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  • Is .032 a high BAC?

    2 AnswersMedicine4 months ago
  • Difference between being drunk or high? ?

    Not a weed high, a harder drug for example... cocaine, molly... 

    What goes on in your thinking, and how does your body feel inside and outside, and what are your thought patterns like 

    3 AnswersOther - Health4 months ago
  • Are you still sober with a BAC of .032?

    110 pound female.

    How sober would one be? Could they drive? Still think coherently? Etc

    6 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits4 months ago
  • What does “Pay Held” mean on my unemployment?

    Last week I accidentally did something weird on my unemployment and I ended up getting a “break in claim” for last week... I’m not sure what I did differently though. Then I filed this past Sunday and now this week is showing “Pay Held”.

    What do these two things mean? I can’t get through to anyone on the phone to help me out either. My past other 4 weeks have been fine and I received my unemployment money too. I live in Ohio

    Government5 months ago
  • Is this a form of bullying?

    I work with someone new and within his first week of work, this girl who I also work with is telling multiple people that he once had an std. She told me a couple days ago but I’m kind of bothered by it because it’s none of my business and doesn’t affect me. I overheard her tonight talking with someone and that person asked if one of our other coworkers knew. I said guys stop because it’s kind of disrespectful but they kept on talking about it. Is them going around telling people this a form of bullying? 

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 months ago
  • Why do I forget words when talking to someone in their native language?

    I’ve been studying Spanish for 4 years and consider myself fluent. I can watch tv, listen to music, hold a decent conversation, translate words very effectively, read, etc. BUT when I have to speak to a native speaker, I get intimidated and end up forgetting words or have a hard time really hearing what they’re saying and have to have them repeat it again and I forget words but then later remember what the words are and I feel like an idiot. It’s kind of discouraging because I can speak to myself fluently but it’s not so fluent with a native speak and then feel stupid for even telling them I know Spanish lol. They probably just think I’m another typical gringa who thinks they know Spanish lmao but I really do. How do I get over this problem with forgetting words when speaking with a native speaker? 

    1 AnswerLanguages11 months ago
  • Anxiety in a dream?

    I’ve been having anxiety while sleeping a few times the past couple of weeks. Last night it was really bad. I was talking with my ex in the dream and started crying heavily in the dream and then in real life I wake up because my whole body is overheating and my breathing is so heavy and frequent.

    Does anyone else have similar cases where they wake up with anxiety caused by a dream?

    Is this considered a nightmare?

    My whole mood feels ruined now and I’ve just woken up

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation12 months ago
  • How do I start to love myself more?

    I want to mentally be healthier. I deal with a lot of depression and sadness and I think something that’ll help me, is by starting to love myself more... because I don’t. I’m constantly putting myself down and judging the actions I took earlier that day even if nothing was wrong, but I just think I could’ve done something better or wished I wouldn’t have said whatever. I want to be happy again. I don’t know where my happiness went but I constantly don’t feel it and I want to change that... as I think it can start by loving myself more, I just don’t know how.

    1 AnswerMental Health1 year ago
  • How can I afford to live on my own?

    So I live with roomates now, I hate it. I really really would like to have my own place. I’m 21 right now, I work as a server and the money is decent. I probably make around $500-$550 a week. I have $7,000 saved up right now.

    I know some people will say “just save up then you can get your own place” but what I don’t understand is that yes, I can save up, but then when I get my own place, I’d have to dip into my savings and how is that smart?

    I guess I just don’t understand how people get their own first place without draining themselves from their money.

    How did you get your own first place and did you continue to save money?

    21 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 year ago
  • Please answer! Did I take this pregnancy test accurately?

    I used the ClearBlue pregnancy test, the rapid detection. The instructions say to submerge the strip in a cup of my urine for 5 seconds, I got the instructions mixed up by accident however and used the Digital instructions instead, and left it submerged in the urine for about 20 seconds. It says negative, but is there any possibility I might have screwed up the results with leaving it in there for 20 seconds instead of 5?

    2 AnswersPregnancy1 year ago