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  • I can't uninstall parallels 6 from Mac?

    When I get to the 2nd uninstall step, it says that I have to close parallels explorer and parallels mounter first, but I can't seem to find their location in order to close them. Is there a way to shut down all programs, closing parallels explorer and mounter? Or is there a "task manager" type system for Mac's that can view and stop/close processes? Please help!

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  • What should I spend my 500$+ on?

    I am thinking about selling all of my airsoft guns and accessories, both working and broken (yet repairable), and have done the math to find that I will probably sell a minimum of 500$ worth of airsoft merchandise. Keep in mind that I'm 13 when I ask you, what is something worth the money that I can buy with this money? I have watched a lot of money get wasted before and want to spend it on something reliable and worth it. Any suggestions other than putting it into savings? (yeah, yeah, I've already asked around my house- no, I don't want a laptop. Everyone in my family has a great one and I can just borrow theirs. Yes, I'm that cheap.) So yeah, anyone got ideas? Think outside of the box please! Thanks

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  • I need combat arms password help!?

    ok... so on my combat arms account, they're requiring me to change my password for security reasons. to change it, it needs my birthdate, which i cant remember what i put it in as, so my account is useless. I need help!!! what should i do???

    1 AnswerSecurity1 decade ago
  • How do you gift a gun on combat arms?

    Ive never found out how, the little button is always blacked out! Ps my name is tejijuan, friend me plz =]

    1 AnswerToys1 decade ago
  • best computer for downloaded gaming?

    I play this game called combat arms. you can find out more about it on its a really fun game i play on weekends. i already have a good, fast computer, but when i start or end a game, sometimes it crashes and reboots. my friend told me about a computer called an "asus", and i might buy it but does anyone have other reccomendations? laptops only please, i dont have a big desk. thank you!!!!!!!

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Best Airsoft guns...............?

    Who out there (professional) has a very top notch airsoft gun they reccomend? I love airsoft and paintball. My echo 1 e90(or p90, if you will) is just too old and has quit on me. Im looking into a sigarms 556, but is there anything better for under 300$ i should look for/ read reviews on? Thanks for your help! P.s. Im an amateur, technically, but i take airsoft seriously. In other words, i have some friends that will hide when shot at, even if its 1 bullet. Haha, just wanted u 2 know!

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  • Favorite joke implying someone's stupid?

    Mine is: youre a few candies short of a pinata. Whats your best?

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