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  • Can some people just never do the splits?

    I was on a dance team for a few years in high school and a requirement was getting our splits. We trained and stretched all summer. I was always about an inch off the ground and could never get myself lower. So my captain (not aggressively or carelessly) pushed on my hips to get my all the way to the ground. When she did this I felt a pop in the back of my leg where my buttcheek starts and I was in a lot of pain for about a month or 2. I tried my splits again that same day and it hurt too much I couldn’t do them. And ever since then I was never able to get all the way to the ground and I was always hovering, my coaches started getting fed up and annoyed bc I would cry, I was terrified of the same thing happening again. I’ve since stopped dancing but this year I went to the chiropractor and found out I have scoliosis because my left leg is 11mm shorter than my right leg. I was thinking maybe this played a role in me not getting my splits. And are some people just physically not able to get them? My grandma told me she did gymnastics when she was young and was never very flexible and never got her splits either. I get frustrated thinking about this a lot because I just want to be normal and I want to be able to have my splits if I want them or be flexible in general.

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  • How do I keep my cat indoors when she is so adamant on exploring outside?

    My cat will be turning 2 this month and I've had her since she was 3 months old. She has always been an indoor cat, but recently she's been running out the door. She doesn't get far, I bring her in right away, but she's ran outside about a dozen times. She's recently been coming into my room just to look out the window, go through the blinds, and climb the screen which I'm scared she'll push out. I have no other pets and I play with her all the time. She's young, really playful and likes to run around, and she's very nosy and curious. She might benefit from having a friend but she likes to play a lot and jump on them since she's just so active. At least that's what she did with our older cat, but we had to put that cat down a few months ago. The complex I live in is safe and has a big field of grass where neighborhood cats are seen. But the street nearby is pretty dangerous and it's next to a busy highway, only divided by a fence with holes everywhere. If she went outside I know she'd explore too far. Also I just got rid of her fleas a few months ago and I really don't want her catching more outside :( My friend has an outdoor cat in her neighborhood that just had 4 babies last week, I was thinking of adopting one in a few months once they all get older, so maybe the kitten and my young cat could be friends, but my parents just won't budge since I might be leaving for university this fall. And I can understand that, but I just don't want my cat being depressed or running out.

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  • Why would a parent put their child through such painful things?

    I was just accepted to a few universities, I'm in my senior year of high school, and I was thinking about this just now. I have to write a letter stating that my parents don't live with me, and I'm including the time my dad told me he was going to put me in foster care. I remember him telling me that him and his siblings were in foster care once and how much it sucked, so why would he want to do that to his own kid? I mean maybe he's just really messed up. He forced my mom and grandparents to go to court so he could get full custody of me and make my family miserable since my mom didn't want to get together with him again. I want to believe he can be a nice person since he's my dad but with all the ridiculous things he's done to me and my family, I just don't think he is lol. But even if he is a sucky person, he can just leave his 2 kids like nothing? How do people even do that? Just pick up from a new state and start a whole new life and make a new family? I don't get it. I'm just wondering why or how a parent can just leave their own kid or torture them, abuse them, tell them no one loves them, etc. 

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  • My cat is suddenly very affectionate?

    My cat is female, has been spayed, and is a little older than a year and a half. Usually she only pays attention to me when it’s dinner time and wants her food. Sometimes if she sees me leave the house she’ll whine, as my parents have mentioned to me. She lets me pet her and hold her but for the most part she likes being alone. But lately she’s been following me everywhere and lays on my bed a lot. Today I was brushing her because she sheds a lot, and to my surprise she didn’t try to claw me or run away. She just laid down and let me do it. She’s still as nosy as ever though, so her personality traits haven’t completely changed. Maybe I have a hard time believing that she actually likes me now haha. To be honest I don’t think anything is medically wrong with her. I just want to get a better understanding of why this sort of thing could happen in cats. I didn’t really think her behavior would change like this so suddenly

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  • Need advice about sanitary products for period?

