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  • i think that titanic was a lesson, what lesson did you get?

    i think that titanic was a lesson that you shouldn't put all your faith

    into something man or woman made

    they said that not even God could sink titanic, i think that God

    proved them wrong

    rest in peace titanic, and all of the men, woman children, and animals

    that died with you

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  • Is this normal for a 15 year old?

    I'm 15. It was maybe 2 days ago when my breast started hurting.Just so you don't start thinking something-- I AM NOT PREGNANT! I've heard that it could be either your period about to start, or either you are already on your period, or they are growing. But i have noticed that one of them is a little swollen and it hurts more than the other. Just to be safe, I tried looking for a lump or a knot or something abnormal. I did feel a little knot right where it hurts. I know that it is very rare for teens my age to get cancer. But it still worriers me that i may be of one of the rare cases. And i really don't want to go to the Dr.!!! Please Help!

    P.S.~ Is it true that your breast could hurt because of they are growing?

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