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Carole Baskin killed her husband

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  • In the San Juan Islands in WA is the essential travel restrictions actually enforced?

    Going to take a trip to the San Juan islands but it says non essential travel is banned. I’m thinking of going anyways as I’ll mostly be in my vehicle and don’t plan on being around other people. Is the ban actually enforced? Or it’s it like the rest of the state just a suggestion that’s not actually enforced by anyone. Aside from maybe someone giving you the side eye. I saw there was a county proclamation about the ban but it makes no mention of still going being a criminal offense. Thinking of orcas island and Friday harbor. 

    3 AnswersPuerto Rico6 months ago
  • What time do the stimulus checks get deposited? ?

    If the check is not in my account at midnight does that mean I’m not getting a check that day? Or is the irs sending them out later in the day? Are they sending them out in batch’s all day? Or just as one massive send for as many people as they can at midnight? The check my payment schedule this isn’t updating so it’s pretty useless right now. 

    5 AnswersUnited States7 months ago
  • How does one mistake a 737 for a tomahawk missile?

    So the plane was flying at around 7000 feet when it lost radar contact... a tomahawk cruise missile which is what Iran is claiming they thought it was has an 8foot 9 inch wing span and only flys at an altitude of around 160ft. So if you’re telling me they thought for one second it was a missile I call bull crap. 

    8 AnswersCurrent Events11 months ago
  • Is this what trump meant by disproportionate response?

    When he said he was going to have a disproportionate response to any attacks Iran did was this what he meant? Responding to a clear attack on a us base with sanctions?! ******* sanctions?! I was hoping it would be a carpet bombing. You lost my vote. 

    3 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • This was all planned ?

    The Cheeto planned it out with Iran. Iran wanted to rid of their terrorist and trump wanted to look like he negotiated peace. Think about it. They fake an outrage and retaliate by firing rockets at a base and not doing any damage at all that way they can look good to their people. Then trump comes in and says he’s going to do sanctions and negotiations. Trump gets to say he negotiated peace on his campaign now. 

    4 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • Did trump get stuck on the toilet?

    Did the trump get stuck taking a dump? He was supposed to address the nation at 11am. It’s now 11:23 and he’s nowhere to be seen. 

    7 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • Iran generals death was a conspiracy ?

    Maybe the leaders in Iran wanted him dead and planned it with the US. After all with their “reveng” they didn’t really do any damage. You take out our general and we will have to pretend like we’re upset about it to save face with our people but we will make sure to miss your base. 

    7 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • Iran is a such a joke?

    Their chalupa supreme leader said the rocket launches were “a slap in the face to the US” you mean the rocket launch that totally missed and didn’t hit anything or injure anyone? They meant to miss so though. So they would look like they retaliated to their towel headed nation. I hope to god we nuke the **** out of Iran. They launched rockets at a US base. Whether they missed or not they launched them and need to be leveled. They also shot down a commercial jet. I don’t care what the Iran media says. It wasn’t engine failure. And if it did fail it was because it got hit with a rocket. 

    6 AnswersCurrent Events11 months ago
  • Technical issues my a$$?

    A plane from Ukraine crashes in Iran and they call it due to a technical issue?! It was either shot down or it was sabotaged. No doubt about it. It’s time

    To just nuke Iran. Send them back to the stone ages. 

    3 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • Time for hellfire in Iran?

    Iran just struck a US base in Iraq with missiles. Time for the us to level that sh!t hole nation once and for all. Napalm them. Agent Orange them. Nuke them. 

    5 AnswersMilitary11 months ago
  • Would a war with Iran last more than a week?

    I don’t think so. Most their weapons it seems like they got out of a Cracker Jack box. They don’t have nukes and it will be over a year before the idiots will have anything they can use. I think a war with them would be over in a week. ☢️💣

    11 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • Can we just turn Iran into a golf course already?

    Just pave them with nukes and bombs and build a good course there already. Mar A Lago 2.0. I want to see fire rain down on them already. They’re mourning over the death of a terrorist. They deserve to be leveled. 

    4 AnswersPolitics11 months ago
  • What is north Korea’s new weapon?

    Did they get sling shots? BB guns? Twitter? North Korea is a joke. 

    4 AnswersCurrent Events11 months ago
  • Why won’t North Korea try something?

    Why won’t North Korea just try something already instead of their empty threats? Like please launch something. It will be taken down before it even gets to Japan but then we can just annihilate you and wipe rocket man off the face of the planet. I’m sick of them making all kinds of threats and not following through. I really wish they would so we could end them. 

    7 AnswersCurrent Events11 months ago