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  • Whats your favorite movie?

    def has to be Brave for me

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • remember that time when..?

    i pushed you off that tall building? haha yeah good times

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Songs to help get over a girl?

    ok so my girlfriend of like 2 months who i have known before we dated who i completely fell so hard for...who i have to say was the one i love more than anyone just ended it and told me she doesnt love me anymore when she before told me how in love she was with any songs that can help me? i feel horrible..and music is the only thing thats gonna help...

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • How to tame a baby Beardie?

    Ok so i have a baby leather back Bearded Dragon..he's about ehh id say 7 inches maybe 8..whenever i try to pick him up he flashes his beard and flattens himself do i tame him out of this? He's in a 20 gallon tall tank and he gets crickets Phoenix warms and the occasional lettuce. Please help :) thanks

    2 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • How to keep myself under control?

    ok so i have a VERY short temper...And my mood changes all the time..One time my labrador pup stole my last cookie off the counter and i yelled at him for ten minutes /: then my grandma tried to help me with homework and i yelled at her for that....Everything seems to get to me at some point..and idk how to control my anger..ive tried stress balls taking deep breathes..closing my eyes..stuff like that..idk what to scared it'll get to the point where i might hurt myself or others cuz of my anger problem...any ideas on how to control it? i really need advice..if this helps my mom raised me until i was 12 but throughout my childhood there was always fighting in the house she would always yell at me and i would yell back..she still does it but i dont live with her anymore, you think that has anything to do with it? i really need advice..yes i am seeing a therapist..and i do have medicine i take for chronic please help? thanks in advance serious answers only please

    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • What is your favorite color?

    mine is grey

    10 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Poll:are you a dog or cat person?

    dogs for me.

    14 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Poll: do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

    i prefer coke

    24 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Girls why do you do this?

    when you are applying eye liner or mascara why do you open your mouth? like i was watching my two best friends put there make up on and they both did mom does it make up tutorials my sister watches they do it ._. please someone explain this

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • This is gonna sound stupid..?

    but im scared to death of the world a 16 year old guy ._. D: can someone stay up with me till midnight? :/

    9 AnswersAdolescent8 years ago
  • Are you ready to die tomorrow?

    im not ._.

    6 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago

    ok so i have a labrador great dane border collie mix. He is a ball of energy. We moved into a house with a big yard for him..idk what to do hes digging holes in the yard he barks at all the people who walk by and he just wont settle down no matter what..and he chews everything..and i mean everything he ate a ping pong ball. he runs around with his frisbee in the yard and we do take him to the dog park but idk how to fix his behavior like walking on a leash..he jumps on people constantly and he barks at everyone..just please give me advice on what to do with him..hes 9 months old and he is fixed. thank you so much

    8 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Why are you on the internet on a Saturday night?

    like seriously dont you have a life?

    28 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Serious answers please I really dont know what to do?

    ok so me and my girlfriend have been going out for almost 2 months. we talk every day. and sometimes i get that shes busy but when im on the phone with her shes always..always doing something else and half the time i just sit there..and when i say something about it she gets all mad..and when we talk over facebook shes always like brb and disappears for a couple of hours..idk what to do..any advice is very much appreciated

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • My girlfriend..well help?

    she started her period ._. so i said i wanted to rub her stomach until she fell asleep and she told me she wanted to beat me with the phone D: help idk how to deal with her XD

    9 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Whats your favorite song?

    Mine is a tie between You Found Me by The Fray and Starships by Nicki Minaj :)

    13 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Can I have your opinion on this?

    Ok say what you want. I want your HONEST opinion. I cheated on my girlfriend 4 times with 4 different girls. One of the girls is her sister. My brother ended up telling her about me and her sister. I told her about the other three times. Anyway it was over the phone that she asked about me and her sister. Of course i confessed. Then she yelled at me for about an hour. Then i finally convinced her to give me one last chance. What do you think about all this? I have heard a lot of people tell me a lot of different things. so yeah just wanted an opinion thanks :D

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • Is this a good Christmas gift for her?

    so i asked my girlfriend what she wanted and she doesnt want me to spend money on her.. so i decided i would give her something on a more personal level..i have this teddy bear that was mine for 3 or 4 years..i held it while i slept every night..and im giving her one of my favorite hats...we've been together for 3 almost 4 this a good idea? or should i go the classic card and necklace? thanks for your advice :)

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago