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  • What material is electrically conductive but a thermal insulator?

    Is that even possible? If it is could you give the best one available or a list of known ones. Thank you.

    1 AnswerChemistry7 years ago
  • Lorentz force question?

    In the Lorentz effect, when the current carrying wire interacts with a magnet which result in a force, is it just the wire or does the magnet also get an equal and opposite force applied to it?

    1 AnswerPhysics8 years ago
  • Theoretical question?

    I was thinking of how heavier than air vehicles were first invented, about how heat was used to produce lift, in hot air balloons for example. Then thought about modern planes that use thrust or a rotational movement like a helicopter. I know that in all of these cases the lift is caused by a difference in pressure above and below the wing, blade or canvas of the vehicle. With a high pressure below and low pressure above. I had an idea to have a hollow container with a vacuum inside (vacuum as in space, not to clean with) and instead of using thrust or heat to create the pressure difference you have the pressure difference already there between the vacuum and the surrounding air. I realize now that the force would be in all directions so there would be no force to create the lift, but suppose you were to increase the surface area of one side of the container, the same way it is done on the bottom of a frying pan, with small 'V' space groves. Would that create the one directional force. I realize some of you may instantly dismiss it because it not how things are done today, but just think how people thought about the airplane before it was done. I just think if it work it would be the logical step to improving aircraft and even spacecraft. Obviously if it doesn't work that's fair enough, I just thought I would get a second opinion on the idea. Because if it works that means getting thrust from putting no energy into it, obviously the energy is coming from somewhere im not saying its just appearing, im just saying we don't have to put it in our self the laws of physics does it all for us, anyway. Any input would be great, and thank you in advance.

    2 AnswersPhysics8 years ago
  • im looking for a tablet or net book?

    Im going traveling and I will be taking lots of videos, I want to be able to send them to people though the internet, and also store them on a portable hard drive. So I need some thing that is small, with good ram, USB ports and WiFi. I don't need anything fancy and expensive but those four thing are a must. So if anyone can recommend something or multiple one, that would be great. Thank you in advance.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • how would I add voltages?

    If I had a two voltage sources with to different currents eg. 12V 80amps and 3V 320amps. What would I use to add those in a circuit and what would I get out when I put them together. Would it be 12V 320amps, 3V 80amps, 15V 400amps, 7.5V 200amps. I really don't know, so any help would be great thanks xD

    3 AnswersEngineering8 years ago
  • where can I get a voltage amplifier circuit?

    I am looking to get a voltage at 5000000 volts, I know I could just buy a 5 million volt taser and take it apart, but I live in Canada and tasers are illegal here, as far as I know. So I need the circuit by it self. So if someone can give me the schematics or a place I can just buy one. Thank you in advance.

    2 AnswersEngineering8 years ago
  • How could I calculate the voltage breakdown for a capacitor?

    I don't know much about capacitors so I will probably get some of it wrong, but I hope you can understand. I know the mass of the dielectric material 119.6074g at a volume of 19.37cm cubed, with a plate gap of 2cm. The dielectric material is Barium Titantate, but I don't know the dielectric strength of that. I think the voltage breakdown of that specific description will be huge, and it is likely to change, so if you could also tell me what the calculation is or how you did it that would be great.

    Thank you in advance.

    2 AnswersEngineering8 years ago
  • What wold be the best way to ionize the nitrogen in the air?

    I want to make a nitrogen plasma in the normal atmosphere, so without adding out chemicals or changing the pressure, Im thinking to use a laser, I would like one of 50THz but im having difficulty finding anything on it, im not even sure if they exist. But if anyone knows better please tell me where I could possibly get one. Any other ideas of how I could do it would be great, It would like it to be very efficient. Thank you in advance.

    1 AnswerPhysics8 years ago
  • What is it called when you carve 90 degree V shaped grooves in a plate of metal?

    In the end I'm looking for a plate of metal with 90 degree V shape grooves in it all side by side, so that it looks like the bottom of a pan. Any help would be great like what that would be called, how it is done, and if I can buy something like that pre made a site to get it would be perfect, but anything would help. Thank you.

    1 AnswerEngineering8 years ago
  • Do you get taxed on your winnings in roulette?

    If so, what is the % rate, and is there a point where I start being taxed or do I get taxed on all of it from the start. I live in Canada so please make your answers relevant to the laws here, thank you.

    3 AnswersGambling8 years ago
  • What are the laws on community living in Nevada?

    Can a community of 40 people or more own a plot of land together in Nevada, and what do the laws state about this circumstance. would it have to have one owner but the other can live there, how would it work, any help would be greatly appreciated as well as links to site that say something about it. Thank you, in advance.

    Law & Ethics8 years ago
  • What would be the best action camera?

    Im looking to buy two action cameras, one for me and my friend so we can take them one our trip around the world, so they have to be good quality, and relatively cheap. So far I am looks at the Contour ROAM and the HD HERO naked, they are best I have found so far, but I would like something a little cheaper if possible, any help would be great thanks.

    1 AnswerCameras9 years ago
  • If I wanted to know at what voltage a capacitor will arc, how would I go about doing that?

    What calculation would I use. And if you can could you tell me what info I need other than. Dielectric Strength, Distance between plates, maybe mass of both Dielectric material and plates. I really don't know what is involved, so any help will be great, Thanks.

    1 AnswerEngineering9 years ago
  • If I wanted to know at what voltage a capacitor will arc, how would I go about doing that?

    What calculation would I use. And if you can could you tell me what info I need other than. Dielectric Strength, Distance between plates, maybe mass of both Dielectric material and plates. I really don't know what is involved, so any help will be great, Thanks.

    2 AnswersEngineering9 years ago
  • Is there a dojo or something I can go to, to train in Aikido while I live there?

    If you know of a specific one, or even more if you know of them. So that I have options. I would like to spend some time in Japan learning Aikido so if you can help would be appreciated.

    3 AnswersJapan9 years ago
  • This is forces question I need help with.?

    If there was an object in a frictionless vacuum, and there are three forces pushing on it. One of the forces are 299.6N at 45 degrees, another is 299.6N at 315 degrees, and the last one 421.934N at 180 degrees. What would the resulting force be? And in what direction? I have already done the calculation, I just want to verify I got the right answer. Thank you.

    2 AnswersPhysics9 years ago
  • what do the laws in Vava'u, Tongan state about multiple people owning a single plot of land?

    Anymore detail on the topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Are there companies that build and send you a PCB (printed circuit board) that you can design to your specs?

    If you can, could you give me a list of example companies and the links to their sites, Thank you.

    2 AnswersOther - Business & Finance9 years ago