    Idk if it’s TMI or what but I’ve been fed up with this so I just need to get resources from somewhere, anywhere. I’ve googled and asked people close to me and I still have no idea what to do. When I first got my period at 12 I could insert a tampon easily without really any trouble and it was fine. I only used them once in a while and then I stopped wearing them completely for about 4 years. Now I’m 17 and I’m trying to use a diva cup but I have no idea how to insert. I try different positions and try to relax but when I try to insert it, it’s like I’m hitting a wall and the diva cup or even a tampon won’t insert. I angle it how it’s supposed to be angled but it’s like nothing works. I try to relax as much as possible. I haven’t asked a doctor because I mean,, what are they supposed to do? Insert it for me? I’m just looking to see if anyone could provide me with some resources that could be helpful. I hate using pads so much. I feel yucky and I’m always scared My pants will be stained at school or in public. I mean if I have to wear pads forever then it is what it is, but I’d really like to move on to other products.

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  • Should I end a friendship over this?

    I have a friend that I've known for about a year. He came into town from college this week because of the holiday. He wanted to hang out on a specific day, but then he never texted me back. I waited a couple of days and he told me he was busy with school work. I was a bit upset because I'm sure he could've texted me saying he was busy beforehand. And lately he's been leaving my messages on read so I started to think he wasn't interested in our friendship, but he keeps reassuring me that isn't the case. When I was walking home, I was alone and a man came up to me and asked me where I lived and my age, what school I go to, and he said he'd follow me home, started talking about a gang, and wouldn't leave me alone and I got really scared. When he finally left I started to cry and I told my friend about this and he made a joke saying "maybe he's recruiting, haha" and kept saying "it's ok, you're fine" when I wasn't fine. He is really a nice person. And that's the only reason why I feel bad about dropping him as a friend. He's nice but I just feel like he's so awkward that he doesn't understand how to handle emotional, confrontational, or just HUMAN situations. But my friends have told me they think he's toxic and I know i probably don't need to ask this, but I'd just like to know I'm making the right choice here. If you were me, would you talk to him about this more or would you stop the friendship?

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  • Need some advice on how to best help my young cat please?

    My cat is 1 year and 2 months and has had fleas and my family has been doing our absolute best to get her feeling good and being healthy but It just hasn't been working out for us. We have an older cat who s about 9 and has never gotten fleas until we got this younger cat about 10 months ago. Just recently I've found these small, yellowish, squishy bug-like things on my younger cat and a couple were on my sweater after she layed down on it. I d love to keep her but I don t want her to be uncomfortable and my family is upset after I found the bugs saying the cat is trouble and constantly has to go to the vet. I dont want to give her to someone else and have them stressed and worried as well but I d like some advice possibly. I just want to do what will be best for my cat.

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  • How do I get rid of my Cat’s fleas?

    My cat just turned 1 year old. I got her when she was about 3 months old and for almost the entire time I’ve had her she’s had fleas. I used advantage on her for 3 months but I couldn’t afford to buy more and the fleas never went away when I applied the medicine. They used to be really bad and I’d use the flea comb and pick off about 30 on her in one sitting. We recently moved about 2 months ago but the fleas came with her because we had no medicine for her before we brought her. I’ve bathed her and put the inside of capsules in her wet food. The capsules help for about 3 days where I don’t see any on her but they end up coming back. The infestation definitely isn’t as bad but I know it’ll get back to where it was with time if I don’t do anything. When I took her to get spayed the vet pointed out to me that she had a lot of fleas but didn’t give any input on how to get rid of them. I’ve sprayed the entire house with harmless spray that is supposed to kill the fleas and washed blankets yet they’re still here. I’m so worried about her because she’s so young and small and just tonight I was petting her and 2 of them were on her head and crawled past her eye when I was trying to get them off and she was meowing in distress and I just don’t know what else to do:( I’d like to take her to the vet soon but I don’t know what to do in the mean time. This has been going on for almost a year and I know she’s so uncomfortable since I see her itching, scratching, and biting herself.

