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  • Juniors struggles all of the sudden?

    I have to admit that I am no fan of Jr. based entirely on the fact his talent and his hype are no where near equal. I also have to admit that Jr had a very good first 26 races, shocking to me. But as soon as the Chase started he seems to have disappeared. Suddenly his top5's and 10's are top 20's?

    I think I have a reason but want to see if anyone else thinks the same.

    Like I said, not a fan and I can back up my observation with FACTS! Not trying to be a !@#$-hole, come with facts!

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  • Trying to pull data from one page to another in XL?

    I have a chart with names in a and scores in b.

    Using =lookup(name, a1:a5,b1:b5) I can get what I want it to do, BUT my list has to be sorted. My list is being auto generated based on 3different pages. So if I add a name on page 3 it doesn't know how to sort the data. So my question is, Is there a different command I should be using?

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  • Nascar results question.?

    Stewart and Edwards finished no worse than 3rd in the final three races of the Chase. I'm curious how often this happens? When is the last time(s) before this that two drivers finished three consecutive races in the top 3?

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  • Ceiling fan wiring question...?

    It looks as if I have two sets of black/ white wires coming into the ceiling fan box at the ceiling. I set is attached to the wall switch and I am assuming the other is a set used to hot wire the fan. My question is where do I connect all of the wires? The fan has green (ground), white (neutral), black (fan), and blue (light).

    I tried switch black to blue, "hot black" (no wall switch) to black for fan and all neutrals together, and ground of course. This got the fan working the way I wanted but the light isn't working.


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  • Nascar rules changes?

    What do you think of these three rules?

    1. Park all cars down 10 or more laps (less debris cautions, even though most of them are faked anyways)

    2. Anytime they do Green white Checkers park all driver beyond 10th place. Less chance for accidents and less chance of being punished for crashing.

    3. Award leading lap bonus only if you lead 5% of distance. For every extra 5% you get you earn another 2 points. (stops teams from swapping the lead intentionally, stops backmarkers from earning an unearned 5pts, and rewards a driver for dominating an event! 43 possible bonus points for leading all the laps)

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  • Spoilers vs. Wing and the racing...?

    I'm very curious how differently the cars will handle with the old spoilers back on them. Do you expect some teams to suddenly start running better with a spoiler? If so, who and why? Similarly do you expect some drivers to start to struggle with the old spoiler? If so, who and why?

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  • Potential problem with Green, White, Checker Rule?

    Imagine for a moment there are 10 cars on the lead lap, 5 cars -1 lap, 5 cars -2 laps, and so on. (Thinking Bristol, Richmond but the idea still holds everywhere) With two laps to go say one of the top 10 crashes. Due to the extra laps and several failed green, white, checkers should the wrecked driver deserve to finish in the 40th position?

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  • Nascar and Danica...?

    So they are using each other to generate interest. I get that. Suppose for a moment that she starts running in the top 10 near the end of the season. Would Nascar actually consider helping her win a race? That would certainly generate some interest if that is all they want! At this time it isn't plausible because she clearly lacks experience in the car, so it would be obvious!

    Makes me ponder her only IRL race, a race she won because Helio's team screwed up the fuel calculation. Team Penske messing up a fuel calculation? With all of their experience!!!?

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  • Can we finally admit that "plate racing" is a joke!?

    How many times do we need to watch 15 car pile ups before we get the hint. Its only a matter of time before somebody gets killed. Racers take risk, I get that, I just feel that plate racing is unnecessarily dangerous!

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  • Is Nascar over selling the Danica angle?

    I've turned the channel off of the prerace 3 different times! Am I the only one who is already sick and tired of hearing how will Danica... make a pit stop, see out of the car, drink while in a stock car, communicate with her team and on and on and on...

    Come on she is a experience racecar driver. Things will be a little different but to dramatize her pitstops is way beyond silly!

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  • My solution to the BCS? What say you?

