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  • Best Recorder for Recording a Flute? ?

    So I am a classical musician and I have to record my lessons and practice sessions in order to listen back and get better at my instrument. I am looking for a recording device that will allow me to 1) record my lessons and then upload those onto my laptop to save (I want to be able to delete these recordings then from my recording device) for future listening and 2) record practice sessions that can then be deleted after the session. I was using a TASCAM DR-05 X Stereo Handheld Recorder for years, but I whenever I listened back to the device the recording quality was fine but extremely quiet, despite recording from only a few feet away. I HAD to use headphones with the volume up 100% if I wanted to even hear what my teacher was saying on the device. Also, another issue that might have been my fault, but the device ran out of recording space, despite the fact that I deleted my recordings once I was done with them so I only had a total of like two or three recordings actually ON the device. I am not sure if maybe I used the device wrong, and should have kept all the recordings and just replaced the SD card? 

    Anyways, I was originally just going to get another TASCAM and just read the manual really carefully (my old one is physically broken now), but I was wondering if anyone had advice as to which device I should buy next. 

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  • Degrees a Space Psychologist would need?

    I really want to go into psychology and I love space so Ive been planning becoming a space psychologist for a while now. (for those who don't know, they help pick and monitor astronauts while on missions). Does anyone know what types of degrees i would need, what i should minor (assuming id major in psychology) in, or any other info on space psychologists?

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