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  • My procrastination is taking me over and I don’t know how to fix it.. or maybe I do and I just procrastinate D:?

    I’ve always put off school work and chores to do basically anything else possible. It’s second semester of my Jr. year in HS my most important one for college, yet I still procrastinate. I’ve missed over 2 weeks of school (not consecutively) because I just didn’t want to go. But I hate missing class because I’m missing important things. I’m at home missing first period right now, my parents aren’t home, and I’m contemplating if I should just stay home for the rest of the day knowing I’m going to get into trouble. I stayed home yesterday too. My family had gotten a letter about my truancies stating that if they continue then they’ll have to go to court. The reason I stay home is because I procrastinate so bad that I tell myself “I’ll do my work tonight” “I’ll do it early in the morning” “I’ll do it in class” and it never gets done until the last second or not at all. I stress about college all the time. I stress about my grades and check them multiple times a day, when I know that I didn’t put in the work. I take 4 AP classes and I’m busy every day w/after school things. I’ve tried putting electronics away, but since most classes aren’t using paper I have to use my laptop or phone and then I get distracted so easily. I tried using a pomodoro app and a website blocker for when I do my work and I deleted it. It’s not the internet I’m obsessed with, because if I didn’t have a computer then I’d just go to bed right after dinner and still not do my work. Or I’d doodle or something.

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  • Have one of my AirPods broken?

    I can hear the difference between the two. The right is a little louder than the left and it doesn’t necessarily bother me after a while because I put them in, get bothered, then accept the fact that it’s the way it’s gonna be. 😔 I tried the method of cleaning them, sucking out the wax from the largest speaker, than cleaning again but no wax came out after I did that. Also, another thing to note is that when I tried this method, there was more airflow in the right one. When trying to suck the wax out of the left one, it was more difficult, kind of like there was a restraint. To be quite honest I got these for free (but in the box, never opened) so I’m not too horrified about it, but it would be nice if it’s not broken so I can continue to listen to music 😩

  • Need a bit of life advice for my high school life?

    I’m a junior in high school and I’ve been on a competitive dance team for a year and a half now. I love to dance and learn new things but I’ve also been thinking a LOT about college recently. I love volunteering and I feel like my practice interferes with days I could volunteer. I’ve also been looking for a job. I know I won’t be able to volunteer, have a job, and be on a team. I’m finding it hard to come to a compromise with myself. Should I dance while I’m in high school since I likely won’t be able to in college? (I am really set on going into a Bio major or Pre-Med track which is just a lot already) or should I set it aside now and focus on volunteer work, getting a job, and having a bit more free time to study? Practice is great for me because we exercise a lot which helps me maintain my weight and flexibility (I get very lazy at home when it comes to stretching and exercising) As much as I love to dance, being at practice is very time consuming and physically and mentally draining. I’ve been taking interest in after school ROP classes(medical terminology), clubs, programs to help me study (which I can’t utilize since I have practice), and volunteer work. The more I type about this the more I realize I should probably quit to make time for other activities but all I really would like is some insight and opinions on the matter. I’m a really bad decision-maker.

  • My tampon won t go in?

    When I first got my period a little over 3 years ago, I could put a tampon in fine. My first time putting in a tampon and it seemed super simple, but I don t usually wear tampons. So for about 2 years I ve been using just pads. I ve tried using tampons since my cycle 2 months ago. Every time I ve tried to put one in, it would never go in or it wouldn t go in all the way and was uncomfortable. It s really frustrating because I don t want to have to worry about blood stains on my pants when I sit down. I ve gone through almost an entire box of tampons from trying to insert them.

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  • I ve been dancing since May and I ve developed really bad knee pain?