    What is wrong with this, besides being too logical!

    8 team playoff

    Conference Champions (title game) from ACC,SEC and Big 12 get a bid.

    NCAA would force Big 10, PAC 10 and Big East to have a Conf. Title game before they get auto bids.

    Now two at large bids for two highest ranked teams in the top 15 but not in a qualifying conference. If there aren't two teams the highest rated non automatic qualifier. (Boise St.and TCU would get their shot!) These 8 teams would be seeded according to traditional BCS scale with 1vs8 2vs7 3vs6 and 4vs5. All other teams would qualify for traditional bowl games!

    The 8 team playoffs takes 7 games. I suggest the playoff should use existing bowls. (Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, Chick-fil-a and pick another) Rose, Fiest, Sugar and Orange rotate hosting various rounds, while the other 3 less bowls always host round 1 games. The major bowl hosting round one game always gets the 1 vs 8 mathcup.

    Ok what is wrong with this setup? Besides being too logical! The regular season still matters! Bowl games still exist, schools and communities still get their exposure and $$$. And the fans and players get what we deserve a chance to see a true national championship.

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  • Red Sox? Pitching have no noticed...?

    After inconsistent pitching all season long, Lester and Bucholtz have been extremely good for about 2 months. Beckett just ended a rough stretch and steps up come playoff time! Now tonight Dice-K has gone 6 SCORELESS innings against the ANGELS!!!?

    Are they catching stride at the perfect time?

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  • Does Stewart/Haas go against NASCAR's team rules?

    I'm speaking to the 4 cars per team rule. Much has been made that Roush will have to drop a car after this season, while for all purposes Stewart/Haas is Hendricks. Engines + Chassis + shared notes = Hendricks Team for me? I am totally biased against Hendricks and think this outsourcing is terrible for the sport.

    What say you?

    7 AnswersNASCAR1 decade ago
  • How would you try to "fix" Nascar?

    General ground rules: no banning Toyota!

    I'm looking for rules changes that might actually lead to good racing. I think the COT and the old car have evolved to produce follow the leader, even if you are significantly faster you can't pass.

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  • Renault banned from next GP?

    Read the story at

    Basically they are pissed they let Alanso leave with a lose wheel. After the Surtee and Massa accidents it is understandable. What are the odds that the ban sticks?

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  • Truth be told regarding speed penalties in NASCAR.?

    Historically they were used to manufacture wins for media darlings. The good ole days where they claimed to actually timed guys with stop watches! You have no shot at doing that accurately! So with that being said they computerized the system. As a Montoya fan I have to admit I'm beyond upset, but I'm not sure what happened.

    Modern Cup cars have to track speed using RPM guage, which again isn't very accurate! I think NASCAR would be better suited to give everyone a chip like in openwheel racing, that allows them to program pit speed. Having a race decided on something that has nothing to do with racing is bad for the sport! Another controversy is not what they needed!

    What say you?

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  • I need a little bit of help in XL?

    What I am trying to do is have the sheet look at a cell say A1 (=10). And use the value (10) to tell it how many squares to add in for instance b1 to b(1+a1) so in that case it would be b1:b11. How do you do this in XL?

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  • Carl Long illegal engine?

    Nascar hammered the guy with massive fine and 200 pts. He obviously has nothing to lose really but he said he purchased the engine from a reputable engine builder? So who sold Long the illegal engine and who else does this person build engines for?

    8 AnswersNASCAR1 decade ago
  • If Johnson wins his 4th title in a row, does that make him the best?

    Or does the fact that the Chase allows the best drivers 26 races to play around only to be judged on the final ten somehow dilute the possible record? I refer to Johnson as the "Undispiuted King of the Chase" if he and Chad do their thing they are nearly impossible to beat.

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  • Hamilton to Brawn Racing for rest of 2009??!!!?

    I was thinking this was an April Fool's thing??? Did I miss something?

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