durable. And, basically, how many times can one send back the soup before the waiter spits in it. That's my concern as I'm seeing scratches in the other parts of the car that I had never noticed before.

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  • Car paint job botched?

    Sent my car to a body shop for repair. It is a certified repair shop for at least six insurance companies but not the one that paid for this job.

    I got it back and the rear bumper gash looked like it had been bondoed but required additional work, but they chose to paint over it. Also looked like they had painted over debris on the bumper.

    The hood had air bubbles and bumps. I had paid out of pocket to have the hood done. In replacing the hood, they had chipped the existing paint on one fender and the front grill.

    The passenger door, which they replaced had black painted trim that hadn't been touched and was largely showing bare metal. The door sill had a wad of either bondo or had been welded that wasn't sanded down.

    The paint, as a whole, had air bubbles throughout it. On the door, there were large paint bumps coming up. The bottom of the door appears to have been painted over rust.

    Upon returning it, they reluctantly agreed to repair it and give me a rental car. But, as I mentioned to the assistant manager when he said they'd fix it and buff it all out, that would remove a lot of the clear coat. His reply was that it's clear coated three times.

    Even if they fix it and make it look right, if they remove much of the clear coat, am I right that the paint job won't last as long?

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  • LandLord Over Reaching?

    I rent a house from a man who has about six rentals all within a block of his house. In December, I left for my mother's house and because of the weather was gone more than I wanted to be.

    I came back, I noticed that a tarp that I had secured a lawn chair project had been removed. Thought that was odd as I had secured it very firmly because I had spent several weeks of the summer removing old paint from this lounge chair, applying primer, paint, and clear coat that I didn't want it damaged.

    We had talked about rewiring the shop and the landlord had given me about 200 feet of outside electrical wiring. Knowing this is something people can steal when no one is around, I made sure to lock it up in the shop before I left.

    I return later than I wanted due to bad weather in the MidWest and the fact that someone hit my car at no fault of my own.

    I immediately discovered that the tarp had been removed and thought it odd since I had so securely placed items over it. Didn't really think about the wire until later.

    When I discovered that the wire was gone and that the tarp just wasn't moved but removed, I did a check of things outside. I called the landlord's wife to inquire about anyone being around while I was gone and that this wire, which I had securely put up, was missing. She very rudely told me to speak to him about it.

    Bottom line, he needed an electrical line because of this fire and then realized that it would cost him more than $200 to buy. He knew this was back here at my house, his words, thought I wasn't going to use it and removed it from the locked shop. Also, in searching for it, removed the tarp and the hand truck that was partly securing it in place.

    Not knowing what was going on and getting his wife's answer, I nearly called the sheriff to report a theft when in fact, he had taken the wire.

    Worst part is that the metal lawn chair that I had spent much of the summer on was now damaged. It was scratched, when the tarp was haphazardly pulled off it, it chipped paint off it and basically ruined the time, effort and money I had put into to paint.

    He admitted taking the wire and to why because it would have cost him 150 bucks plus to buy and thought I wasn't going to use. Said we had bad weather and that must have been the problem with the tarp.

    If one gives something, it's no longer theirs to take back. In this case, I thought I had been robbed which I guess, in a way I was. But I looked my home over for over two hours to see what else had been taken, isn't that funny they thought.

    Then, upon inspection of this chair which took me several weeks to restore, find that it is very much damaged in the paint job that took so much time to complete. Plus, he left it exposed to the weather getting it not only damaged but dirty.

    His attitude is, no big deal. If you want the wire back, I can have it. I feel that he shouldn't have went through my things. BTW, brand-new towel in the bathroom, immediately upon returning home I noticed a cigarette burn on it.

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  • Orbit Webcam a good choice?

    Looking to get a new webcam. Is the Logitech Orbit webcam a good choice? I see it's a motorized tracking cam but can it be adjusted manually via software or is the motorized tracking automatic?

    I find it very confusing. They list the features but really don't say.

    1 AnswerAdd-ons10 years ago
  • Placement of logs for max heat from a fireplace?

    My mother has a fireplace with metal insert, vents at the bottom with fans that create a convection to a vent above the fireplace.

    I place the logs in lengthwise. My sister always complains about this and says I should them in with the ends showing to the front.

    I say that as the logs burn, more radiant heat will be emitted if the logs are lengthwise rather than endwise. An exception being to the point that the logs have degraded to coals and then I don't think it matters.

    As she's too lazy to build a fire herself, the fire is built by me with the logs lengthwise.

    I know this is probably an unscientific question, but what's everyone's opinion on this?

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  • XP's there, then it isn't, raw drive...?

    I have a new drive and a fairly fresh install of XP with all the updates. Keep AVG antivirus on it and run that almost daily and Spybot. It's a 500 GB SATA drive that I partitioned into three, a small volume to just hold the XP CD files, another for possible page file and the rest the primary drive.

    The other day, it booted up fine, I ran or started to run scan disk and it brought up the screen that Windows failed to start. I had the option of start normally, last known good, config, etc. No matter what I chose, it would cycle back to this screen. It would display a blue screen for a fraction of a second but not long enough to read.

    I have an older drive that is failing but will boot up. First, the new drive primary partition didn't show up although the smaller partitions did.

    I decided to clean up the old drive, update the virus def. and run it and do scandisk.

    After that, I went into bios and changed the boot up disc priority from the old drive to the new drive and it started up like nothing happened. This lasted a day and then the same thing. But this time, I could see the drive new drive's primary partition. The format said raw even though I could see the files loaded on the drive. I attempted to do a scandisc on the drive, about 3/4 through it could not complete it. Ran scan disk on the old drive again and the virus checker. Nothing but a few tracking cookies.

    I again change priority of boot up to the new drive and it works again like nothing happens. I don't have a lot of programs on this new drive and hadn't recently installed any new hardware other than bluetooth software about a week prior. What's going on?

    I thought at first I was going to have to do a repair install but I've never experienced a computer doing this. What can I do to prevent it from happening again?

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