    Ever since July my knees have slowly gotten worse and worse. My coaches said they re weak so I need to exercise them to build muscle around my knees but the more pressure I put on them the more it hurts. It s mainly my right knee that hurts ALL THE TIME. I wear a knee brace and I ice it everyday. I had 2 weeks to rest it last month and the pain still didn t get any better. When I try to stretch for my splits and I extend my leg it pops in and out and I have to crack it a lot to relieve some of the pressure. It feels like someone is pushing on my knee from the inside. I ve asked my family to take me to a doctor because I can t run. My PE teacher told me If it s chronic that I need to get a doctor s note and I ve told her that they won t take me because they don t want to pay money just so the doctor can tell them I need to rest it. It hurts to the point where I m limping and I don t know what to do

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  • I was pushed down into my rights (splits) and my leg popped.?

    For the dance team I m in, having our right splits is mandatory so we stretch everyday for them. Yesterday was about the 1 month mark since stretching so they started pushing the ones who didn t have their splits down. I was probably 3 inches off the ground and fortunately for me while I was being pushed down I wasn t in a lot of pain so I was pretty calm. But when I was being pushed down something popped in my leg near my butt and I ve been limping. It hurt more today when I woke up and since I need to stretch everyday to get lower, I stretched just now and tried my splits but now I m about 5 or 6 inches off the ground and it s really frustrating because if I just had them. I ve been icing it since yesterday too to help it.

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  • Dance Tryouts in 2 weeks?

    I'll be a Sophomore next year and I want to try out for my school's dance team. Its a hip hop, coed dance team. I love to dance even though I'm not that good. But i really want to learn and get better. I've performed once for the rally at my school and it was really fun, I loved the feeling of performing. There will be many competitions this year and I have very little dancing experience. I've been stretching for only 2 weeks so far to get more flexible and tryouts start May 1 and end May 12. I have 2 more weeks to do everything I can to prepare. My friend who is on the dance team this year said she'd help me during tryouts, but what more can I do? Any certain stretches I should do? I could also walk around my neighborhood for an hour or so on top of the stretching

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  • I wanted some input on what I'm doing wrong or what I need to start doing to help me lose this weight.?

    I'm a 15 year old girl and I'm eating a lot healthier. I've stopped eating a lot of my normal junk foods and have started incorporating a lot more fruits and vegetables in my diet. My day: In the morning I usually have breakfast at 6:30am, 2 home made pancakes with kiwi or strawberries, I walk to school, it's about a 40 minute walk, then around 12:45pm I eat my lunch which varies, a sandwich, warm noodles with broccoli and peppers, etc. I run a mile during PE 3 times a week, I get a ride home usually but if I don't have one I walk back. I usually stretch during PE and at home everyday. I have a snack, like a P3 right after school, about 3pm, then I eat dinner at about 5:30pm or 6:30pm, I go to sleep around 11:30pm. I just want to know some things that I can do to contribute to my weight loss because I have a lot of unnecessary abdominal fat, and just a lot of extra weight. I do all the things my parents do to lose weight but I'm the only one not losing anything. They say it's because they have more weight to lose but I just wanted an extra opinion. I'm almost 5' 7" I weigh 171lbs.

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  • Why is my weight staying the same while my family is losing it?

    My family and I started a diet over a month and a half ago. I was about 170lbs when we started, I said my goal weight was to be 140lbs, and we cut out all the unhealthy stuff. We stopped eating potatoes, no starch, we don't eat anything with flour in it, just wheat, we eat lots of fruits and vegetables, were drinking a lot more water, I've started participating in PE with running and stretching. I walk to school and from school every day, about a 40 minute walk each way. I'm a 15 y/o girl and I'm almost 5' 7". After this diet I've weighed myself once a week, sometimes I skip a week, but I've not lost any weight. I'm actually weighing 171-172lbs now. What could be the reason I'm not losing anything?

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