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  • HELP! with gift giving idea!?

    So it's my mum's birthday in a little less than a month and every year I plan her something super amazing. Last year I planned a whole treasure hunt/scavenger hunt around the house, and she had different games and tasks to do in each station and it was brilliant!

    This year I planned to do something in the C.S.I (Crime Scene Investigation) theme, because i know she LOVES those detective kind of things... So my plan so far is this:

    I plan to make a really good Crime Scene in the upstairs bathroom, with the body silhouette, some clues, fake blood and all... And the whole point is that she discovers who the murderer was through a series of clues that I will leave, and I will make some files for fake people and stuff... But i'm having trouble piecing it all together, i Just don't know how to make the ending to give her the present (a basket filled with many of her favorite things)

    So does anyone have any suggestions? I'm also open to new ideas. So pitch in!!! :)

    Thank you!

    2 AnswersPassover8 years ago
  • Can I use a beard trimmer on my hair?

    I have a Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer Pro QT4022/41 and I was wondering if I could use it as hair clippers to trim my hair?

    Here's a link to the trimmer:

    1 AnswerHair8 years ago
  • Should I jailbreak my iPod touch 4g?

    Straight to the point.

    The only reason I want to jailbreak it, is because that's the only way to get WhatsApp on the iPod.

    Is that even worth the risk?

    6 AnswersMusic & Music Players8 years ago
  • What program can I use to make a similar writing/art?

    I would like to make a poster with writing that looks like this one, but with different wording:

    Do you know what programs I can use to do it?

    Thanks :)

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • Can I return my new white iPod Touch to Walmart?

    Yesterday I bought myself a new iPod Touch. After one night of use I realized I hate the color white, in my perspective it steals focus from the screen while i'm trying to watch videos at night or simply just using it.

    Will they allow me to return it or exchange it simply because of the color?

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players8 years ago